Signs that you realize that you are really having a happy relationship

By now you have been with him for several years.

Basically you are very happy with it, but sometimes there are just phases in which you doubt your relationship. But now you are already in an age where you think about getting married and having children.

That's why you do not want to waste your time with the wrong one at your side. For what if you spend your best years with a partner who does not want children anyway, eventually separates from him and then is too old to become pregnant?

That's why you often ask yourself what it is that makes you realize that you are really having a happy relationship and that you should not go crazy with your nails. We'll show you five signs that you can be sure you've found the right one.

Is he on me?

You keep thinking about him

Especially when you are freshly in love, the thoughts wander to him again and again. That's perfectly normal. As soon as we see him in our mind's eye, we feel a pleasant tingle and look forward to the next meeting with him. It is just as normal that these constant thoughts about him disappear over the years.

Basically, that's a good thing, otherwise we would not be able to concentrate on work properly. And yet it shows that in a happy relationship, the partners even after years of thinking of their partner every now and then in everyday life, and to positive moments, not the last dispute. So if you realize that sometimes you think about the last vacation or the last romantic meal with him, that's a very good sign.

Good news, you tell him first

The promotion, the good grade during your studies or another joyful experience: the first person to whom you communicate this is your partner. Not your parents, not your siblings or your best friend. You just love to share the beautiful moments with him first.

You treat each other success

In some partnerships, men find it hard to accept if they earn more than they do. Not so with you. You rejoice in each other when the other is successful and help each other to fulfill your wishes.

However, you are always there for each other when one of you is feeling bad. If you have problems at work, you know that you can always go to your partner and he has an open ear for you. He comforts you and gives you constructive tips instead of criticizing you.

You have fun together until today

You enjoy the evenings with him. And even after years you can laugh about his stories and his jokes. He just knows what you like to hear and how he can cheer you up. And that's exactly what you love about him so much.

You have no problem with it, if you do not see each other for a few days

Whether you want to go on vacation with a friend, or have the opportunity to work for a month in the US. You support each other and you do not mind giving up each other for a limited time.

You know what? This is a particularly strong indication that you have a very happy relationship. Because only people who have a lot of trust in each other and feel love for the partner, have enough confidence to spend even some time apart from each other.

After a quarrel, there is always a quick reconciliation

While in other households hungry for days after a dispute of blessing, you always reconciled quickly. Of course, there are topics in which you have different views and can even lead to quarrels. But you just can not live without each other and for that very reason you are still on the same day.

You know what? What you are doing is a really happy relationship! You can be sure that you have found the right person and should not be afraid of the next step together with him. Or did you notice while reading that the opposite is true for you at home? You are anything but a happy relationship, but you dare not put an end to it because you would be alone?

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