Anal Sex: Everything you should know about Greek

Anal sex appeals to many people, but many are also afraid of the first time.

In anal intercourse, the penis is not inserted into the vagina, but in the butt. The sphincter is very firm, which makes sex very intense for both the woman and the man. At the same time it can also cause pain in case of wrong preparation, whereby the anal sex is perceived only as little pleasurable.

Many people secretly dream of trying out anal sex at some point. For, though anal sex is not uncommon, it still has some of the attraction of the forbidden. But not everyone feels the desire for Greek. Some feel repelled by the thought and find anal sex unsanitary.

Sex on vacation:

The right preparations for anal sex

If a woman craves sex, her vagina will automatically get wet. This is not the case with the anus. No matter how much you both feel like each other, lubes should not be left out in anal sex. Even though the pack may not be close by when attempting to penetrate without a lubricant, the passive partner may experience massive pain.

Vaseline is also not a suitable lubricant replacement. The vaseline attacks the condom, which makes it fragile. So if you both feel like trying out the anal sex, you should get yourself a lubricant.

Whether you use normal lubes or one that is explicitly made for anal sex is up to you. The analgesic gel, however, is slightly thicker and stays slippery for longer.

Since the sphincter is a very firm muscle, it is also advisable to stretch the butt a little. Especially if she has never had anal sex, should not be introduced directly to the penis, but only a finger or an anal plug.

Here, of course, the fingernails should be cut short, otherwise the nails can scratch. When the finger is gently inserted and then a second, the muscle slowly expands and it can get used to the feeling.

Does anal sex hurt?

If he just wants to penetrate into the anus as spontaneously as he is used to from the vagina, it will certainly hurt her. Because even if such scenes may be portrayed in porn quite harmless and normal, the actresses in such sex films are already preparing for the anal intercourse by stretching her butt and lubricate with lube.

Especially the foreplay helps to make anal sex a nice experience. Of course, if she feels like her, her pain threshold naturally increases a bit (which of course means that sex always hurts). In addition, the muscles relax and her body is more willing to absorb the penis in the butt.

If she is tense with excitement and cramps by it, the sex becomes unpleasant. Of course, the man himself must be a little more cautious in anal sex. Because even with a lot of lubes, it does not like every woman, if he is just as hard on anal intercourse as normal sex.

How beautiful or unpleasant the anal sex feels for the woman, also depends on the daily form. Even though you have often had sex through the back room, there are simply days when you are very sensitive and find the penis in the butt uncomfortable. In that case, you just have to be honest and tell him that it just is not working.

Is anal sex unhygienic?

In healthy people, there are no harmful bacteria in the gut. You also do not have to be afraid that there is excrement in the intestine. This is only in our rectum, if we "really have to". If we feel no pressure to go to the bathroom, the rectum is empty too.

Of course, there is still the possibility to do a colon irrigation. After that, the intestines are really completely clean, but of course the anal sex does not take place spontaneously anymore. Nevertheless, many women feel more comfortable after an intestinal flushing, can relax better and of course enjoy the sex much better. But what really should always be done before the anal sex, is a shower, in which especially the butt thoroughly washed.

It should be noted that without precautions should not be switched between anal sex and normal sex. First, the condom must be exchanged. Otherwise, it can get a bladder infection through the intestinal bacteria. If no condom was used during anal intercourse and both still want "normal" sex, the partner should jump into the shower and wash the penis quickly.

By the way: women can also get pregnant through anal sex. If he has not worn a condom and has come in her butt, finally, the sperm flows out again. The sperm can get into the vagina. Anal sex is therefore not to be considered as a sex practice in which she can not get pregnant.

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