Age difference relationship - Jaumo has been in demand

Since the relationship between Tom Kaulitz and Heidi Klum is public, the issue of age difference in relationships has rekindled.

Jaumo has been listening extra. What do singles really think about the age difference in partnerships? Can similarities outweigh these?

Learn now what the international Jaumo App study has shown in terms of age difference and similarities. For this purpose, more than 365, 000 from 25 countries were surveyed.

Age Difference Relationship - Singles really think about it

For two-thirds of respondents age does not matter

Many people have inhibitions when they learn that their counterparts are far younger or older than themselves. And that, although for the Jaumo survey for 63 percent not the age, but alone love counts. Leaders are compared to men from other countries, the Dutch. Three quarters of the Dutch declare that they do not care about the age difference.

In second place, the Belgians can be found. Here it is 74 percent who speak out for love, age or not. They are followed by the Austrians, in which around 73 percent have declared that love knows no age.

Brazilian women seem to clearly contradict European men. 63 percent want a relationship with a peer partner, neither should he be much older or younger.

In Italy, women are increasingly focusing on the age of men, while for men it is of little importance how old or young their partner is. Among the Italian women, only one-third feels that a large age difference is unimportant, while for men it is two-thirds.

And what about Germans? In Germany, opinions on the age issue seem to diverge: 72 percent of men consider age to be irrelevant, but only 47 percent of women do not care about their partner's age.

What they all agree on is common hobbies that they should share in partnership.

Hobbies without the partner? For many quite conceivable

Only one in six single believes that common hobbies promote partnership. This view is more strongly represented in Turkey. Here, 64 percent of respondents agree that common hobbies must be.

Things are very different in Brazil. As many as 60 percent of Brazilians living in a relationship say they pursue their hobbies without their partner. In Poland, opinions are divided. For men, two-thirds believe that a common hobby can foster and inspire partnership, but only 44 percent of women support this view.

And with the Germans? For half of the respondents it is incredibly important that there are common interests and activities. Here, too, with the opinion of men is stronger represented. Because only 43 percent of women agree with this statement, while in men this corresponds to the idea of ​​55 percent.

And that conclusion? Especially in terms of age, many are relaxed. Most do not feel deterred by a big age difference, although of course there is always the question of when we even talk about a big difference. Most important, however, is to have the most common hobbies. But here, too, a lot of people value not hanging like a burdock on their partner, but also going out on their own and doing what they want to do.

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