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Do you have questions about sex?

What is the easiest way to prepare anal intercourse for the first time? Which positions are particularly suitable for beginners? And what if you have never had sex?

Sex - a topic that meets us the whole time in everyday life. On television, we see attractive women promoting perfumes, and immediately afterward, an advertisement for sex toys by Amorelie will be broadcast. On the way home, the advertisement with the inscription "I'll do it with my husband" jumps in the eye as part of an anti-AIDS campaign.

And finally, when we get home, we check the news in our numerous WhatsApp groups and see that a lot of lewd images have been sent from the internet again, of course with some funny saying below.

But even though the topic of sex seems to be becoming more and more commonplace and banal, it is still a big taboo. Only a few dare to really talk seriously about sex with friends. There is always and everywhere a blaze, but hiding with your best friend hides this.

What if the girlfriend never feels like it? What happens next, when she has cheated on herself? Such things are rarely talked about in everyday life. Time, therefore, that we are dedicated to the subject of sex with all its different facets and shed more light on you. Have fun while reading.

So you do not end up in the friendship zone

1. For men counting porn, for women it's sex stories

Men are visually inclined. If they want to masturbate, they often throw a porn on the laptop and go. Most women, however, can do less with porn. Because unlike men, women prefer erotic things, rather than being directly presented to them visually.

What do you think, why Shades of Gray has been such a success? So you have problems in bed, or your sex life is just a little asleep, we can only recommend that she just takes the time to read different sex stories. So her pleasure comes all by itself.

2. No longer in the mood for missionary work?

Usually the same positions are always used in the bedroom. After the missionary job, she turns around once again and it goes on in doggy, as a conclusion, she rides you and that's it already been.

Not necessarily what one would call varied. How about instead, if you just tried something new? Of course you both have to get involved, but that should not be too difficult for you. In the following article we have collected different sex positions for you: Try out new sex positions: Positions for beginners and professionals.

3. You are considering trying anal sex?

Many couples secretly dream of trying anal sex once, but they do not dare. Too big is the fear to express the desire in the first place. As you can cut the subject and what you both have to pay attention to, so that she has no pain the first time, you will learn here: Anal - Everything you should know about Greek.

4. You wonder if women can 'ejaculate'?

You have often heard that women are also capable of 'squirting'. In the case of a man, the liquid is orgasmic sperm, but which fluid is formed by the woman? Is it really just urine? And how can a man make a woman squirter? You will find out all this in the following article: Our theme week sex - Do you know about squirting?

5. Do you dream of one day trying out group sex?

More and more often can be read in forums that some people have the secret desire for gangbang or group sex.

But where do you find like-minded people? And how can you talk about it with your partner without actually ending the relationship? With these questions we are engaged in our article Are you dreaming of group sex?

6. Everyone does it, nobody admits it

Well, do you know what we're talking about? Exactly, we mean the masturbation. Each one of us has 'done it' before, even when we are in a relationship. And yet we do not talk or hardly talk about it. On the contrary, at a young age we are often embarrassed to satisfy ourselves. And that, although masturbation is something natural and healthy.

7. Cheating - What happens if you or your partner has someone else?

Unfortunately, almost every person in their lives is once confronted with fraud. No matter what role you play, whether you are the cheated, the cheated, or the cheated, this situation is never.

But how should one deal with it, if the own partner alienates? Call it quits? Give a second chance? Nobody makes such a decision easy, but it has to be taken. Our article on how to deal with cheating can give you tips on how to proceed after the fraud.

8. Have you ever tried phone sex?

Many think in telephone sex to a paid number in which men are ripped off. In this case, phone sex can also be practiced with the partner. Especially couples who live in a long-distance relationship, like to use it. We'll tell you how to approach this topic best: Our theme week sex: Phone sex with the partner

9. You want to make her a gift of a special kind?

Sex shops are now like sand by the sea. But which ones are really good? Which sell high-quality goods, and which have only cheap scrap in the offer? In our test you will find out where you can order something for your girlfriend with a clear conscience: the top 10 sex shops in the test.

10. You just wanted friendship, but then you ended up in bed?

Friendship plus. A phenomenon that is gaining more and more and more and more widespread. What advantages does Friendship Plus offer? And what are the complications associated with it? Is it really worth it, or should you rather stay away from it or enter into a relationship directly? These aspects we clarify in our article Friendship Plus - The most important rules.

You do not want to know anything about sex, but wish you had a girlfriend at last? But whatever you do, you're still single and you think you have to put up with it and you'll grow old by yourself?

But you were wrong! Call us and ask for a flirt training for men. Our flirt coaches take you to the side and show you how to actively approach women in the middle of the day, talk to them, flirt with them and even get their numbers in the end. So that you too find the right one. We look forward to hearing from you.

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