Make it better: Philematologist reveals 13 kiss tips for him

Many couples lose their passion for kisses over time.

This crochet guide will give you 13 practical kiss tips for him. We show kissing techniques for men, which make the play of tongues more exciting: A lip service to philology (the kiss science)

From the philologist Horst Wenzel.

The pleasure of having a kiss decreases with the length of the relationship for two amazing reasons. For a biological and a psychological reason, in time, in each and every partnership, we lose people the sexual pleasure of kissing. You know this situation? You are currently in the midst of a relationship crisis, because you barely have sex and your love life is completely asleep? Here's how to refresh your relationship.

In our mind, a habituation effect, which is completely unknown to most people, occurs, which will be discussed in more detail at the end. But first let's focus on the physical component, the dwindling kisses.

Gordon Gallup, Ph.D., Professor of Psychology at the University of Albany, describes a phenomenon in philology: "Kissing is how we assess how well a potential partner genetically fits us. After several months in the relationship, this choice has been made, the allure of the new DNA is gone and the lust for kissing fades. "

Even if you think "she's the one" (or she might be), it's not easy to keep your smooching in your sex life. "Saliva contains the sex hormone testosterone, which boosts libido. The longer we kiss someone, the more familiar this person seems to us, "says kiss scientist Gallup.

In an interview of the Germany Radio to the World Day of the Kiss from 6.07. I described it as follows: "Kissing is like an oral test drive to get the taste of sex." Especially after the first kiss with a strange woman, we feel more attracted to her than before. The ladies are after the first empathetic touch of your lips as well.

So you get the first kiss with her

13 practical tips for men on how kissing in long relationships becomes exciting again:

1. Kiss tip for him: Avoid the habit

Fast kisses on the side are quickly becoming a habit in every respect. After only a few weeks, 80 percent of your kisses, as with most couples, will probably fall on four female evergreen kissing opportunities:

  • Bussi on the welcome
  • Good appetite Kiss
  • Goodnight kiss
  • Farewell Kiss

Especially if you do not have a real tongue game anymore and a one-second bitcher is their quick way of dealing with you, you should act. The Short Smokey is a terrible kissing technique that is more like a marker used by women. With that, she visualizes herself, you, and the rest of the world, that you two are still together. This short manifestation of the kiss, carried out as quickly as possible only on the pursed lips, is therefore anything but characterized by passion.

After a moment like this, take her affectionate embrace in her quickening kissing attack, give her a special hug and then kiss her again with passion as you want. Get back the time he needs for your good kiss.

2. Kiss tip for him: Kiss her harder

Kiss her a bit harder, because a little pinch of aggression can revive the fun of sex and kisses. As she gropes, press against the wall and grab her head firmly with both hands.

In these moments of male dominance, women feel protected, arrived and well taken care of. Bite her tenderly in the fight on the lips or even miss her a hickey. Increased body contact increases your circulation, which has an exciting effect on the woman.

"The feel-good endorphins that leave your body curled up become natural pain killer with increasing arousal. Pain is therefore less noticed, "says Dr. Sadie Allion, author of the American sex bestseller Secrets for Better Bucking.

3. Kiss tip for him: Be unpredictable

You want to play around with a woman? Nothing turns a woman on tour more than the assumption that something could happen right away. Women like it when it stays vague. They quickly lose the desire for men who can calculate them 100 percent.

Therefore avoid predictability. Have spontaneous ideas and surprise them again and again with new unexpected kiss impulses. Even little things, such as spontaneously massaging her or giving her a kiss in the back when passing by, make you no longer so easy to calculate and thus far more interesting than all other types.

4. Kiss tip for him: Kiss her with your whole body

Embrace her passionately and gently caress her arms or legs while kissing. Here's a little trick for you: it is soothing for the body, if we just stroke in one direction. Professional masseurs always advise to the heart to massage, for tender stroking is the same.

The Magic Knee while making games games around her to make her peu á peu horny while making out. By the way, you can get even more subtle that it gets wet by using one of my favorite arousal techniques.

I call it the magic knee. Just let your knee revolve between her legs while kissing. If you do it right, you can use the curves of your kneecap to make it look like you're fingering it. But without touching her private parts with your hand. This is extremely suitable for public places or short elevator rides where laying on of hands would be too much.

