Spend one on the first date?

The bill on the first date - A difficult topic!

The evening was totally relaxed and easy. With a glass of wine and sushi you talked for hours splendidly. By now it's getting late and you have to get out early the next day. Time to ask for the bill.

The eager waitress comes, puts you the bill asks "Together or separately?" Such a crap that we have not already thought about it.

Where does it come from that men pay for the woman?

Many men take it for granted that when they visit a restaurant or buy tickets, they take the bill. This custom of settling the bill dates back to earlier times when women did not engage in any commercial activity.

While the boys were sent to school until a certain age so they could later have a decent job, girls were denied education. Instead, they helped the able mother in the household and worked in the yard.

When a young man was interested in a young woman and wanted to pick her up for a walk at the lake and buy an ice cream there, it was clear that she was not in possession of a tired Mark. Ergo, the man has paid.

But times have changed.

It is no longer improper to ask for a separate bill

It may still be frowned upon by older people, but among young people it is now common practice that, for example, at a meeting with good friends, everyone pays their own bill. So why not on the Date?

Women now make their own living and are no longer dependent on the man paying for spaghetti over them. In addition, there is always the question of what awaits the one who wants to spend one? Does he hope he will gain favor with the lady? This is by no means the case!

If the date went well, it will certainly not deter the woman if you pay separately. Conversely, if you had the feeling that it did not spark between you, but you find it attractive, it will not go to bed with you thanks to the paid dinner. The same is true of the club. If a woman is absolutely not interested in a guy, it does not change with the 3.50 Euro beer that he puts into her hand. She will take it, kindly smile and hiss it.

By the way: If the lady is confident with you, she will take that decision for you. Women know that men are in this dilemma. Of course, there are some ladies who are taking advantage of this condition. But if the woman really cares about you, she will even explain to the waitress "We pay separately" or even take the party and say "Come, I'll take over".

Especially terrible: "Excuse me, may I spend one?"

So many times men pose in the nightlife of a woman the question "do you want something to drink?" And offer to pay her the next drink.

Honestly. This question is just nonsensical. If you already believe that the strange beauty, who by the way does not say a word to you, absolutely has to spend one, then just do it. But please do not ask for it before. Because with it you make you even the remaining, minimal chances with her negated. After all, you show her that you are so dependent, that you can not even decide for yourself whether to pay her a drink or not.

Does he still have to spend one's wife today?

It is particularly critical to consider when men in a club want to spend a woman on a woman and hope that the woman will pay attention to them as a favor.

Critical because there are women who put it right. They make men beautiful eyes, buy expensive drinks, then talk to the other person for a few minutes and then they are gone. Neither did the man get the number of the lady with the drink, nor did the two get any closer.

But why are there still so many men who give women drinks? Often it is the hope to be able to isolate the woman for a few minutes from their girlfriends by the drink spendierte and to be able to build a private conversation. Only that this man succeeds ideally without the use of money.

Of course, there are exceptions. If we have already kissed the lady in the club or even knelt wildly together, then we know that the woman is interested. And without us having to do her a financial favor. In this case, nothing speaks against bringing her a beer on the next trip to the bar.

Instead of spending, you should improve your flirting skills

How well you arrive at the club with the ladies at night really does not depend on whether you give the women a beer or not. Instead, it depends on your own attitude and your way of giving yourself and how you act. Anyone who is annoyed in the corner or tense in front of the counter, because he does not dare to conquer the dance floor, must not complain if he always has to go home alone.

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