About Tinder to arrange a sex date - how is the first meeting?

From time to time you will hear from friends how they have loose affairs

And that's exactly what you want. For a truly solid partnership with serious intentions, you simply do not have the time. Because of your job, you are currently unable to travel for extended periods of time, or lazily lying around on weekends and spending time with a potential friend.

Nevertheless, you understandably do not want to give up sex.

But how do you even find women who are in the mood for a sex date, that is, having fun without obligations? And how is the first meeting going? See you and rip off the clothes directly from the body?

How do I find suitable women for a sex date with Tinder?

Most women, as well as men who have registered there, are aware that they will not find their love through the app. This means that when you talk to a woman about Tinder, you do not run the risk of being so disappointed that she ends up disappointed because she hoped you would be the father of her children.

Nevertheless, we advise you to read their details in their profile, if they have made any. If there are things to read that prove that she does not want easy fun but is looking for a boyfriend, you should stay fair to yourself and her and wipe her away, even if she is pretty. In this way, you spare yourself from complicated love dramas.

But to make an appointment with a woman, you need a match first. Depending on the profile picture, it can already fail here directly. But do not worry, the most important tips for a successful picture at Tinder we have collected here for you: The perfect profile picture.

You write diligently - And now?

Many guys have the problem that after a match they may have started a chat but never come to a meeting. So how do you manage to make an appointment with her? After all, the point is this: after all, you did not install Tinder just to exchange lyrics with the ladies.

The first step should now be to move the chat to WhatsApp with her. You can write better there anyway. There are women who, at the first meeting, are willing to meet privately with him, for example in his or her apartment. But that's the least! Most women prefer to get a taste of a public place such as a café. So they can get to know each other and if they enjoy each other, they can either arrange for a second, private date or it goes straight home at the first meeting.

Why is women meeting in the public area so important? So she can sense if she finds you attractive and you really are not a rapist without something happening to her.

And what does that mean for you? Exactly, propose a public meeting place directly for the first date. Because if you offer her to meet over a glass of wine in your living room, there's a big risk that she'll reject you, stop the chat, and lock you up at WhatsApp. Shit gone, right?

That's why you should do it right from the start. So write a message in the sense of "So Laura, the subject is really exciting, because I would like to talk to you personally about it. How about Friday in the Café "alte Markt"? I am waiting for you at 5 pm :-) ".

Casual, unsexual and above all: safe for the woman.

The first private meeting How is it going?

So, either you met at the last meeting in a café, or you came straight from the café into your apartment. And now?

First of all, stay relaxed. What you always hear from your buddies, namely that they have already lost their thong in the stairwell and both have fucked wild right after entering the apartment, is nonsense.

Open a bottle of wine, make yourself comfortable on your sofa. Talk about private topics such as childhood experiences. Make sure you get enough body contact. For example, you have the opportunity to stroke her fingers on the wine glass.

Watch the right time for the first kiss!

Keep one in mind: you met each other through Tinder. She is sitting at home with you on the sofa. She knows what's going on. She knows that you will kiss and later end up in bed. Perhaps this train of thought will help you forget your fears and timidity.

You're tired of dating Tinder for a sex date, because you've only suffered bankruptcies there? You want to meet women in real life, but it does not work out right? Then ask us for a flirt coaching for men. Our flirting professionals show you how to make it happen in your everyday life to meet strange women by actively approaching them, talking to them and flirting with them. We look forward to hearing from you.

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