Also, the magic knee is a great foreplay tool when you strap on with a new woman. Women can make you horny with your knee, where they would otherwise take your hand away. By an unknown hand between her legs, women initially feel groped while fumbling. Here, as a man, you often get the stop sign, your hand grabs yours and she takes you out of the danger zone.

Interestingly enough, what your hand is not allowed to do may be your knee. Use the magic knee! For me personally, it has turned many a kiss evening into an unexpected happy ending.

5. Kiss tip for him: Let your lips wander

It can be very exciting for women to be kissed all over. Try to caress every square inch of your skin. Especially, when you kiss her thighs very slowly, then skip her pussy and make full of verve on her stomach, she brings that from sheer excitement to madness. Grasp it with both hands and hold your vibrating body firmly in your arms.

Also culinary you can start an exploration tour. For example, strawberries or vanilla ice cream can be included in a kiss. In this way, you can stimulate their taste buds, which makes them more sensitive to the taste of your mouth.

Be dirty and play around even with food, spray cream or chocolate sauce always bring fun. If that's too much for you, you can pass on chewing gum from mouth to mouth with your partner in between.

6. Kiss tip for him: Be once submissive

My good friend Stella, by profession a dominatrix, explained to me three years ago something amazing. I met Stella for the first time at Ikea. There are these fully furnished living rooms complete with kitchen niches. In just that one I stood on the day.

Suddenly she appeared. A well-formed blonde, in her thirties, entered my Ikea room, where I lay lost in thought. My heart beat faster. But as a flirting coach I should probably manage that.

I struck a romantic tone and just improvised on it. In this case, I said between my cheeks with a big grin, "Hey darling. Nice that you are home. How was your day?". She immediately switched over and played with "Oh ... work was stressful. But great that you have cleaned up our apartment today once. And ... what do we do now darling? "I replied. "Let's just chill out today, you little party girl."

I leaned on the kitchen and added so casually, as I was able to: "We cook something delicious and cuddly watching a movie on the couch." Arrived in front of the red couch of the furniture store, I looked into her crystal blue eyes.

We both flopped onto the couch, she cuddled in my arms and we talked about suitable couples movies. The moment I held her in the furniture store, I knew that I had met a special person. A woman who was experienced, 100 percent satisfied with herself and therefore more self-assured, like no other, acted.

After we had relocated our relationship play into the bed ward, she confessed to me bit by bit her passion for dominance. She explained to me this one wisdom of which I never thought before that a submissive position during sex was not male. She told me that it was precisely the strength of a man, because "only a strong man can let himself down and trust the woman completely." She also said that "there is a dominant and a submissive side in every human being. Everybody lives these pages only to different degrees. "

As a man to discover his submissive side, kissing can also have its charm. Especially when she occupies a dominance position in which she controls you. She controls where you kiss her, on her lips, on her breasts, along her groin and between her thighs. The role reversal brings a quick kiss change and can quickly lead to an extremely lust-boosting kick.

7. Kiss tip for him: Change your kiss environment

Try to discover and initiate new places. Place it on the kitchen sink or the switched-on washing machine. Walk around with her on a park bench, in the train, in the woods, in the elevator, in the car at the traffic light or in the gazebo of her parents. The main thing is to bring some variety to the game. Variety makes women.

By the way, special heights, like towers or mountains, increase the desire for kisses. Flirt University psychologist Mike Kleist describes this as the Ovid effect. If the environment and the situation brings us a certain adrenaline kick, we attribute this exactly to the partner we are kissing. Our heart beats faster and we become a weing in love with the others. That's why, according to Kleist, action dates are the best way to start your first date.

8. Kiss tip for him: Make Knutsch- & Sex-Cluster

We enjoy what we have more when we break it up into small subsegments. Give the sex and your kisses a label: eg the sleep-quickie. Proudly proven, this makes you feel happier about your intimate togetherness.

In an experiment by US researchers, two groups of people were given pieces of chocolate. In one group, only the chocolate was counted, in the other, the count was divided into four different types of chocolate. The subjects, who subdivided their enjoyment into subcategories, were almost twice as pleased with the taste of the chocolate than the group, where the chocolate was treated only as a whole large mass.

9. Kiss tip for him: be creative.

In psychology, one also speaks of habituation. The habituation effect. This does not stop in a partnership before kisses and sex. Everything becomes a habit and thus boring. That's why you always try to vary your way of kissing.

