Fear of first relationship - What if he lacks the experience?

You have never had a steady partner in your entire life

At first, it did not really bother you that your buddies had their first girlfriend while you were single. You just had different priorities. Sports, guitar, school and later uni.

Sure, there were times when you thought you would like to have a girlfriend. Have you met with your people and they have repeatedly told of their first experiences with women, later of the unforgettable holidays with the partner and even later by the common future planning, you have found that you are now really late.

While others dream of marriage, you have no experience with women. You did not even have a relationship. More and more you realize that your age is one of the few that has never come closer to women. And so, slowly, you're scared you missed adolescents learning how a partnership works.

Fear of first relationship - Am I even able to relate?

Many people who are late in gaining experience with the opposite sex are, until then, worried that their first partnership will be an absolute disaster and will end in disaster.

They imagine the terrible idea that the possible partner is already very experienced in relationships and thus brings certain ideas and wishes into the partnership that they can not fulfill.

It does not matter if it's sexual or interpersonal - men who have not had any contact with women at the age of 30 are most likely convinced they are not able to make a woman happy because of their lack of experience.

Fear of first relationship - Does not it affect women not unattractive when he is still inexperienced?

In addition to the fear of not being able to lead a normal partnership because of the lack of experience, many men are firmly convinced that they will die as a virgin, because women can not be interested in them.

They justify this idea by saying that women want a man who knows what a woman wants in bed. In addition, many men cling to the thought construct that a woman will automatically assume that something is wrong with him - otherwise he would not have been single for such a long time.

However, the mistake in this train of thought is quick to recognize - If a woman meets a man, she can not know how experienced or inexperienced he still is. The fear of being rejected from the outset by the female gender is thus completely unfounded.

Instead, this topic becomes relevant only when several meetings have already been held, get to know each other better and also talk about their family and their past. If she learns then that he has never had a strong relationship, this fact does not deter her. After all, she has often arranged to meet him, just because he likes her a lot. His inexperience does not change that fact.

Your success with women does not depend on your experience!

So, how well you arrive at conversations with strangers does not really depend on whether and how many relationships you've already had. Instead, other things include the right topics of conversation, a well-groomed appearance, humor, and the ability to turn a normal conversation into a flirtation.

If you succeed in these aspects and it comes to a first date, you must not germinate the fear of a possible first relationship back in you!

Fear of first relationship - what exactly are you afraid of?

Be sure to ask yourself what exactly makes you uncomfortable with the idea of ​​your first solid partnership. Is it the fear that she will not be enough? Is it the foreshadowing that your missing experience will ruin your life? Or is it the panic that your own feelings could be hurt?

We have already explained to you that your lack of experience does not negatively affect the way you deal with it. Your fear of being disappointed and hurt, on the other hand, is very good. Many people suffer from this fear.

At this point it is important that you understand that love is always related to vulnerability. He who fully loves, opens himself, reveals himself and his secrets, who trusts. And in the end, of course, he becomes vulnerable as well. But it is precisely this aspect that is part of love and that makes love so unique.

We know that when we love with all our heart, we always make ourselves vulnerable. And yet, we bring enough confidence and give the partner our belief that they will not take advantage of this, but appreciate this.

Your fear of your first relationship is unfounded!

Free yourself from your fear! Especially in love, each person has to collect their own experience, and you only succeed if you open up for a relationship and get into it as positively as possible.

If you instead stick to your current situation and cling to your negative thoughts, your first partnership may find an abrupt end as your partner senses your negative vibrations. She inevitably realizes that you are unable to fully engage with the relationship and will quickly pronounce the breakup.

You also have no experience with women and your fear of a relationship is growing more and more? And you also do not manage to stand alone against this fear, let alone meet women who would be interested in a potential relationship with you?

Then it's time to give your life the decisive change by taking a flirt coaching. Our flirting professionals show you what you need to do to change women, how to improve your demeanor, how to approach and flirt with other women, and how to even get their numbers. So that you too can gather your first experiences. We look forward to hearing from you!

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