Book as a single vacation - what really awaits me?

Most of them wish to book their holidays with their partner or partner.

Romantic walk hand in hand on the beach, in the evening drink together a glass of sangria, hot kisses exchange while the sea in the background rushes: So many imagine the dream vacation.

Alternatively, it goes over hill and dale, finally at an alpine hut, there is a cooling beer and sleeps in tight, rather rustic beds, which is close together and cuddled.

But what about all the singles?

Many singles do without vacation

In our minds there is often the opinion that traveling alone is not fun. We used to go on holiday with our parents, later with friends, and now we are at the age when most travel with their partner.

But what if there is no partner? Very few people feel like traveling with a couple and playing the fifth wheel on the car. Especially as the couple want to enjoy their peace. The siblings are also forgiven or married and already have their own family. The own parents are too old, besides, these are only interested in all-in holidays in Spain. Not exactly what we feel like when we think of holidays.

Since it remains only to book alone as a single vacation. But it is exactly this step that many people shy away from. It is very clear who is traveling alone for the first time, he has to overcome himself. Anyone who, to date, only knows holidays with friends and relatives, will find it strange, perhaps even scary to suddenly be alone. Because: Now we ourselves are the person who has to take care of everything. Who has to book a flight, which must not forget the online check-in, has to book a rental car in English, which selects the route.

Especially the thought of eating alone in a hotel in the evening at the buffet, scares off many.

But the people who travel alone book in the rarest of cases, an all-in vacation, in which the hotel guest three times a day to eat in hotel, returns and otherwise not far from the bar. As a single vacation booking means for most, finally the chance to take advantage and discover the world. Now for most countries like Indonesia, USA or also Thailand interesting. Countries that can be wonderfully explored without first booking a permanent hotel for the next two weeks.

Free yourself from the idea that as a single you need a partner for the holidays

The first thing you need to do is unlock the thought in your head that as a single vacation, it's not fun. You have a completely wrong idea of ​​your holiday without a travel partner. You think of past hotel holidays that you have experienced with others and look at yourself in these situations now. You see yourself in the morning at the breakfast table, surrounded by amorous couples. You see yourself alone on the beach, surrounded by families. You see yourself sitting alone in a café surrounded by vacationers traveling together.

But have you ever seen yourself staying in a hostel? A place that almost all individual travelers go to sleep and where you meet a lot of people who have also made themselves on the way? Have you ever thought that you should never look for someone else? That you can sleep as long or get up as early as you want? That you can do what your mood is?

Also: Especially when we are alone, we are much more outgoing. All of a sudden, we have no problem asking locals for landmarks or talking to others who are talking about an interesting topic. We suddenly get to know each other from a very self-confident side that we did not even know ourselves.

If you really do not want to spend your holidays alone, you can join travel groups

Nevertheless, there are of course people who simply say that they simply do not like holidays alone. They miss out on having other people around who come from the same place or speak the same language.

In this case there are also tour groups. Just look around the internet. Tour groups are available for a wide variety of destinations. There are tour groups for the south, for hiking holidays, for skiing but also for cultural holidays.

The only thing that has to be considered here is the age group. Depending on the destination of the tour, most participants are between forty to seventy years old. Are you much younger, it is questionable whether the tour group give you what you want.

Otherwise, of course, you have the option to keep your eyes open for groups of young people.

There are also special single trips. With these you can be sure that the other participants are also single. Maybe you not only experience a great holiday in this way, but also develop feelings?

If you want to book as a single holiday, the travel destination must choose carefully

Of course, there are always countries and places that are in themselves and are not completely harmless. Walk alone through Johannesburg in the evening, which is of course not recommended. But that's not the case with a travel partner. In general, fear is a bad companion if we want to get to know new countries. A healthy caution, however, is always appropriate.

But also the preselection of the possible travel destinations has enormous influence on how safe we ​​will feel during the vacation. If you have always dreamed of a holiday in Ireland, Scotland, Sweden, Norway or Denmark, you can start with a clear conscience. But even more expensive and more distant destinations such as China, Japan, Australia are visited by thousands of people each year without incidents.

Even Muslim-influenced countries are feasible as a woman on their own when they move around in busy streets, avoiding deserted areas and generally listening to their gut feelings. In addition, you can always check with the Foreign Office for up-to-date travel alerts and Riksikolanders, thus avoiding these countries on your next vacation.

Dare, because you only have one life

Most people do not use their lives as they would like. They have big dreams, but they do not do anything to make them happen. They always have in mind how they will one day travel around the US for four weeks, how they will finally be active in their weekends, go out more and have fun. And what happens? Nothing!

Do not be one of those people who regrets one day never having lived his life. You have it in your hands every day, what you make of your life!

You have often traveled alone, but meanwhile you are longing for a partner with whom you can enjoy your holidays for two? You just want a woman by your side, with whom you go through life together?

Then ask us for a flirt coaching for men. Our love experts will show you how you can actively approach, speak to and flirt with other women in your everyday life. So that you too come in contact with women and finally find the right one. We look forward to hearing from you.

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