Actively experience happiness - how we become happier

When do we feel happiness?

Everybody wants to be happy. Some days we get up, and our lives just seem to be perfect. The sun is shining brightly in our apartment, it is Saturday, fresh air blows in through the window and we feel well all around.

And then there are the other days. The days that start bad, because we could not sleep properly at night. Because it is still dark in the morning when we get up, we freeze and feel that we are getting sick. But can we actually influence our mood? Are there specific foods or activities that help us feel better?

It's the little things in everyday life that make our life so special!

Many people dream of the perfect life: one day earning a lot of money, finding the dream woman or the dream man, owning their own, expensive car. What we forget: We can be happy now. We must not wait for luck or convince ourselves that one day in the future, when we have reached those desires, we will first be happy.

Unfortunately, happiness does not last long. They come suddenly and are fleeting. So it is all the more important that we actively perceive and appreciate it when we feel happy.

Unfortunately, most people assume that we ourselves can not influence how happy we are. Enviously, the neighbor is observed, who leads a seemingly perfect life, while we pity ourselves and are convinced that feelings of happiness are just a hint of fate.

In order to better perceive the small things of daily life, we recommend to keep a kind of little "happiness diary". Buy yourself a nice book with blank pages, which is so nicely designed that it makes you want to be described already while looking at it. Now every day we record 5 things that we were especially happy about.

Some will now think that on a really bad day there is absolutely nothing positive that could be registered there. That's not true! We experience daily events that have a positive effect on our well-being. For us, however, these are so obvious that we do not perceive them as a little moment of happiness.

For example, the diary entry of our special moments may look like this:

  • Colleague stopped the door when I had my hands full
  • My baker had my favorite rolls today
  • Today has been the first day without rain for weeks
  • I got the right track directly
  • My new shoes are very comfortable

These examples are ordinary everyday events that we would never consider special. If, however, the opposite would be the case, we would undoubtedly say that we had a bad day. Let's go through the following scenario:

Our baker did not have the sandwiches, which we always buy, when leaving the front door whipped the rain in our face, on the way to work, we missed the train, arrived in the company leaves our colleague the door under our noses Lock fall and in the evening we realize that we have run ourselves bubbles. Certainly we would say that the day has gone completely for us.

So why not realize that all of this has not happened, but that these little things have helped us to have a nice, positive day?

How can we control our happiness?

Many people who have become new parents declare that they only now know what happiness really means. This is partly because parents have been given a new, very significant job in their lives. The more important our tasks appear to us, the more we go into them.

The important thing is that we can completely lose ourselves in them and make them fun. Often, for example, this is the case in an artistic field, such as when we make music, paint a picture, make pottery, or do handicraft work, for example, by making a piece of furniture. If we have completely lost our heart in this activity, time passes quickly and we feel happy and busy.

But if you want to feel more happy, do not expose yourself to great expectations. Whoever hopes for an even more beautiful life, expects more money, an even more perfect day, does not notice sin's momentary happiness.

Give yourself a break from everyday life

We live in a stressful time. Everything has to be done quickly and effectively. In the morning we rush to the office, after work we jump into the supermarket and in the evening we do laundry, do the bare necessities in the household and watch TV on the couch.

What is definitely missing out on such a day-to-day life is ourselves. Much too rarely do we allow ourselves to take a quiet break from everyday life, in which we only reflect on ourselves. How such a break can look depends entirely on personal taste.

For example, for some there is nothing relaxing about walking along a lake or river at your own pace, standing between, watching the ducks and enjoying the tranquility.

Others regularly do yoga in a small group to find themselves. But breathing exercises and autogenic training also help us to put our body in a kind of state of rest, and later on we feel relaxed and happy.

But just sitting on the balcony for an hour, letting the skin warm from the sun, closing your eyes and eating your favorite chocolate can make us feel completely relaxed for the moment.

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