Fear of Strangers - How Social Phobia Can Affect

Social phobia needs to be treated as it is an uncanny burden.

We do not always notice it immediately when a social phobia develops. Often it starts slowly. We avoid contact with other people. We do not look sellers in the eye. We prefer to go shopping at a time when we know the shops will be empty.

However, this fear of strangers can always increase. It often ends in loneliness and failure at work. Because the phone call with the customer is a personal horror scenario, the meeting with colleagues absolutely unbearable.

Fear of strangers has an extreme impact on the lives of those affected

Already the thought of a full subway triggers fear sweat. Nervous trembling, rapid heartbeat, shortness of breath, quite normal for a person with social phobia, who could not avoid the situation of having to buy rolls on a Saturday morning.

In the long run, these physical symptoms cause those affected to believe that something is wrong with them. Self-doubt becomes loud in them, loneliness is spreading.

The cause of the fear of strangers is often a low self-esteem

The idea of ​​having to lecture at work and being stared at by twenty people at the same time blinds those affected. The reason for this often lies in a false self-perception and a resulting, very low self-esteem. Often, the idea creeps into the foreground, what the environment might think about them. They fear nothing more than to attract attention.

Can the social phobia be overcome?

These deep-seated fears can only be overcome if the person concerned confronts himself with them. As long as he avoids situations that cause stress and excitement for him, he will not defeat them.

Since the fear of strangers hinder us in all areas, whether private or professional, it is absolutely recommendable to take action against them.

It may be helpful to increase slowly. Nobody is forced to go shopping after work when the shops are full. Just deciding on a time that is more busy is enough to confront the fears. If the person concerned then manages not only to silently press the money into the seller's hands, but also to thank him for the change and to say goodbye, he learns from this experience that he has weathered the situation safely has and can continue to increase next time.

Do you always stand alone against the fear of strangers?

No, not necessarily. Depending on how deep the fears are in those affected and what effects they already had in his life, there is nothing to try to self-medicate.

At a certain level of severity, it is essential to see a therapist and work together on this problem. The difficulty here, however, is that those affected can usually not overcome, call a stranger and make an appointment for the consultation.

A vicious circle that can nevertheless be broken.

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