Surprise for a friend - the easiest way to surprise your loved one?

Surprise for a friend wanted

You want to show your friend how important he is to you with a loving surprise?

Surprising your own partner is not that difficult if you know him well enough and know what he would be happy about and which things are not quite his case. With a romantic surprise, couples can express their feelings among each other or simply show that the partner is important to them. So that you can find the right surprise for your friend, we have collected some tips for you.

Is he on me? That's how you recognize his interest

Surprise wanted for friend - How to find an idea

Take a quiet evening, sit down with a cup of tea or a glass of red wine on your sofa and just think about what your friend might like. Does he have certain hobbies?

Does he regularly go to football or volleyball, for example? Is there a favorite club he likes to watch at the games? Does he have certain passions, such as cooking, hiking or painting? Or is he the type of guy who just loves to meet other people at a private party?

Maybe even in the last few days he has unconsciously talked about something that he would like to do for a long time or had planned to do for a long time. For example, a weekend trip to Lake Constance or finally to attend a concert of his favorite band?

Often, we do not know nowadays what we could give to other people because we never listen to them properly. We talk to each other the whole day. So also a couple, which finds itself in a relationship. Just pay attention to what wishes or dreams he has that you could realize financially and temporally.

What topics does he talk to other people?

Often it is the case that one's friend talks to his old schoolmates about very different topics than with his girlfriend. For example, that he has no desire for his current neighbors and would like to move, but then he would need a completely new kitchen equipment.

They talk about whether they want to build a wagon together to go hiking on 1 May. Maybe the next man trip to the mountains in a lonely mountain hut is planned?

Maybe you also find here a decisive hint for a possible surprise?

After thinking about it all, you grab a block, a pen and just write down all the thoughts you have right now. This does not have to be real surprises. But even individual keywords about certain hobbies or plans can help you to plan something specifically.

Surprise for a friend wanted - It does not always have to be expensive!

Of course, if you kidnap him for a weekend in a luxury hotel in a strange city, it's a pretty cool idea. However, if you are currently at the beginning of your education or your studies, the purse will be too small for that.

But it does not always have to be huge, so you can surprise him. He will be equally happy if you just give him time and, for example, take a trip to the zoo.

You can just give him that as well. How about going to town, buying nice underwear, shaving and creaming, and then waiting for him in his bedroom? If all of this is not quite what you want, can you just buy a few snacks and drinks and invite your most important friends? A kind of little surprise party.

The main thing, the surprise comes from the heart

It's not the money that counts, but the effort you make to enjoy it. And he knows that too. For that very reason, you do not need to be uncomfortable if you surprise him with something that is cheap in his purchase price or manufacture.

He will also be happy about a home-baked cake from you, because he knows that this comes from the heart. So that you still find the right one, here are some suggestions for you. Maybe there is something here?

  • Common zoo visit
  • concert tickets
  • homemade chocolates
  • Clean up his apartment
  • Picnic in a meadow
  • Day trip in a thermal bath
  • Tickets for his favorite club
  • a new T-shirt
  • joint brewery tour

If you can not think of anything at all, then it can also be an option to simply ask your friends or siblings. Maybe they have a good idea? Or are you not looking for a surprise for your friend because you are still single?

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Surprise for a friend - Here are some more exciting ideas:

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