Everything for the date - the perfect preparation of the appointment

There are many things to keep in mind for the date

Everything you need, we show you here.

5 gifts for the date

Bringing a little attention to the date is always good. How about a Polaroid camera, a rose or chocolates? But even a six-pack beer or a funny partner look item is well received and makes you look the same interesting.

Clothes for the date

The first impression counts - so you also have to convince with your clothes. Because fashion, when applied well, underlines our character and gives us confidence, after all, we all want to look good. Do you think that your styling could be improved, whether for the date or in general? Then get professional advice with our style coaching.

Preparation for your date

You should have a plan of what you can do on your date. Choose a funny, exciting or romantic activity for the date and put it into action. There may be a lot of organization here as well: Reserve a table or buy tickets for the event, for example. What you should consider when preparing for your date, tells you the article "How do I behave on the first date?".

The right questions for the date

So that your conversation does not fall asleep and you get to know each other on a deeper level, questions are crucial. So, pick out some of our 201 questions, you would like to put your date on it and let it flow into your communication. So you can see what kind of person your counterpart is.

Special locations for the date

You do not want to run your date by default, but maybe bring some more momentum before or in general? Our 92 Date Ideas are perfect for that - let yourself be inspired and find the dream location that will make you the most fun.

Sayings for the date

What does a woman rather hear than love sayings? We have a list of all the 287 love expressions that melt every woman's heart in no time. So show your romantic side! But also sayings to get her mobile number or startups we have for you. Read in and decide for yourself, which fits your date.

Numbers at the date

Have you also thought about the question of whether and how much you pay for your date? Do you invite the woman to everything or do you (sometimes?) Tell her the bill? A help gives you our article about Drinks spend. You can also apply this wonderfully to your date!

Contraception for the date

Successfully completed your date and you have landed in the apartment of one of you, then the time has come to think about the Sex Hygiene or thought to have provided. The use of condoms is an absolute must, even if you have just met.

Sex on the first date

You have thought of the complete sex hygiene and now it gets down to business. But what do you have to consider now? After all, people do not know each other so well and do not know what the other person likes and what does not work. Our article "Sex on the first date" gives you information about it, so that you know exactly what you should do and what you should pay attention to.

We wish you every success in your date and hope that it is entertaining for you and your date partner! If you have any questions or need the help of the flirting professionals, sign up for our webinar or attend flirt coaching by learning all about the art of flirting and love.

We look forward to hearing from you!

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