Others say that I seem arrogant and dismissive, what should I do?

Often you are told that you look arrogant and cool

Yesterday in the conversation it slipped out of your friend. In a simple subordinate clause, she explains that she initially thought you were extremely conceited and disagreeable, but after some time she found that you were very warmhearted and a good friend. The conversation continues, you smile, you nod, but mentally you got stuck in this sentence.

It's not the first time you've heard that the first impression people give you is rather bad. Many consider you cool, disinterested and arrogant. But why is that?

You know that you've always been a bit of the quieter guy. But not every woman, who is rather shy, always gets to hear this accusation. So why is it that some people are very warm-hearted and attractive to people around them, and others are more cold and arrogant?

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Why do some people seem reserved, others not?

The first point, which decides much, lies in the features of the human being. Especially when the first wrinkles have already spread in the face, they can sometimes make a facial expression look grim, even though it is not.

A particularly well-known example of this is the wrinkle of wrinkles between the eyebrows. Even the name underlines that this makes the face look a little grimmer. Most of these arise when the person has eye problems and, as a result, squeezes them in order to read or look far away.

The laugh lines around the eye are quite different. In contrast to the wrinkled wrinkles, these are even very popular, as they arise especially when a person pulls the corners of his mouth strongly and laughs.

We see that some faces are naturally more kind-hearted and friendly, others a little bit ill-humored. Now, of course, no one has to resort to Botox or Hyaluron, just to arrive in his environment better. Any frown on the forehead can be defeated if the person smiles more.

We humans generally tend to smile way too little. Whether the cashier wants us a nice weekend, or the waiter asks us which coffee we want to drink. The smile on her face is the most beautiful accessory for a woman who can wear it.

Even though we may have had a really stressful day, are tired, need to get the car into the workshop and just want to go home, we should always remember that the people around us can not help our bad day. Give them a smile and a smile comes back.

How do you talk to other people?

Our speech decisively decides what impression we leave on other people. Short sentences, perhaps even a low tone, do not seem friendly, but rushed. Suppose a friend mentioned that she had a lousy day. How do you react? Are you just asking "why"?

Or do you hook up, play with your voice and say, "Oh no. That does not sound good. What happened? "Longer sentences signal interest and open-mindedness. And that's not only true for friends, but also in everyday life. Let's say you're back at Rewe's cashier and the cashier asks you if you want a receipt. Sure, you can answer yes, but it sounds friendlier when you say, "Oh yes, please. I would need that one. "

Your body language and outfit also say a lot about you

Which person do you think is looser and more for having fun? The woman in the chucks, a pair of used-look jeans and a ruffled braid, or the woman in pumps, pencil skirt, and heavy bun?

An outfit is able to turn a person into a completely different person. Now, of course, it's the profession that decides how to dress. Maybe you work in a savings bank or law office, where you can not run around in any leisure look, of course.

It is different, however, when you meet with your girlfriends. Just throw the high heels in the corner, do not tie your hair back tight, put on something comfortable and yet stylish.

In addition to the outfit, your body language speaks volumes. An extremely straight back, a very upright gait, maybe even a chin, which is always lifted a little, that can quickly give a false impression.

Of course this should not mean that from now on you should always loll about in your chair so much that you get a back injury. But try to make sure that you always unconsciously bend your chin a little bit to look bigger. Because just who keeps his head up a bit more than it would be natural, looks damned arrogant and conceited.

Try to make small talk more often

Especially when you suddenly meet a group of new people, you often do not know exactly what to say. After all, you do not know the interests of other people. Shy people behave in such a situation that, first of all, they do not talk so much, but listen in order to gain a first impression of the people around them.

However, just this shyness can also be construed as arrogance by the other present. Whenever sentences start to drop, which is why you are so quiet, you usually feel so uncomfortable in your own skin that you do not even know how to get around the evening.

We therefore recommend that you simply try more often to conduct small talk with unknown people. In our articles Learn to lead Smalltalk and Smalltalk: The best Smalltalk topics, we have good tips for you, as you easily come to appropriate topics, which you can talk to people, which you do not know very well. Because even through small talk you seem more open-minded and interested.

You work on the impression you leave on other people and especially on men? And you wish that you finally find the right one, but you have not met him yet? Then you should check with us for a flirt coaching for women. Our flier experts show you how to make men aware of you in everyday life and how to make them talk to you. We look forward to hearing from you.

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