Looking for the big love? The new Facebook Dating App

Zuckerberg announced it at the F8 conference: In the future, Facebook will be interesting for singles

Facebook will have a new feature that will greatly change the dating market: Soon there will be a dating app where users will have the opportunity to create a specific Dating profile. With that, the biggest social media giant will be shaking up the world of dating apps and online dating.

Especially imaginative and outstanding will be the name of the new Facebook Dating App: Dating. Well, it's not hard to remember.

This profile is used separately from the actual profile. This protects the personal data as well. Our normal colleagues and acquaintances do not learn that we have installed the App Dating on our smartphone and are secretly in search of the great love.

In addition, the search functions in a different way here. Instead of looking for friends to find other potential acquaintances, as users have been familiar with from Facebook, they are looking for more interesting profiles about common interests and events for which both are interested.

The new dating feature is due to appear in the course of 2018 and will be a major competitor to dating apps like Tinder. After Zuckerberg's announcement of this innovation, the share of the dating site Match.com dropped by ten percent within just a few minutes.

Who is the new app dating suitable for?

Zuckerberg does not want to call a new Tinder into the world, on the contrary. He wants to bring people together who are still single, but would like to change that. According Zuckerberg more than 200 million users have the relationship status "Single" specified. And that is exactly what can be changed!

That this is not just about dates, sex and one night stands, this can already be seen in the way profiles are proposed to each other. While the radius is important for Tinder, so that in the case of an emergency on the same evening, a spontaneous meeting can be made and the selection is made solely on the basis of external criteria by the users, should focus on similarities with new Facebook app. After all, common interests and views are one of the basic requirements, so that in the first place you can come to a functioning and harmonious partnership.

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