Find acquaintances - So you get a circle of friends!

Find acquaintances - Is not that easy? Here you will find out how this works!

Some people find it very easy to approach other people in order to ultimately build a relationship. This is again extremely difficult for other people. In this article, you will learn what to look for when building a circle of friends and how and where to find new friends!

Be always open and friendly!

To build a circle of friends or acquaintances, you must be open to new people. Only those who can, will get the chance to meet potential friends. So not only do you have to wait for someone to talk to you, but you have to actively express your interest.

And when you approach strangers, never forget your smile. A nice laugh makes us much more sympathetic and interesting. Imagine, someone speaks to you, who pulls itself a long face and looks like 7 days rain weather. Do we want to hang out or be friends with someone like that? Definitely not!

In addition, you should not be superficial when looking for new friends / acquaintances. Just because you do not like the outfit or listen to other music does not necessarily mean that you'll never be friends. So be open about people and never approach the cause too biased! Because that's how you complicate the entire process for yourself.

Find acquaintances: Be social!

To find acquaintances, you must always act socially. This means that you always have to maintain contacts. If everyone goes out in the evening only you have no desire again - overcome your inner bastard and go with them! If you stay too often at home, then you will eventually no longer be asked and thus you are the outsider.

You can also approach other people by pleasing or making compromises with them. This means that, for example, you can help them with internships or offer their help for the move. So you solidify the bond of your potential friendship and your social streak comes to the fore.

And look at it this way: When you go out with your new acquaintances, you still have the opportunity to meet even more new people. So if you just lie in bed, you'll never succeed!

Care for the acquaintance!

It is enormously important that you maintain your acquaintances. Just getting to know each other is far from enough! You have to contact me. Care about your friends' lives and make them clear. Ask how the work is going or what's new with the guy from the party.

Give them a call and make an appointment with them. Meetings intensify your relationship with each other and let you collect new experiences / experience moments together. If you do not care for your acquaintances, you will quickly lose them again. You have to be aware of that.

Find Dating - Here you can find friends!

As we have already clarified, you have to go to the door to meet new people. You have to go out and that alone. Because if you initially have no acquaintances in your new city, you just have to start your journey without them.

Go out on your own: go to the cinema, go to the restaurant alone or read a book in the park. At first you may find it funny to do it all on your own. But if you do, you will first realize how many people are actually traveling alone.

You enrolled at a university many miles from your hometown? Take all the parties offered and join the groups. You have a new job? After work, go to the cocktail bar with them and try to get to know your colleagues better.

As we already know: The first impression counts. Act in such situations socially, openly and friendly. It's not about just playing a role. It's about presenting your social being, which in turn makes you look attractive as a friend.

Join sports clubs, get involved politically or volunteer. Here you will always find people who have the same interests as you. Of course you have to jump over your shadow here and go to strangers.

On Facebook and in forums, there are even pages that suggest like-minded people from your city. In any case, always meet with a stranger in public. If something should happen, worse things can still be prevented.

Find acquaintances - Your attitude counts!

If you want to make new friends, you also need to 100%! Sure, it makes one easier and the other heavier. But to defeat your anxiety, etc., you must really want it.

Your attitude must be positive. Go positively through the world and keep your eyes open. Open to people, exciting characters and potential relationships. You have to tell yourself that you can do anything you want. So you will get to your happier life with friends!

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