"Alina - love and sex"

"Alina - love and sex": Worth seeing and really exciting!

"Alina - love and sex" is a funny and honest format of "DasDing", which can be found on Youtube. For many people sex is still a taboo topic. Alina, however, puts all the facts tough on the table and explains to you and me how the whole thing about love and sex works that way.

What should be mentioned in advance: The format was (unfortunately) on 16.01.2017 already discontinued. Why it is still worthwhile to stop by, you will find out in this article!

Whether Alina answers intimate questions with her father or has a love talk with Shawn Mendes. Humor should never be missed. But the key is that the channel also picks up on important and serious issues, like the dark side of prostitution. So the range of the channel is really used very meaningful!

You can tell immediately that Alina was involved in the project with all her heart and that's what she says about herself as well. The themes are by no means derogatory, but quite the contrary! After all, we can be happy that people address and address things that many would blush and never blurt out these intimate details. It expresses questions that you have probably already asked in your life.

Even viewers are involved in the videos, for example, by interviewing passers-by on the street ... and that very spontaneously! Everyone immediately feels that they are part of the community.

Conclusion: Even if the channel was discontinued and there is no new content, it is still worth checking out the produced. Smiles and nods are guaranteed! Promised!

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