Everything about our external appearance and our body

Are you worried about all sorts of worries about your body?

We all know it, some days you look in the mirror and you just do not think you're pretty. You find yourself too fat, not well trained, dissatisfied with your skin, do not like your hairstyle any more, and you look like you will never find a partner.

Of course, that is nonsense and we also know that ourselves. It is also perfectly normal that on some days we are satisfied with our reflection, while on other days we do not like our reflection again.

However, if we are permanently unhappy with ourselves, it will cause our self-esteem to slip into the basement. However, a bad self-confidence also affects our dealings with other people. We do not get out of ourselves any more, we do not dare to flirt openly because we expect a rejection anyway and in general we become quieter and withdraw more and more.

Reason enough to tackle these problems. We have collected the most important beauty and self-confidence tips for you so that you can work successfully on your appearance.

You want a working relationship?

Everybody longs to find the right one at some point. In reality, however, the search for a partner causes many people problems. While some do not get over their ex, dwell on them forever and they would like to regain their ex, the others keep failing to meet new singles.

Basically, those who put themselves too much pressure and very desperately looking for the right or the right, the one who exudes this desperation to the outside. Unfortunately, desperation is anything but attractive. In addition, people who no longer want to stay single tend to cling too much. All this contributes to the fact that although one desires nothing more eagerly than finally to have someone at one's side, one makes the search even more difficult.

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You would like to lose weight?

Many people are not satisfied with their appearance because they would like to lose weight, but simply can not make it. The most important thing in losing weight is your own will. If you are half-hearted and do not really have the motivation, you will not be able to change anything about your eating habits and your physical activity. The word "permanently" is the decisive factor. Because losing weight alone is easy, it is difficult to keep the weight.

Important in losing weight are the intake of calories and calorie consumption. The easiest way to successfully lose weight is to use a calorie calculator to calculate your total sales and your basal metabolic rate of calories. The basal metabolic rate is the minimum amount of calories that must be added to the body, even if you want to lose weight. The total sales, however, must not be reached if the kilos are to tumble.

You want to do something about your cellulite?

Cellulite is an annoying problem that is especially known to women. Slight cellulite is visible only when the skin is squeezed in the appropriate place, but stronger cellulite is always visible. But what can be done effectively against cellulite?

Cellulite is fake fat deposits on the thigh and buttocks. However, creams that promise to make the skin firmer in advertising have no effect on the so-called orange peel. The only thing that helps sustainably is sport. Because the more muscle a woman builds up and the less fat her body stores, the lower the cellulite will be.

On the subject of fitness - how can I build muscle?

Both men and women want a tight, toned and muscular body. But what must be considered when building muscle? Basically, it is helpful to pay attention to a protein-rich diet, because protein is needed for building muscle. It should also be noted that muscles only grow in the breaks between workouts. This means that it makes little sense to go to the gym every day. Instead, at least 48 h should be between the two training phases.

By the way: If you have sore muscles, you should not torment yourself with the equipment, this damages the muscles more than that it benefits. It is better to take a break that lasts until the soreness has passed and use less weight next time.

What to do about hair loss?

Hair loss is an issue that primarily affects men, and there are women who suffer from hair loss. But do remedies like Alpecin and Regaine really help? What else can be done to prevent hereditary hair loss? And how can hair loss be inherited?

The reasons for the hair loss are in the hormones. In both men and women, these ensure that the hair remains in place until old age or the hair leaves the head early. Who really suffers from his hair loss should not be afraid to see the doctor. This one can have a blood picture, check the hormones and prescribe remedies that really help.

Impure Skin - What really helps against pimples?

Not only teenagers fight with their complexion. Even in the 20s or 30s, people often still struggle with their skin. While in adolescence pimples are considered annoying, but also as normal, they are more annoying as they get older as the other people around them have a clean skin.

The fact is, the skin is our biggest organ. It is completely different from person to person, which is why we can not give you any solid information on which care would be right for you. Of all the supplements available in drugstores, the only really meaningful is zinc. Zinc deficiency leads quickly to an impure skin, which is why the additional intake of zinc is definitely recommended.

For facial masks, healing clay is worthwhile. Be prepared for it to become firm and you must not put on a face. As soon as you laugh, frown or something like that, the mask crumbles. So please do not watch a funny series alongside. Attention: Please do not expect miracles from zinc or healing earth. Instead, you should get used to using both over several months and giving your skin the time to improve.

Everything about the penis

The penis. There is probably no body part for the man, which is more important. One is satisfied with his best piece, the other feels him too small or crooked. Some men have erectile dysfunction, others have phimosis and are prone to circumcision. Some come in sex only after hours, others have to fight with premature ejaculation.

But again, there are solutions to most problems. It is important that in case of painful problems, the doctor is visited. If one of the doctor's visit embarrassing, one should keep in mind that, for example, the urologist sees hundreds of foreign penises every day and this is something completely normal for him. Whatever causes you trouble, do not be afraid, call a doctor's office and make an appointment.

White, whiter, teeth

A beautiful smile not only enchants the other person, it also makes you feel better when you look in the mirror. However, many people are afraid of the dentist, which is why they delay the regular visit too long and problems, such as tooth decay or periodontitis, are recognized only too late.

Those who are really scared to go to a dentist should go on the internet to find out about practices that specialize in anxiety patients. There, the team is particularly empathetic. Incidentally, you do not have to be afraid of pain. You can also get an injection for small holes that need to be drilled.

By the way: Think about it, once a year to treat you to a professional teeth cleaning. Not only does it remove the tartar, it also eliminates discoloration caused by smoking, coffee, black and green tea. A professional tooth cleaning costs between 80 and 120 euros. This money is really well spent.

Am I pregnant? How do I get pregnant? And how can I optimally prevent it?

Every woman discusses contraception and pregnancy at some point in her life. While some want nothing more than soon-to-be offspring, the others are shocked when they suddenly hold the positive test in their hands.

But how does a woman's cycle actually work? On which days can she get pregnant? What contraceptive methods are there besides the hormonal pill? And, if the birth is already approaching, what name should the baby get?

This little overview on the most different topics around the body should help you and motivate you to work on yourself. You would like to lose weight? Then it's time for you to do more sport. You want to improve your skin? If you get stuck with home remedies, a doctor's visit helps. You wonder how you can get pregnant or how you can prevent? We have the most important information about pregnancy.

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