Authentic and relaxed by absolute honesty

In this article, you'll learn how to flirt 100 percent of your resources.

So that you can act more authentically on other people with clear words. In addition, you will learn to score with the truth in your dating situations with women immediately.

by Sophie Marie Weihse and Horst Wenzel

Be honest! Honest to yourself and honest to others. Because only that brings you on in a positive way. Unless you want to live a life that does not suit you, where nobody really knows you and you have to maintain a façade that does not make you happy.

Surely you do not want that. On top of that, it is exhausting and over time you become more and more caught up in the web of lies. Where are the limits of honesty? What can it do? Can lies also be a solution? What happens when you hide from honesty? Should you be honest in every situation? Here are the answers:

Even silence is lying

Let's start with the definition. When does honesty begin or when does it stop? Lying is clearly the opposite of truth, but what about concealment? Some call it a gray area that is not well defined. But it is and remains simply lie. In a passive position, so to speak.

If you tell flirt, partner or acquaintance only half-truths, that is, withhold important information, you can distort the whole reality. Here is an example: You tell your counterpart that you are the chairman of a twelve-member working group and are responsible for managing key projects every day.

In reality, you play World of Warcraft every day and are a clan leader here. So you deliberately create a wrong picture that you do not put right and that to your advantage. If that comes out at some point, the disappointment is great and the truth always comes to the light. Only when is the question.

Honesty is the basis for building trust in the relationship

The absolute truth creates trust between people. This feeling of being able to tell each other everything creates security. You feel safe. So does not have to hide behind a created personality and can be as open as you are without pretending. Trusting someone means being honest. To tell the past and communicate future desires and ideas. Simply be uncompromisingly honest.

Make clear what you expect

Whether you are at the first flirt or already in a committed relationship, make your intention clear. So where should it go? Talk about your ideas or later about your needs. In this way, you can clear up misunderstandings from the start and do not let them arise in the first place. This saves time and stress. For example, if the other person does not think as you do, it's better to hear about it sooner than later.

Do Women Like Honesty? Give Your Insecurities!

Of course, it can happen that you do not know what you want or are just unsure how to deal with the situation. Then you do not know what to say. Then do just that! Write or say that you are unsure that you do not know what you want or how you should handle it. That's nothing bad. You can be unsure and with a high degree of probability it is your opponent too.

Everyone is worried. Especially if one does not know each other well and is explored as the other one is ticking. With this little concession you can even give the other a hold. A certain security. Because now you do not have to ponder your way around on your own, but you can work together on your relationship to each other. Some surprises will wait for you here. So try to point out weakness, to admit uncertainties and to let them take their place instead.

Rather end up raising false hopes

If it does not fit, finish it all. Over time, you come to the conclusion that it is not as you have imagined. The meetings with the person are now boring, are getting more and more annoying and you have a new flirt at the start, which currently interests you a lot more. Then it's time to pull the ripcord. Do not misrepresent false facts. That would not do you any good. Stand up that it does not fit between you. That's nothing to be ashamed of or afraid of.

Ignorance hurt

You have decided that you want to end the relationship. Then be fair and tell your counterpart what is the matter. Show in this case character and openly communicate what you think. Clearly that requires courage. Simply not signing up, ignoring calls and messages, and deleting the Facebook profile is easy. But just as cowardly. This is the best way to avoid responsibility and solve it for you completely uncomplicated.

On the other hand, it looks completely different. The Forsaken or the Forsaken makes a lot of thought, why you suddenly do not report. At first you think, maybe something might have happened. A death in the family, an accident or something similar. Then the discharge is realized. You try to find a logical explanation for your non-reporting and look first at yourself. What you could have done wrong.

Maybe you even yell out your eyes because of you and by the way you have created new complexes and fears. But that can quickly turn in the opposite direction. In any case, you're well on your way to making enemies. So show personality and clarify your relationship or your date. It is enough, if you just say in no uncertain terms that you want to end the relationship, because it no longer fits. In most cases, you do not need great designs.

For negative messages, you should pay attention to timing and formulation

Truth is always the right time. Generally, you should always be honest. However, there are a few minor exceptions where you should wait a bit with your confession. Everyone makes mistakes once. Imagine, for example, that you and your partner have agreed on a monogamous relationship.

You are going to be a stranger and you want to confess it now, because the relationship is worth a lot to you and a bad conscience torments you. Exactly at the moment you want to address it, the phone rings and the news of the death of the grandma comes in. Then you should be strong, offer a shoulder to lean on and with the confession wait a bit until the situation has calmed down a bit.

The same applies to birthdays, weddings of friends, special holidays such as New Year's Eve and Christmas or similar. Some tact should be present. If not, the closing or the confession will be irrevocably linked to the event and will regularly remind the others. Be aware of it.


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