Everything you need to know about oral sex!

Women love oral sex. Here you will learn everything you need to know about this topic.

Mostly you only use oral sex as foreplay. Actually, you really like to lick them, but somehow you have not done without sex for a long time, so that the oral sex was somehow marginalized and occupies only a very small position in your sex life. In the meantime you feel like spoiling her with your tongue.

Hygiene is the alpha and omega in oral sex

When it comes to licking and blowing, sex hygiene plays an important role. Many men complain that the partner does not like the penis in the mouth. This is often simply because many women do not find the taste mind-boggling.

It is quite normal, even with a daily shower, that in the evening both the female and the male genitalia do not taste as fresh as after a shower. If she is not your girlfriend but a woman you met in a disco that evening, it could be even more extreme.

You've been through most of the night, sweating, drinking alcohol, often going to the bathroom and smoking. Since it is normal that both your penis and your vagina develop a slight smell. Whether in a committed relationship or an affair, a shared shower can beautify your oral sex for both of you.

Even if you're freshly showered, your girlfriend does not feel like blowing you one? Then think about when you last licked her. Many men try to demand from their partner that she blows them one, but they themselves have no desire to make the lady happy with her tongue. It's no wonder that your partner's lust is flute, after all, she wants to be on her turn.

Oral sex only as a prelude?

For many couples, oral sex is firmly on the standard program in foreplay. Oral sex is therefore so wonderful for the prelude, because both of them are pretty wet. If it is completely dry, you will know that it is not only difficult to insert the penis but that it can also cause pain.

By oral sex, you not only make it hot, it is also pleasantly wet. Many women also like to take the penis in the mouth during foreplay. Some women do not like the feeling when it comes in their mouth. However, when the bubbles are only used for foreplay they know that their lover enjoys the feeling very much, and yet the orgasm does not take place in their mouth.

Oral sex as in porn?

Say goodbye to the fact that the oral sex runs in your bedroom as well as in pornography. Not every woman screams loudly while you spoil her, just as every woman does not get so wet that she blows you one.

Many men are aware that pornography does not show real sexuality, but that they are actors in front of the camera. While they are filming these movies, they feel anything but lust and horniness. Still, many men still unconsciously believe that any sex practices they've seen in porn could be pleasing to their girlfriend as well.

Porn as inspiration for one's own sex life should be considered with caution. Of course everyone can get suggestions, but they do not automatically like what the woman in porn has apparently found so great. One of those dubious inspirations is the deep throat. When deepthroating the penis is completely taken by the woman in the mouth.

For men, the attraction of the Deep Throats is not only that it is extraordinary to see when the penis completely disappears in the partner's mouth, but also that he feels in contrast to normal oral sex, a certain tightness on the penis. Deepthroating is often unpleasant for the partner as she has to suppress the choking reflex. Several months may pass before the choking reflex is completely under control.

In addition, the woman has to learn a certain breathing technique. Because she takes the penis completely in her mouth, she can neither inhale nor exhale. The deep throat is not easy for women to learn and not necessarily associated with pleasant feelings. If she does it only for his love and is still a bloody beginner, it can easily happen that she can not control her strangulation and vomit. At the latest then also the desire with the man flutes.

Oral sex is supposed to be fun for both

Oral sex needs trust. For many women it is a much more intimate affirmation of love when they put their best piece into their mouth than when they sleep with it. Do not you know each other long and she is not ready yet, you should not press her. Because it makes her feel only under pressure and will block.

Not only sex, but also oral sex should be a nice experience for both of you. It can be helpful if you spoil them first. This will show her that not only do you ask her for something, but you also want to give her something. If you want to bring her to orgasm, it is above all the right techniques. If you just push your tongue in and out of her, you will hardly bring her to orgasm. Instead, try to pamper her with your tongue and with your fingers. Also pay attention to a romantic mood. If you are both relaxed, it will be much easier for you to come.

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Here are some more tips on how to stay in bed exciting:

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