Affair with a married man - What to do when you are in a bind?

What if he is already forgiven?

Although no woman has ever planned, many women know the initial situation: affair with a married man.

It is never planned, and yet it happens again and again: suddenly you find yourself in an affair with a man who has a child and a wife at home. But how does that happen? Does the lover have the blame for breaking the marriage? How to deal with the guilt feelings? And what, if the beloved falls in love herself, can she hope for a divorce?

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Affair with married man - He is responsible for his marriage

Many women do not even consciously engage in such an affair. For them, it is a taboo, as they would not wish to be treated in this way in the place of the wife. The sticking point, however, is that the married men know this very well.

For this reason, the wedding ring is removed when leaving, the woman at home is quite coincidentally not mentioned in conversations. Many women do not find out about the family until they call him on their mobile and he says hello sweetheart.

Especially this situation often overwhelms the young woman, who has him him but a very attractive man with future potential. Often guilty feelings arise at this point towards the other woman, who is not even known.

The guilt is primarily the husband! If the beloved does not know anything about his family, she can hardly be reproached for having committed herself to a married man. But even if she knew, in this case, she may not be an innocent, but it should be clear that he is the one who is in the position of having to say "no" to other women.

However, if the attempts at flirtation go out from him (or he agrees to theirs), this only happens because he lacks something in marriage. The affair may, so to speak, represent the tip of the iceberg or the last drop that will overflow the cask, but many problems must have existed before.

Because who leads a really happy partnership and loves his partner with all his heart, who has no interest in cheating on this person and hurt.

Affair with married man - Should the lover break off the affair when she learns of the wife?

This is a difficult question that can not be answered in one sentence. As a general rule, no one should behave the way he does not want to be treated.

It can be assumed that no woman wishes her husband to be a stranger to a woman and that woman knew about the partnership and possible children.

But fair enough, it must also be said again at this point that he is the one who departs, not the woman.

Honestly, however, we usually know quite well in just about every situation how to act. We notice this in our guilty conscience, which keeps coming in as soon as we see it, and the face of his wife, who sometimes meets us in dreams at night, rousing us awake.

It is only fair to the wife that the lover decides not to meet him any more. However, it is questionable whether this will save the marriage. Instead, it can be assumed that he has no learning effect and probably just looking for the next secret secretary.

So what do we advise? As you have already stated, this situation puts a strain on you. So for you, it's best if you do not see him anymore, and you become free of him in thought. Maybe you do not want to miss the meetings with him, because you already have feelings?

Affair with a married man: He promised to divorce me!

When it comes to love, we let people hold us off too long and also like to become the plaything of the other. When it comes to an affair, this is even more extreme. Yes, there are those who have left the men, the wife and children, to build a new life with the beloved. But they are an absolute rarity!

As a rule, they keep their lover for months, if not years. As soon as the affair threatens to leave him and no longer join in, he diverts and declares that he wants to get a divorce, but he still wants to wait a few weeks, because now is not the right time to his wife to inform the separation.

The beloved is soothed, and he can live his life the way he is used to.

Why should he divorce himself? As the situation is currently, it offers only advantages: At home he has his firm apartment, it is freshly cooked, cleaned, his wife regulates his everyday life and protects the children. And in the evening he gets with the lover the sex he needs.

A divorce would only have unpleasant consequences for him. Quarrels about custody, trouble with the house together, stress over the maintenance of children and women. And he would be alone all of a sudden. Undressing, having to settle for a smaller apartment, throwing the household alone, cooking yourself, all these are drawbacks he (understandably) does not feel like doing.

We know that if you are really in love and everything is done for that one person, you cling to every straw that gives you hope. And we also know that the phrase "I get divorced" makes us hope again and again, even though we basically know that we are forever only the second woman but will never come first.

Please remember one thing: you love him with body and soul, but you have never experienced everyday life with him. You only ever see yourself for a few hours once a week. In this time, of course, there is a perfect world.

But if you were to spend time with him every day, you would suddenly get to know him from a different side. Did you know that he becomes absolutely choleric when things are not going the way he imagines? Or that he is extremely unreliable and never keeps his promises?

The chance that you will truly be happy together is vanishingly small. Because not only will he probably never leave his wife, also it is quite possible that he is a completely different person than you currently think.

Affair with a Married Man: What should I do now?

Protect yourself! Ask yourself what it is now, what makes you happy! And forget the answer that he is the one who would fulfill your life. Instead, it's time for you to free yourself from your mental baggage! Kill the guy who always makes you hollow promises, but who never wants to have a future together with you.

Instead, design your life to make you happy without it (and it works with the bad conscience that you always have, not anyway). Finish this affair to free yourself from it and get back on other men with whom you can really be happy! Because they exist: Single men, who are also still searching.

You feel that you will never find the right one? And you are afraid that you will remain alone forever? Change your situation, book flirt coaching for women now, and our flirt trainers will show you how to make men aware of you in everyday life and what you need to do to appeal to them. We look forward to hearing from you.

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