In what ways is the search for a partner successful?

We all want a partner who is always there for us and wholeheartedly loves us.

Yet there are an incredible number of singles in the world. Everyone tries to find the right partner or partner in their own way.

While some are looking for the dream woman on the internet, the others go into the nightlife and hope to meet a charming lady there. Still others sign up in clubs and see themselves in the circle of friends. Each of these approaches has its own advantages and disadvantages. We clarify what these are.

Dating with friends

The advantages are obvious. You spend a lot of time in the circle of friends, so you get to know each other quickly. If you have been friends over a longer period of time, you know the characteristics and quirks of friends exactly.

You know who often likes to be late and which people are always there when things are going badly. With so much closeness to each other, it can quickly happen that feelings develop for a person within the circle of friends. It sounds like a prejudice that affects only teenagers, but that's not the case. The more often you see yourself, the greater the chance that feelings will eventually develop.

If you feel the same way, of course you have the advantage that you already know each other very well. A possible relationship starts on a very different basis than if you have met a strange woman. You are familiar with each other and know how the other one is ticking each other.

Nevertheless, feelings for a woman who is in the circle of friends, not completely without problems. Not every one of the friends will be thrilled. Of course, they are happy for you to be happy, but many will fear that your relationship with each other in the event of a breakup will bring bad consequences.

It also becomes problematic if you get palpitations at the sight of her, but she only sees you as a good friend. Quickly you run the risk that she always weeps on your shoulder when she is feeling bad and that she always turns to you when she has problems.

You always stand by her in the hope that she will eventually realize that you are a really nice guy, but somehow it does not come to that. Instead, she brings her new male acquaintance to the next meeting.

These are important points to keep in mind. Of course, if you've already developed feelings, it's too late for that because you're going to find it hard to hit your heart. However, if you are still at the very beginning of your dating and are considering how to meet women, it is highly recommended that you look around outside your circle of friends.

Avoid the Friendzone:

The Dating on the Internet

Searching the Internet for the right partner is becoming more common and more and more people are willing to pay a lot of money. Nevertheless, it is still unpleasant to many people to tell that they have met via the Internet.

At the same time, the image of the search for a partner on the Internet has completely changed. The days when it was rumored and people talked bad about it, are long gone. Meanwhile, the opposite is happening. Among younger people, it is almost "in" to use the App Tinder regularly and to date with strangers.

In the search for the great love on the Internet is always the beginning of the decision, what you are actually looking for. Do you just want to meet a lot of women and make many acquaintances in as short a time as possible?

For you fun is in the foreground? Then apps like Tinder are great for you, because there are people who just want to spend a nice evening. If, on the other hand, you want to have a steady partner for the next few years, and in the best case even for the rest of your life, it is definitely worth spending money on various dating sites.

Paid sites where a monthly fee has to be paid initially offer a personality test. In keeping with what you have filled in, women are now being proposed to you.

But please also remember that some fraudsters are on the Internet. Some sites do not require a fixed monthly amount, but deduct money for each message sent. This can quickly become very expensive. Even if it is annoying, therefore: Be sure to read the fine print!

Dating at work

Many couples get to know each other at work, after all, they spend a lot of their time there. There it is also the case, as well as in the circle of friends, that we get to know colleagues better and better. If there is a very special colleague, who also likes to take work from us and copy things for us or even take calls, it quickly happens that she stands for us in a completely different light.

However, caution should be exercised when working on the job. If you have not fallen in love yet, you should refrain from the idea of ​​running the colleague. In many companies, the boss does not like to see anything happen between two employees. If there is already a tense atmosphere in your work anyway, it can quickly happen that you become the center of nasty taunts.

If you have already developed feelings, you should still try your luck and find out what your colleague thinks of you. However, if it is not yet so far, it is recommended that you look elsewhere.

Where is the search for a partner promising?

It is always recommended that you try to find other women in your partner search instead of approaching acquaintances. As a result, all the disadvantages that have been mentioned so far can be avoided. Right here, however, many men face the problem that they do not know how to do this.

Many try to test their chance in the nightlife with women. There is however a high competition (after all, almost all men do it that way), and there is a good chance that you will meet a woman who wishes to have a one night stand but is not looking for something solid.

It is therefore recommended that you try to increase your circle of acquaintances. If you are invited to a party, you should never refuse this invitation. After all, there is the possibility for you to meet many new people, including women. But even more important is that you take your chances in everyday life.

Whether in the supermarket at the cash register, at the bus stop, in the queue at the food dispenser or in the concourse at your garage. Do you see a pretty woman, you have to address her. Of course, this should be done differently, depending on the situation. How this works, we explain in the following articles.

Do you want additional help with women? In a flirt coaching for men our flirt experts can help you. They show you how to address women and tell you how to easily build a nice flirt and the middle of the day on the street!

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