Attractive as a man - How you enthuse women

You want to attract women as a man?

Some men just seem to have something about them that makes women crazy. You do not have to go to much trouble to score with the opposite sex, instead the women are more or less vying for their attention.

What do such men have that you do not have? Is it the hairstyle? Is it the clothes? Or the well-paid job? We'll tell you. It's their charisma. And how you improve your charisma, we tell you now.

A strong charisma makes you look attractive to women

If you want to be attractive to others, you need a strong self-confidence. He has to be at peace with himself. He has to stand behind what he says and really does. He has to have a strong personality. He convinces with his inner attitude.

How do you feel about yourself? Are you happy with you? Are you satisfied with what you are doing? Are you happy in your living situation? Are you satisfied with your living situation? Do you like your life? Do you feel comfortable in your body?

If you want to be attractive, you must first be satisfied with yourself and your life. We want to explain to you why this is so. Let's say you are very unhappy with your job. Your boss complains to you every day and deprives you of your self-esteem? You do not get along well with your colleagues? You notice how the work strains your nerves and you are glad evening after evening when you come from the office?

A man who suffers so much from his job does not seem attractive. And why? It's easy. Your environment perceives your exhaustion. Maybe you will leave your mood directly and actively to the people around you. But even if this is not the case, people feel your dissatisfaction and burnout.

By nature, attracting people who are happy with their lives. They are happy with what they have. The balanced and happy. Because who is in peace with himself and his life, radiates this satisfaction to the outside. He literally attracts people around him because he always spreads good humor. After all, we prefer to surround ourselves with people who are in a good mood, as well as with people who always have nothing to complain about and complain about anything.

If you want to be attractive, you have to be self-confident and dominant

Dominant, what do we mean? Being dominant means not to shy away from taking the lead. Example complacent? You surround yourself with other people and the question comes up, where you still want to go in the course of the evening. Are you the one who remains silent and merely expresses that he does not care? Or are you one of those who say aloud now? "I know a pub right around the corner, that's great. Let's go there now. "

Especially women love men when they show their dominance, that is, they dare to make their own decisions.

People with a large circle of acquaintances are particularly attractive

There are people who have a particularly large circle of acquaintances. And they are incredibly popular and effortlessly get to know other people.

This is a social phenomenon. We humans find other people particularly attractive, who are particularly popular. Firstly, we assume that this person is not popular for no reason, and secondly, we are unconsciously hoping to rise in our social standing when we have something to do with that person.

What can we take from it for ourselves? It can be helpful to work on making our own circle of friends bigger. You can find helpful tips on what you can do to get active in the following articles:

The more people you know, the more you go out, the more you are greeted and recognized on the street, the more attractive you become to the women around you. So try to go out as often as possible and always expand your circle of acquaintances.

Improve your appearance

Sure, you want women to love you for your character, not for your looks. Nevertheless, the first impression counts, and this is primarily determined by our outward appearance. Just look in the mirror. Are you satisfied with what you discover there? Do you like your hairstyle well? Do you like your clothes? Do you like your figure?

All these are aspects that you can change at any time. You think you are too thin and not very muscular? Or too fat? Then change something and sign up at a gym or club of your choice. You hate your glasses? Then buy another rack or get contact lenses. Your clothes are not up-to-date anymore? Well then, go to town, go shopping!

And finally start to walk! Anyone who always looks at the ground, never seeks eye contact with the bystanders, looks shy and scared and does not stretch out his chest but bends his back, does not, of course, bring any attraction to the surrounding people.

Attractive as a man - you just do not want to succeed? In our flirt coaching for men our flirt experts will show you how you can actively approach, speak to and flirt with strangers. So you too have more success with women. We look forward to hearing from you.

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