Become more attractive: learn the right facial expressions for flirting

Do you know why so many flirtations fail right at the beginning?

Many men forget their facial expressions when flirting. No wonder, after all, it costs most a relatively high degree of overcoming that it is only possible to address a foreign woman.

If these guys have spotted a lady of their interest, they hesitate to approach them, talk to them in a mechanical way, look at the floor or scan the area out of sheer excitement and the lady refuses to thank them directly. But what actually went wrong?

Learn facial expressions - How to improve your facial expressions with Tom Gerhardt

Learning facial expressions - excitement when flirting does not matter!

First and foremost, it is not bad that you are upset. But on the contrary. It is not commonplace for most men to simply approach and address a stranger. Accordingly, it is normal for the adrenaline level in the body to rise and your hands to shake slightly. Instead, it's important how you deal with this excitement.

Sadly, most men do not dare to look their dream girl in the eye, but eye contact is so important in flirting and squinting. Just calm down and look her in the face.

After all, you want to get to know them! If instead you just look at the floor, you'll be able to describe your shoes pretty much later, but how radiantly white your teeth are when smiling, you do not know.

So, calmly look up, you have nothing to lose after all. If you notice that your excitement is getting stronger and you have no idea how to deal with it, then you can even say that.

Just say, "Man, I'm really excited right now. I do not do that, but I noticed you right away, because you're really pretty. Hi, I'm Lukas. "That's how easy it is. Much better than trying to hide your insecurity. She feels it anyway.

Learn to interpret facial expressions

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Please do not forget the smile

Another mistake that many men make when flirting is the missing smile. Out of fear that they might be rejected or the pressure that they must necessarily impress the woman, they look tense and serious. But flirting is something nice!

Honestly, would you like to be approached by a woman who looks on, how three days of rainy weather? Women just do not feel like it. In addition, you have to remember that a happy smile makes every person directly seem much more sympathetic. And that is exactly the goal of your first flirt.

You want to be sympathetic, so she gets involved with the flirtation with you and she wants to meet you again, so you can get to know each other better.

So no matter how excited you are, remember that with a radiant smile, you'll leave a positive impression on her right away, and she'd much rather chat with you.

Show your emotions

Many women criticize again and again that men are extremely emotionless. Unfortunately, there is some truth to it. Even in early childhood, the little boys learn that 'Indians do not cry' or that 'howling is something for girls'.

Men learn that they must be strong and not show weakness, no matter what their inner appearance looks like. But it is precisely out of this thought pattern that you have to break out now. This is not to say, for God's sake, that you should cry when flirting with her. No. That means that you can show her your admiration for her.

You like the tight pants she wears? Well, then tell her that. You think her long hair is damn sexy? Tell her exactly that way. Are you pretty shy and excited? You can also tell her, as we have already explained to you. Women enjoy it when men talk about what they are feeling inside or what they are thinking. So, let her know why you mentioned her.

Show her your sexual interest

Do you know why men always end up in the Friendzone? Because they would do anything for the woman without telling her that they want more than pure friendship. They help her with the move, they bring her groceries from the grocery store, they drive her to the airport, they pick her up in the middle of the night drunk from a club, but the woman does not even suspect that the man next to her wishes something completely different,

For that very reason it is important that you express your sexual interest in her as soon as you get to know her. You can accomplish this easily by compliments, which are aimed primarily at their appearance. For example, by telling her, "So your legs in the skirt ... .Wow." Pay attention to your tone of voice, so she knows exactly what's up.

This may cost you overcoming, but believe us, only a woman knows directly that you do not just want to chat with her nice, but that you're flirting. So come right to the point!

If you pay attention to these tips, you stand straight out of the crowd! Because most men are so insecure about flirting that they have a very timid demeanor, which makes them directly put off the women!

We hope you enjoy using our tips and flirting! If you realize that you still do not succeed with women, then you should think about a flirt coaching for men. Our flier experts will show you how to approach and address strangers in the middle of the day. We look forward to hearing from you.

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