Chase her tongue or clasp her tongue and suck it sensually. Bite her on the lower lip, drive in between sensual over her teeth or kisses and lick her neck up to her ear. You have two pairs of lips and two tongues available, use this natural equipment varied. Because that's the A & O smooching.

Be creative when kissing women - there are no limits to your game of lust with her.

Kissing is the dancing of the tongues. Carefully explore your dance floor, gradually guiding you and your lips into an oral experience. Just this new will of you to fill in everyday sideline kisses with more passion will make sure that the fire between your lips rekindles.

10. Kiss tip for him: Vary the pace

You know the slow motion scenes at Matrix or? Imagine that's about the slowest mode in which you can kiss a woman.

With quick, exciting kissing, you can take a look at the kissing techniques of Hollywood couple Brad Pit and Angelina Jolie, as well as think about the exciting smack-fight scenes from Mr. and Mrs. Smith. In the film, the two secret agents work through their apartment with a good deal of aggressiveness. Specifically, the two well-known actors are snogging their way through their kitchen, strewn with broken pieces.

Aggressiveness and sex are not so hormonally dissimilar.

Similar functional areas are active in our body and brain, whether we are fighting or fucking with humans. In one of my first relationships, something blatant happened to me in that direction. My then girlfriend and I had been separated for two weeks. Then I stood with her at the door to pick up my things. As with most separations, this is always a very unpleasant situation.

As soon as she opened it to me, we argued until we entered her room, where my stuff stood in a box in the corner. Out of nowhere, she demanded: "Take me! Now! From behind! ". At first I thought that I had interrogated myself. But after their repetition, I did not hesitate for long and just did it. It was a mixture of struggle and love. Scratch, bite, press, take. Highly erotic sex just. The best parting I have ever had.

11. Kiss tip for him: The philosophy of contact dancing as an insider tip for foreplay

Five years ago I was in India. This journey has completely turned my understanding of physicality upside down. I was in an Osho ashram founded in Pune by a sex guru and in a yoga monastery in the south of the subcontinent. In addition to these intense teachings of the body, I was able to experience a very special experience in a hippie village in Goa.

After we danced to sunset for a camp whore, I was invited to a session contact dance by a group of hippies on a remote beach in Arambol. This form of dancing was completely new to me until then. It is a freestyle dance with only two rules based on the philosophy of tantras.

First, to keep the body in contact with the other person all the time, even if your little fingers are touching. Second, pay attention to the other's touches and always make sure that the movements are smooth and round.

This dance on the campfire off the Indian Ocean was the best foreplay I've ever had

I had two dance partners. The first was a somewhat crazy Frenchman who had previously juggled fire. He first explained the dance to me. With him, the whole was not a bit gay, but rather artistic. He rolled over my back and jumped artfully to the beat of the music around.

I should experience a completely different version of the contact dance with my second dance partner. She was a petite girl, in her early 20s and from Berlin. I danced with her for three hours in a trance. It was one of the most intense foreplay I've ever had, and therefore sexually a very special experience.

Funny Side Story, when I woke up early in the dark in the sand of the Indian Ocean, the Berliner had disappeared. Instead, four very aggressive street dogs growled at me. I jumped up and ran into the water. The sun had not yet risen and I stood in the middle of the Indian Ocean in front of four barking muttes on the beach. I took my legs in my hand and ran as fast as I could, hounded by the dogs to my hotel. I will never forget the night.

I recommend the Contact Dance as an insider tip for the foreplay of each couple.

12. Kiss tip for him: Listen to her lips!

How do you know what her tongue tip wants ...

Watch her kiss you. People usually touch others the way they would like to be touched.

That's why you orient yourself in their movements as you make out. Listen to her lips. Check every movement of her tongue in your mouth. Just as she kisses you and hunts your tongue tip, so also would her tongue tip be hunted.

Makes them more in-out or circling, how far does it get into your mouth, how hard does it press its lips against yours. These are all things that you should keep in mind.

13. Kiss tip for him: As a man, be the one to finish your kisses

As a man, usually be the one who controls the kiss. This means that you initiate it and finish it again. This approach demonstrates dominance. Women want dominant men.

The worst thing is for the ladies, if the guy always hangs on her lips until she kisses the kiss. The one to whom the kiss is taken away wants more. And especially for the first kiss, this is a particularly good tip for him, because then sweet woman lips greedily craving for more.

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