Old women vs. Older women - charming in flirting on the subject of age

Many women have problems with their true age.

This phenomenon can be explained with today's beauty ideal. A youthful appearance is considered the measure of all things. Cosmetic surgery is booming and the advertising is full of anti-wrinkle creams, which promise that they can really and permanently wrinkle the wrinkles from the face.

With all the perfect faces that can be seen in advertisements and magazines, many a woman forgets once that it's completely normal for the body to change with age.

And honestly, laugh lines do not make a woman old, but let them look so sympathetic. Nevertheless, older women are often unaware of their beauty, which is why the topic of aging can quickly turn into a faux pas.

Anmachsprüche in the test

Older women are self-confident and stand firm in life

Old women differ in many aspects and aspects from younger women. Also in flirtation. Many women, over 40, have already gained a lot of life experience. They are married or may have divorced again, have children and also in their professional life they have already reached their destination. They stand firm in life.

Things are different for younger women, with whom you probably have your first experiences. They do not yet know where life is leading them, they do not yet have a solid vision of the future, they often feel insecure in their bodies and thus do not radiate such a strong self-confidence, as is the case with mature women.

That's why many younger men find mature ladies so interesting. Because they know exactly what they want, whether professionally or privately. And sexually, they can usually name very precisely what they like and what they do not like, and also demand the desired during sex.

Nevertheless, it is rather uncommon in our society if the man is the one who is younger. The bigger the age difference is, the more likely it can happen that stupid things are spoken in the neighborhood or are conspicuously seen on the street. Unfortunately, our society is still not as tolerant as it always pretends to be!

But as a younger man, you should not let that confuse you.

Flirting with mature women

Remembering our youth, it comes to mind again that for us women over 30 years old have been 'old women'. Of course, we now realize how ridiculous that is. Nevertheless, especially when flirting should always exercise a bit of caution, especially as regards the choice of words.

This is also because many mature women are suddenly a little unsure when a much younger, attractive man shows his interest. Because in such a moment, you are shooting different questions through your head, such as "He can not possibly stand on old women like me, why is he flirting with me?" Nevertheless, she will not let this insecurity show.

You should also avoid addressing your age marginally and thus increasing this insecurity. Show her instead that you see in her a strong and confident woman who you find very attractive.

How do I make a good impression flirting with an older woman?

Show you from your adult side. For example, you can do this by telling her about your career goals. And yet, please do not act like your father. After all, the lady flirts with you, even though she knows you're younger. So you can calmly show her that you are no longer a child in the head, yet she will not expect you to suddenly behave like a forty-year-old. That's not what you should do.

During the flirting, however, it can happen to you that she suddenly addresses her own age. After all, she is aware of the age difference. What would you answer if she suddenly said, "You can not possibly find old women like me interesting."

Because right now it is getting hot. We recommend the following: "The age of a woman is not important to me. But what counts is that you meet at eye level and you have something to laugh together. "In this way, you master your little shittest.

Consider her age also in the topics of conversation and the enterprises

Also, remember that she's older than you in terms of the topics you talk to her about. What we mean by that: Maybe you really like shows like Game of Thrones, but if she's 50, that's her Possibility big that she does not know this series.

If you talk all the time about things that are not really known to you, you are helping to make her feel even older than she is. So, stop talking about the virtues of the brand new iPhone, do not talk about the game that has just come out for the PS4 and please do not keep talking about the trip you're doing together with a seminar from your university.

Instead, try to make her laugh and show her that you see in her a confident and strong woman. Or have you often tried to flirt with a mature lady in the past, but it does not work because they do not take you seriously?

Then you should think about booking a flirt coaching with us. Our flirt trainers will give you tips on how to address strangers on the street and help you deal with mature women properly. So that you too find the right one. We look forward to hearing from you.

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