Increase or Increase Friendship Activities - What Can Be Taken Against Loneliness

You would like to have more friends

Young people often can not imagine that later in life it will be more difficult to make friends.

Friends - We share with them our free time, our beautiful moments and our suffering. The younger we are, the more we have more of them. At school there is daily contact with the classmates, at the university other people get to know each other at celebrations and WG-parties, and in the training one makes friends with the other trainees.

However, when this phase is over and working life begins, many people often find that it is no longer self-evident to have many familiar faces around them. Nowadays it goes without saying that for a dream job a certain degree of mobility is required by the employer, thus relocating to other cities is the result. The usual environment is left and the friends and acquaintances of the past disappear from everyday life.

How to find new friends:

To increase the circle of friends or build on the work?

Especially career starters often hope to have nice colleagues at work, which may develop friendships. But by no means always does this plan work. Depending on the industry, the colleagues are a lot older, which causes the interests and hobbies to diverge too far. But even young colleagues are no guarantee for new friends. The working atmosphere is not always rosy, which of course reduces the desire for a reunion in the free time rapidly.

Nevertheless, one can of course be lucky. If you have a team in which many colleagues are of a similar age and you understand each other well, you should definitely accept invitations of various kinds.

A start can be the common lunch in the break. Maybe there are regular meetings after working in a pub? The more the new colleague engages in conversations with the "old hands", the faster a relationship with them is built up, so that it often does not take long for the newcomer to be asked whether he does not even want to come with him and thus completely integrated into the team.

Find friends away from work?

If friendships have already been established in the company, this is of course optimal. However, as already indicated, this does not always work. What options are there in this case?

Especially fresh after a move is usually the new city itself not yet completely known and trusted. Uncommonly recommendable in such a case clubs. Although the word club sounds eerily old-fashioned and many initially think of a hunting club or a shooting club, these regular meetings with a regular group are the easiest way to meet other people with similar interests.

Whether football, volleyball, horseback riding or swimming - there is a suitable club for almost every sport. If you are less interested in sports then you can start looking for other groups that meet regularly. On the Internet, for example, find regular strollers in dog forums, sorted by the postcode that no longer want to go by themselves.

Facebook can also be a support

The large social network also offers many opportunities to connect with other people. For example, you have the option to search for a group of like-minded people. Just enter the search bar "New in ..." with your city. Guaranteed you will also find a group for your new place.

These groups offer the advantage of having regular meetings with members about them. So it happens that mixed groups arrange to have a cozy evening in a bar and get to know people who are in a similar situation as you yourself.

What is your new neighborhood doing?

Even your immediate neighbors could become your new friends. Of course, it depends on which area you live in. This is often decided by the age of the neighbors. For example, if you live in a multiple dwelling with several dwellings, it might be an option to distribute invitations to your immediate neighbors for an evening to get to know each other.

Unfortunately, especially in big cities, it is usually the case today that people who live in the same house do not even know each other anymore. It is a much better feeling when you know how the neighbor looks in the apartment next door and which of the neighbors you could ask to water the flowers when you are on vacation.

You would like to enlarge your circle of friends? Then you have to invest

With investing at this point, of course, no money meant, but time and courage. Above all, people who are rather reclusive and shy often have problems with building their circle of friends. Because it always requires a certain amount of self-assurance in order to approach strangers in order to come into contact. However, you will not be able to avoid this investment.

You know yourself and know exactly that you will not be able to jump over your own shadow? You know that you will never register with a club simply because you are not reaching for the phone in such a situation?

Then you can ask us for a flirt coaching. Our flirt coaches not only teach you how to address and flirt with foreign women, but also advise you and give you practical tips on what to do if you want to expand and build your circle of friends. You will learn how to overcome your shyness and make contact with strangers. Contact us, we look forward to seeing you!

Here are some more tips on how to increase or build a circle of friends:

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