Book a holiday alone - Who's going to do that?

Anyone who has spent a holiday alone in his or her life quickly learns to appreciate the benefits.

Book a holiday alone - who does it? Mostly friends, acquaintances, the family or the partner are asked, where the next journey should go and together the travel agency is visited or the Internet rummages through.

Individual journeys, where an all-in hotel has no business, but is explored by couchsurfing or airbnb the world, are more and more common. Nevertheless: Alone take a holiday make only a few. The reason for this usually lies in the fact that hardly anyone can really be alone with themselves, and do not feel this time as a torment, but as a restful break.

Why does a travel companion always have to come from?

If we travel without a travel companion, we are truly more open to the culture, customs and people of the traveled country. Suddenly we notice how friendly the people around us are, that they proudly tell us about the cultures and customs of their generation, and we collect so many impressions that would never have happened during a one-week hotel holiday, but not when we would have traveled together with another person.

Let's be honest: we do not want any travel companions because we are afraid that we might get bored without a travel partner. We want a travel companion to bridge our own insecurity.

Better to stand together in front of a ticket machine with complicated description in foreign language, than alone. Couple of two are completely lost and feel helpless, than alone. Better to be lost lost by strange roads and have the feeling never to reach the goal, than alone.

But why is that? Because we always feel safer in pairs. We did not get lost alone and are not only dependent on ourselves, our travel partner also wants to find back to the accommodation. Couple can handle some things just easier.

For real? Is that really so? If we are in any of these situations without someone else on the road, we are sure to ask one of the inhabitants who walk past us all the time. And at the end of the day, we reach the finish faster than when we stand around helplessly in pairs.

Travel the land you have always dreamed of

For a week to Mallorca, fast over the weekend to Amsterdam or Strasbourg, these are destinations that are easy to book with friends. It gets more difficult when we have unusual wishes: Just drive through the USA for three weeks, explore Japan for two weeks, go on a safari in Africa for several weeks, or perhaps follow the inner call to Sri Lanka?

At the latest at this suggestion the acquaintances row back. It manages the finances or the vacation days. And then? Dispense again and destroy the brain cells on Ballermann for a week? Or finally fulfill the dream, albeit alone?

In general, we advise you to fulfill your dream necessarily and simply travel to the country, which you have long thought in mind. Of course it looks different when you are open to everything. Just think in which direction it should go: Europe, or rather another continent? The cool Norway, which offers you a breathtaking landscape, or even the warm Sevilla?

To make you feel safe on your own, we advise you, especially when traveling outside Europe, to inform yourself in advance about the safety of tourists in the places you want to explore.

Get rid of the idea that you are considered funny

Not only are many of us reluctant to travel alone because they are unconsciously afraid to be on their own. Also, the idea of ​​what only the other people could think of us, haunts us.

Or why do not you go to a restaurant alone? Or without company in the zoo? Why do not you sit alone in a café and eat a piece of cake? Because it is boring alone? No, because in our society it is still a bit unusual to go out to eat alone and we are afraid of the service and the other restaurant visitors.

Of course that's nonsense. Should we tell you what other people think? The other people see you and think, "There is a person sitting there having a coffee and eating a piece of cake." That's it.

The same applies if you book accommodation for yourself on your own. You are not considered funny. Whether you stroll alone through a strange city, standing at a famous destination or you take a rental car: Nowhere will you encounter a hostile attitude, just because you spend your vacation without company.

Make contact with the people around you

Man is a social being. Anyone who goes on vacation alone will find that there is nothing soothing for the soul. And yet: Of course, we are interested in getting in touch with other people to gather new impressions and to get some experiences richer from our journey.

How quickly we get to know other people, of course, depends on our own species. If we are open to strangers and always smile, if we have no questions about asking one of the locals in English for the right way, or starting a conversation in the pub with the man behind the bar in the evening, we will have a quick little talk as if we are very introspective and tend to shy away from other people.

But the nature of our accommodation can also help us get in touch with other people right from the start. If you book your sleeping place in a hostel, you will never be alone for long. There he immediately encounters other travel enthusiasts, with whom you can, depending on your mood, also merge.

Holiday alone has potential if we really use it

Of course, it only makes sense to go on vacation alone if we judge ourselves as a personality that can really enjoy it. Because: Some people just can not be alone with themselves. If you book a week-long vacation just for yourself, you simply can not bring yourself to leave the hotel room.

Eat alone in the evening? No way! Lying alone on the beach? No way. Going alone into the nightlife in the evening? Where would we be then!

Knowing exactly that we would spend these seven days only in our hotel room, it makes little sense to travel without company. What makes sense instead and what we should definitely tackle: Urgently working on our own self-love. Only those who are at peace with themselves and are content with themselves, dares to come out of themselves.

Because almost always there is a lack of self-confidence and lack of self-love, which stand in the way, to be open to others and sometimes even to do our own thing.

Let's go on vacation alone, we can make the time as we like it

Get up at seven in the morning, have breakfast and start the day right away? No problem when traveling without a person who is a total late-sleeper.

Going to local bars in the evening, eating tapas, smelling of garlic and suddenly finding yourself in conversation with locals? Easily possible, if there is no travel companion who has been wanting to go home for two hours.

Just have a good night's sleep and have breakfast in a nice café? But surely, if not the little vegan sister is there or the colleague who lives so health conscious, that nothing but wholegrain over her lips wanders.

Visit the volcano or drive to the next big city? Book a small boat tour or just take a leisurely stroll through the streets? Shopping or the nature park?

Absolutely not important! Because we have to look after just one person and that's us!

Come on, dare and book your own holiday!

Feel a sense of freedom and self-determination! The saying may sound stale and cheesy, but it is so true: live your life, because you only have one! If not now then when? If you retire one day, you will lack health and you will not be able to experience such adventures.

Plus: Maybe you're going on your journey, but will not come back alone because you met your great love and immediately lost your heart?

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