Looking for a fragrant men's perfume? 10 unbeatable fragrances

The hottest men's fragrances you should test

1. Paco Rabanne - 1 million

Anyone looking for a fragrant men's perfume in 2018 can not miss the fabled 1 million of Paco Rabanne. The perfume by Paco Rabanne was launched in 2008 and has been one of the most popular fragrances for men in Germany ever since.

The fragrance is characterized by its masculine spicy nature and yet spreads a pleasant, light sweetness that gives the perfume man a successful rounding. The head note captivates the wearer first by an intense scent of blood orange and peppermint. After a few days of wear, the top note vanishes and the cinnamon, like the gentle rose of the heart note, comes out more clearly. Only evening can be the long-lasting components, patchouli, wooden flavors and a soft leather touch, smell out.

Describing the men's perfume 1 million as sweet oriental, yet it smells wonderfully masculine and reminds of anything feminine. The contrast of wooden, oriental and sweetish scents provides a broad scent facet and makes the uniqueness of the perfume.

2. Hugo Boss - Boss bottled

For years, Boss Bottled has been a true fragrance classic and the men's fragrances.

In its top note, the perfume impresses with particularly fruity and fresh notes of apple, lemon and plum. The head notes are also used to dissipate the particularly fruity components, which are replaced by cinnamon and cloves in the middle note. It is these spicy notes that give Boss Bottled its typical fragrance and have become its trademark.

Towards evening, when the heart note weakens and the base note emerges, the gentle vanilla can be smelled stronger, which already gives the heart note and the top note a warm undertone. In addition to the vanilla, the base notes are supplemented by sandalwood and cedar, which help to complete the sweet vanilla with woody notes.

The men's perfume radiates masculinity, at the same time it is timelessly elegant.

3. Jean Paul Gaultier - Le Male

Le Male from the House of Jean Paul Gaultier does not shine because it has just appeared fresh on the market. It impresses with the fact that it can be acquired for decades and the number of followers and lovers is growing steadily. The sensual scent delights generations and has lost none of its fascination in all these years.

The top note of the men's fragrance is characterized by a pleasant freshness of mint and mugwort. After the fresh start, the heart note follows, presenting the wearer warm notes of lavender, orange and cinnamon. It is this composition that has already thrilled the wearer over the years. The base note releases the warm vanilla only when it stops.

The chords of the heart and base notes ensure that the perfume, despite its initial freshness, is an oriental companion to its wearer.

4. Paco Rabanne - Invictus

Invictus is the second perfume by Paco Rabanne, which is one of the most popular men's fragrances. Unlike 1 million, Invictus is not distinguished by oriental notes. Instead, the perfume surprises the nose of its wearer with fresh and citrus fragrance components.

The top note thrills right after spraying with nuances of grapefruit. In the heart note, you can smell a hint of bay leaf, which is successfully combined with gentle jasmine tones. Oak moss, patchouli and wooden notes complete the mens perfume.

Fresh, citrus fragrance components meet wooden chords that harmonize harmoniously with each other.

5. Davidoff - Cool Water

Cool Water is a true classic among men's fragrances. Since 1988, the men's perfume is available on the market. Despite its age, the fragrance is more relevant than ever. The perfume is characterized by its sporty, fresh fragrance, which has made the perfume so well-known and successful. The spraying and wearing of the perfume is reminiscent of a fresh sea breeze, cool and yet pleasant in the nose.

This freshness kick is evoked in the top note by mint, lavender and rosemary. The heart note, which soon replaces the top note, inspired by the composition of jasmine, geranium and sandalwood, which floral and scented by the wooden touch simultaneously male. So that the perfume does not develop in a too cool direction, the base note contains warm musk and amber.

6. Dior - Sauvage

Sauvage of the manufacturer Dior impresses with a surprisingly strong freshness. The head note delights with the citric freshness of bergamot, which is combined with pepper notes.

After the top note has disappeared, the citrus fragrance is reduced and the warming amber unfolds its woody notes, whereby the men's perfume unfolds a masculine tobacco smell. Only in the decay can the base note show a bit more frankincense, pepper and patchouli.

7. Zadig & Voltaire - This is him

This is him from Zadig & Voltaire is still relatively new to the market. It impresses with a rocky and modern fragrance.

The head note delights the wearer with its grapefruit, which ensures a pleasant freshness. When the first spraying takes place a few minutes later, warm notes of frankincense and vanilla spread out, giving the gentleman perfume a warm sound on the skin. Only after reverberation does the sandalwood become stronger in the base note, which ensures the masculinity of the perfume throughout the wearing period.

The scent is intense and especially long-lasting.

8. Giorgio Armani - Code Homme

Code Homme from the manufacturer Giorgio Armani has been available on the market since 2014. The perfume reminds from the beginning of spraying until the end of the wearing time to the Mediterranean flair of the south.

The top note presents the wearer with the freshness of lemone and bergamot. It does not develop in an obtrusive way, but rises to the wearer tenderly and lovingly in the nose.

The heart note adds star anise and orange blossom to the citrus chord, which further maintains the Mediterranean flair. Only the base note, which reveals itself with leather nuances and tobacco, presents to the owner of the fragrance the male power that has accompanied the perfume all the time.

Overall, the scent is classified as very masculine and a bit harsh.

9. Diesel - Only the Brave

Only for the brave - that's the name of the Diesel men's perfume from 2009. Feature of the perfume Only the Brave? Here is played by the Italian manufacturer with contrasts! Here masculine notes and stimulating warmth meet, which are rounded off at the same time by fresh liveliness.

For example, in the top note on the carrier aromas of lemons and tangerine, which smell wonderfully fresh. The top note is complemented by the spicy scented coriander.

The heart note is characterized by the combination of the sweet-scented violet paired with the resin labdanum, which gives the heart note the male component. The base notes combine the scent of warming cedar wood and amber, which is rounded off with the masculine character of leather fragrance.

10. Prada - L'homme

Prada l'homme can be classified in the fragrance family of the woody Chrypre. This mens perfume combines typical masculine fragrance components with floral components.

The top note of the fragrance captivates with its notes of iris and warming amber. The middle note is followed by the successful composition of neroli and geranium. Only in the base note is the patchouli used more intense.

The flowery parts of the perfume in the nose of the wearer makes a refreshing and slightly flowery impression, but does not lose its masculinity. Especially for warm summer days the scent is an ideal companion.

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