The Jaumo app now has the live video feature!

No longer in profile pictures on which nothing is recognizable?

The Flirt University in an interview with Jens Kammerer, CEO and founder of Jaumo

Learn now what innovations the Jaumo app has experienced and what will change for the users.

Flirt University: Dear Mr. Kammerer, what is it that makes the Jaumo App so worthwhile for men and women? What advantages over other apps does Jaumo offer its users?

Jens Kammerer: We believe that dating should be straightforward, free and above all secure. Jaumo should therefore be kept as simple as possible, so that the fun and the people in the foreground. So the registration is very simple and takes place in just one step.

You do not need to link to a social network profile. In addition, we attach great importance to the safety of the user. Spammers, scammers and lovers of love have no chance with us. Therefore, we have developed an anti-fake / spam system that deletes fake profiles reliably and quickly.

Proud founder of the Jaumo app: Sven Kammerer

Flirt University Jaumo has a huge number of users in Germany. Nevertheless, many people who are looking for a partner online have great difficulties, especially with cover letters. Can you say what the most common mistakes in chatting are?

Jens Kammerer: An absolute no-go is cheap start-up that everyone has read or heard x times. To stand out in the first message from the crowd, it is worth taking a quick look at the profile of the other.

If there is an extraordinary photo and he or she writes about an exciting hobby, then it is advisable to refer to it. That shows actual interest in the person. Most important is just being authentic.

In addition, you should always pay attention to the correct spelling and grammar, to show that you really make an effort. Likewise, you should always have the auto-correction in mind to avoid accidentally sending embarrassing messages. With these simple tricks, you can almost certainly get an answer to your own message.

Flirt University: Can you recommend tips for particularly shy men and women trying out a live video for the first time?

Jens Kammerer: Especially for shy men and women, live video is an ideal way to overcome inhibitions. It is best to think about a specific topic that you would like to tell a little about.

Or you can get a friend or a friend with you and try out the live video together. With the new feature, we just want to give our users a way to get to know each other in a new context. Whether it's a flirt, a date or just a new acquaintance is up to our users. The possibilities are numerous!

Flirt University: Do you think that the new feature will bring more real-life dating because users can get a better idea of ​​the other person in advance?

Jens Kammerer: One says yes "A picture is worth a thousand words and a video says more than a thousand pictures." So it makes a difference whether I meet with a person with whom I have only chatted or already spoken have. So I can well imagine that people meet faster and it comes to more dates in real life.

Flirt University: Can you give away tips on how we make our own live video particularly interesting and give us an optimal impression?

Jens Kammerer: The live video lives from the interaction between the users. It therefore makes sense to send questions to the audience again and again, so that they are encouraged to respond via the chat function. The other way around, of course, it works too: you can ask the audience to send you questions that you then answer. There are no limits to creativity. The main thing is that our users have fun!

Flirt University: Do you have any other tips for the perfect design of your own profile?

Jens Kammerer: First and foremost, your own profile should be authentic. So you should be aware of what you want to express with his profile. The first glance always falls first on the profile picture. An honest smile immediately looks more sympathetic. If you have a special hobby, it makes sense to show this in the first picture. In general, the user should be in the center of the photo and you are easily recognizable. A group photo as the first profile picture is more likely to be avoided.

In addition, the opportunity to describe yourself with a small text should be used, but not too excessive. Be brief and formulate crisp sentences that best describe your person. Of course, you do not have to completely reveal yourself in your profile.

On the contrary: always stay a bit mysterious! Rather, it's about getting a first positive impression of you. This is best achieved if you are just yourself and remain authentic. Wrong information turns out to be faster than lies than you initially think.

Flirt University: How has the number of users of Jaumo changed in recent months?

Jens Kammerer: We are pleased that our user numbers are rising constantly, by about one million per month. Over 30 million people in 180 countries now use Jaumo.

Flirt University: After a successful chat, nothing stands in the way of the first date. What do you think is the perfect location for the first meeting?

Jens Kammerer: Choosing the perfect location is actually not that difficult. Meeting in a cafe is not for nothing THE classic. If you are not sympathetic, you go separate ways after a drink.

But if things go well, just order a coffee and extend the conversation and the date. But a joint activity also provides a good setting for the first meeting. As a rule, you chat neatly before the first date and can get to know each other better. Maybe you found out that you have common hobbies that you can work together on the first date.

Want to get the Jaumo App and want to download it? Go to the Google Playstore and find the app in the Apple Store.

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