Indications that ex still has feelings

Indications that ex still has feelings

You have been separated for a few weeks now and have not heard, spoken or seen since. You are still very attached to your ex and your relationship and you did not want separation at any time. Then last weekend at the party of a mutual friend you have now seen your first time again. Your ex came up to you that evening and talked to you normally. Now you're wondering what that might mean. In this article, you will immediately hear about the most important signs that your ex still has feelings for you and might even want you back.

Indications that ex still has feelings: he seeks contact by himself

It does not matter if you ended the relationship then, or if he pulled the line, if your ex takes the first step and comes up to you, writes you back, calls you or addresses you at a party to find out how you feel, then that shows very clearly that he still has feelings for you in some way. Of course, you do not know if he wants you back because of that. Maybe he really just wants to know if you're okay. After all, you were a couple, why should you care about him completely overnight? But at least it shows that he is still interested in you.

Maybe he does not look for the contact directly with you, but asks about your friends and acquaintances how you are. That too shows that he still has feelings for you.

Indications that ex still has feelings: He behaves strangely

Last time you happened to see each other, did your ex behave conspicuously? What could it have been? Maybe it was up to you. Surely you know his behavior the best and know when he pretends and when he tries to influence something. Did he blatantly ignore you and obviously? Then that too can be a sign that he still has feelings for you and tries to hide them from you. Especially if it was you who broke up, this reaction can result from hurt pride. It is not a direct sign of interest, but at least for emotions that are still evoked by you.

Another strange but also common reaction in many men is that it is far too obvious. He is big in the group, speaks loudly and entertains the people around him. Maybe he's obviously flirting with other women so you can hear it. These are also defiant reactions that suggest injured pride. Did you leave him? Then it is quite normal that his ego is offended and he is now trying to show you that he can have other women as well.

Evidence that ex still has feelings: He has changed

Was there anything in your relationship that always disturbed you? Any quirks? His style of clothing? Or did he let himself go during the relationship? After a few months of radio silence you can see each other again by accident and suddenly he is back in training, has changed his clothes and added a modern new hairstyle.

Clearly, your ex has been thinking and taking your separation to heart. He wants to show you now what you had about him and what you could have had. But that does not mean he still wants you back. The feelings for you are certainly the trigger for this type change. But maybe he's locked up with you meanwhile.

Indications that ex still has feelings: Be on the safe side

All these signs clearly indicate that your ex still has feelings for you. That does not mean he wants you back. To be on the safe side, you should always keep track of yourself and approach him as well. Especially if you want your ex back.

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