Everything to kiss: why kissing people get healthy offspring

On the street, in advertising, in film: Everywhere we see kissing people

Kissing is something completely normal for us and is part of everyday life for everyone who lives in a partnership. But also singles kiss. When we get to know a stranger and flirt with one another, it is not uncommon for the first kiss. The touch of the lips expresses our affection for each other.

But why does man even kiss? What is natural for us is not so logical. After all, the kiss itself does not contribute to reproduction.

Some facts about kissing

The average person spends more than 20, 000 minutes of his life kissing. The world record for the longest kiss is 58 hours, 35 minutes and 58 seconds. Today we combine with kisses tenderness, peace, belonging to each other.

Kissing feels comfortable to us. But it does not just feel nice, it also does our body well. Who kisses passionately, it burns 2-3 calories per kiss. In addition, kissing helps reduce the stress hormone cholesterol in the body. No wonder that kissing people always look relaxed and happy!

The evolutionary evolution of kissing

Let's deal with another passion of man besides kissing. The food. In earlier times, food procurement was laborious and above all served the purpose of survival.

Nowadays we live in a glut of food and combine food with enjoyment. We love going out and ordering delicious food in a restaurant. We can hardly imagine anything more pleasant than spending a leisurely evening on the sofa with a pack of ice cream. Each delicious menu includes a dessert as a conclusion.

In science, many are convinced that the passion for kissing comes from the act of eating or feeding. To this day, birds feed their chicks. They choke up the food they eat and feed their offspring from mouth to mouth. Other animal breeds also feed their offspring by swallowing the food, digesting it roughly, and then later choking up the porridge while feeding the offspring.

Man also had to chew food for his babies. Nowadays, when they are no longer nourished by the breasts, thanks to the blender or ready-made porridge, we can easily get our little ones to eat mushy food. In earlier times, these possibilities did not exist and the food had to be laboriously crushed or simply chewed on.

Furthermore, kissing brings another decisive advantage. By kissing, we perceive the hormones of the other. This ensures that we mostly choose people who are very different from our genes. In this way, the risk of inbreeding and disabilities is greatly reduced. In addition, we unconsciously smell while kissing, whether our counterpart is healthy.

This suggests that ancestors who have kissed more have made better choices about mate choices and have given birth to healthier offspring.

By kissing we learn how well we fit together

Sometimes it is only during kissing that we realize if we really fit the person of our choice. Quite possibly it can happen that we flirt with an attractive woman. We like her, she is pretty and intelligent. We get closer and finally the moment has come for the first kiss. And as it happens, we think how awful this kiss feels. Too sloppy, too moist, too lax, too much rumpling with the tongue or layer the smell of her skin and her hair repel us.

Our faces move away from each other again, we look at each other, feel a little uncomfortable and know that there will probably be no second kiss.

We see, lips and nose have a big influence on whether we decide for or against a person. It is hardly surprising that kissing plays such an important role for humans.

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