What do women stand for in men?

What do women stand for in men? We'll tell you!

Evil tongues keep claiming that women do not even know what they're looking for in men. Polite and obliging he should be, muscles and humor are also welcome pluses.

In addition, he should not be too nice, but please act male, be a protector and read her every wish from the eyes. Sounds quite plausible, does not it? However, where such a dream man can be found that most women do not know themselves.

So that you are informed on your next dates, what women really stand for, you will learn the most important points in this post.

He should have a good figure!

Almost all women agree: A tall, well-trained man looks very attractive. Of course, the body does not have to be perfect, even men with overweight can be true charms and conquer women's hearts. But a muscular body corresponds to our today's ideal of beauty.

Do not forget your styling

Women spend a lot of their time in the beautifully decorated bathroom, leaving the house looking good looking. The always very precise and examining look in the mirror at one's own often leads to the fact that you also pay more attention to the areas with which you place much value on yourself.

Especially the topic of hair is important in men. Of course, the theme of hairstyle tastes wide apart. One woman likes wild curls, another prefers smooth and short hair. In one, however, the ladies agree: Well-groomed must be the main hair! Dandruff or long, unkempt hair, most women find anything but sexy.

Incidentally, if you're thinking about dyeing your hair, you should go to a hairdresser with it. Hair dyeing accidents are unpleasant even as a teenager, as an adult and stale man these should be avoided.

How long do you need in the bathroom?

Of course, women want a handsome man by their side. Still, most people do not really care if it takes a long time in the morning and they have to wait for him.

Showering, shaving, brushing your teeth, combing once and done. The necessary compulsory program for men is indeed important and has absolutely its raison d'être, but may not be excessive. Quickly, otherwise, a woman has the feeling that he puts more value on his appearance than she puts on herself and that she is in a "role reversal".

What job do you do?

Basically, everyone should work in the areas that he enjoys and in which he sees his professional fulfillment. However, there are occupations that seem to be a deterrent the first time, such as butcher. Especially in this extreme example, the man has to adjust to the fact that he is asked again and again how he manages to kill the animals. Just think about these professions, in which for you are the beautiful pages in it and then elegantly change the topic of conversation.

The right way to handle money

Women want a man who is financially independent and committed to life. Men who are still dependent on financial support of the parents do not get along well with many women, since the majority of women wish their own family. But to start a family without being able to feed itself is difficult.

If men already have debts, this is the reason many women are put off. However, this also depends on the reason by which the debts have arisen. If he has taken out a loan to enable his mother to be cared for at home and not have to go to a nursing home, this leaves a positive impression. A loan for things that did not have to be, on the other hand, give the impression that he can not handle money well.

Unlike many prejudices, women are not just looking for rich men. However, they wish you to be comfortable with your money.

Of course you should also be a charmer

To be a charmer requires good manners combined with the typical characteristics of a gentleman. Every woman is thrilled when he helps her out of the mantle when entering a room. Yes, that may sound old-fashioned, yet it is a very accommodating and romantic gesture for women. Listen carefully and be honest.

If she asks you in a complicated situation according to your opinion or your advice you can be honestly honest (even if it concerns her figure). As long as you give her your answer in a friendly tone she will be glad to have someone at her side whose honest judgment she can count on.

She wants to feel comfortable with you in public

Most men are happy when their buddies get along well with the girlfriend and they envy him a little for the pretty woman by his side. Women are just the same! Of course it is always important to be happy yourself. However, it is also nice to know that the friends also accept their own friend.

If, after each meeting, she is adversely affected by her friends, she will defend you in front of her friends, but she does not feel good about her. For you, this means that you should also make friends with your circle of friends. Get to know the people and try to come to these meetings as often as possible.

It also means that you do not argue with your or your friends. Often couples, who have been together for some time, tend to complain each other during conversations or irritate others with comments. In every relationship, disagreements occur. This is normal and belongs to it.

You should do this in your own home. If a topic arises in front of your friends, which generally causes conflicts easily for you, you should simply switch to another topic in order to avoid a dispute in public.

Be confident!

Whether you yourself think that you are too small for a man or your hair splendor already suffers greatly from hair loss: Be self-confident! Men who have a confident demeanor look incredibly attractive and attractive to women. Stand by you. Also, remember that you feel certain things in and of yourself as very annoying, but your counterpart does not notice them at all.

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