Everything about the pink glasses - Does love really blind you?

Who does not know them, the pink glasses that distort your view of the world wonderfully. Your life is beautiful and your relationship is even more beautiful. But beware: love is known to be blind and the initially inviolable love happiness does not last forever. We'll explain the principle of pink glasses and give you tips on how to handle them when they fall off.

What is the pink glasses?

The legendary pink glasses describe an extreme form of optimism that is often attributed to falling in love. But it can also be a name for a character trait in which the world view is permanently unrealistic and dreamily positively distorted. The color pink stands here symbolically for the cheerful playfulness, which comes over one, if one carries a pink glasses. She can meet anyone.

What to do against the pink glasses?

In the long run, pink glasses are just as unhealthy as excessive pessimism, mediocrity should be found. That one floats at the beginning of a relationship on cloud seven and the world is "just great, " can hardly be avoided. It is a natural reaction of many people and it does really well. To see the world for a while and to let it all hang out is a nice recovery from the actual view of the dreary everyday life.

So if you notice or are told that you are wearing pink glasses, be aware that someday reality will catch up with you again. The pink glasses will not last forever, but still you should enjoy this time.

By contrast, being overly optimistic as a character trait will not hurt anyone being taken back to the bottom of the facts by his friends, partner, or family. Try to find a good balance for yourself.

What happens if the pink glasses fall off in a relationship?

If you wear the pink glasses because you are in love, you can hardly grasp your luck with your partner. Everything he does impresses you and everything he says sounds wonderful.

After a certain period of time, which lasts differently for each couple, everyday life returns. You get to know yourself better and thus also the negative qualities of your partner. Initially, many people in a freshly baked relationship are still trying to pretend and show off their best side.

But beware: Once this phase is over, often scare many couples, what they can interfere in everyday life with the partner all at once. You suddenly can not stand the way he eats or you do not like his opinion anymore. In any case, your partner could quiet more often clean up and 1, 2 kg less would not hurt synonymous.

What can be done against the sudden negativity when pink glasses fall off?

The magic word is. Tolerance! Be aware that you too have your faults and that your partner may also name a few things that bother him.

You are still human and nobody is perfect. This illusion has only spiced up your pink glasses. It's not that your partner was perfect first and then suddenly not anymore. You just changed your view of the world!

Try to be aware of the positive qualities of your partner and learn to appreciate them. How does he enrich your life and why can not you do without him? You should be aware that the state you had before was wishful thinking and did not exist in reality.

Once you and your partner have overcome this phase, your relationship is stronger than before, and you can look forward to embarking on the initial love of true love, in which you can not only master the heights, but also the depths. In that case, you are truly loved for what you are and not for what you claim to be, or for the partner's pink glasses.

Do you have the pink glasses with family and friends?

In fact, the love that you feel for your family and friends also translates to their character and visual characteristics. Practical experiences have shown that, for example, as a girl you find your girlfriends more beautiful than at the time when you were not friends with them. It is the same when suddenly you are no longer friends. As in many cases with ex-partners, one suddenly thinks "How could I be friends with her?".

Even with the family, one often turns a blind eye and often forgives very quickly when negative qualities or quarrels have taken over. The pink glasses also protect us from de-socializing by exposing everyone else without being able to ignore it.

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