Being cheated - saving a relationship, or not?

How does it feel to be cheated on - save a relationship, or rather finish it?

There is probably no more blatant betrayal than being cheated. You feel betrayed, worthless and ask yourself what might have been wrong. Do I carry a certain amount of blame? Could I have prevented the infidelity?

In this article, you will find reasons to forgive the partner, or to completely end the relationship.

Being cheated - why do people cheat?

People cheat on their partners because the relationship often stops working. They loved each other, valued themselves, and love grew, only to break up eventually. The fact is that fraudsters often still love their partners, but they can not give them what they are looking for and need. Whether it is affection, attention or sex. All these aspects can trigger longings that remain unfulfilled.

For some people, cheating is a way of expressing their sexuality. Those who consider the concept of monogamy to be nonsense should not, however, involve innocents in the matter. Long-term relationships sometimes only consist of the usual and are overtaken by everyday life. At the beginning everything was so exciting and exciting in the dating and introductory phase.

But then, when the adventurous time of uncertainty ends, people desperately search for the particular. It suddenly feels so normal and somehow boring. Unfortunately, the kick is often sought elsewhere. Still other people commit a fraud to seriously hurt the other. He or she may be mad at something that has accumulated over time.

Being cheated - How should I handle the pain?

You have learned that your lover or sweetheart has gone astray and can now handle the pain with difficulty? This is normal and is part of the processing phase. It will be best if you initially take distance to your partner and can take a certain distance to the event, to think about the situation exactly. It is very important for you to be able to handle the fraud.

Take off for a few weeks, talk to good friends and try to make the most of your time. Family and friends will always have an open ear for your problems. Of course you break your head, why the other has gone wrong and what you did wrong. The negative thoughts may also be allowed, but they should not control your life.

Also, the pain may not be suppressed, otherwise the processing could be disturbed. If you had a short break and could think enough, look for the clarifying, adult conversation. First, write down all the questions that come to your mind.

Write down and use in pronunciation. Being impulsive, as a deceived person, is not to blame, but you should remain calm and composed when making comments. Listen to the other side and try to understand the perspective. Sometimes it happens that a fraud is an unhappy relationship.

Look at it this way: Couples who are happy and content are less likely to have a reason to leave, for example, to get confirmation. Mostly, something in the relationship did not have to be right. For the clarifying conversation, let yourself think about it until you feel ready. In such a situation, you too can act selfishly and let the others wait.

Being cheated - When and how you should think about forgiveness!

You love your partners? You know he loves you too? But why did he cheat on you then? Clear answer: Everyone makes mistakes. That's for sure. Small or big mistakes. That's just human. If you have been building a lot together and the infidelity has happened for the first time, perhaps you should think about forgiveness.

You realize that your partner deeply regrets the act and makes an effort for you. He or she never wanted an end. You are now in conflict and wondering how to react. Listen to what the other person has to say during the conversation. Now it's time to listen to your heart and stomach. No one else can really relieve you of this decision. Maybe you want to do it for your children, or for the good image.

But ultimately, what matters is what makes you and your loved one happy in the long run. No one knows him or her as well as you do as a betrayed partner. Do you think he will not repeat this act? Do you think it was a one-time thing and his / her remorse is felt? Forgiveness is here and there on the right path.

It can even happen that relationships, after fraud, run better than ever. The hard times then act as a kind of purge that can solve conflicts and problems of partnership.

Being Betrayed - So forgiveness is useless and the relationship is over!

Some people have long-term affairs with which they cheat their partners for years. However, it is difficult to quit because, for example, the family is sitting at home, or the other is financially or emotionally dependent on the relationship. So you have known for a very long time that your partner is unfaithful and enjoys having fun with others behind your back.

You have always looked away and you have been promised 1, 000 times that everything will change now. At some point you just have to draw a line to look ahead. Foreigners, who have already made this a trait, can usually not fix their habits and mistakes.

Often they just do not want this, because they know that the partner always forgives. So forgiveness is constantly exploited and you are constantly worried about being hurt again.

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