Affair wanted! - What makes the charm of an affair and why so many people yearn for her

Why are so many looking for an affair?

Affair wanted! - As a single

Have you ever been looking for an affair? If you're not forgiven anyway, that's fine. Maybe you're single by conviction and you just do not want a relationship right now because your career is more important to you at the moment. Maybe you think a strong relationship would only stop you from achieving your goals. As long as you are not in a relationship, the reason does not matter. You are not accountable in this situation.

An affair offers many advantages for most singles. It is not binding and you are committed to the affair to nothing. So you can do what you want and you do not have to have a guilty conscience if you have sex with other people. Even if an affair sounds superficial at first for these reasons, it can nevertheless be just as intimate and familiar as a solid relationship. It is not uncommon for a longer-lasting affair to develop into a permanent relationship.

Another reason why as a single is looking for an affair is that an affair is usually a longer-running thing. This also means that the sex will continue to improve over time, because while at a one-night stand only the unknown, the stranger and the new make the appeal, the confidence grows in an affair. You know each other, get to know the preferences of the affair and can put on this special focus during sex.

Affair wanted! - In a relationship

If you are in a committed relationship and are currently looking for an affair, you should first ask yourself why you are looking for an affair. The idea of ​​an affair keeps coming up in many people and is not uncommon. But you should be aware that your relationship is compromised with an affair.

Maybe you've been together for a long time and your sex life has fallen asleep between stress and everyday life and you just do not want to live out your desire physically. Then it can be a great help if you first talk to your partner about what bothers you in the relationship, what you miss and why it might be.

If it's mostly the physical, then do not be too cowardly to talk about trying new things. Maybe it will help you to make a short trip together and escape the stress of everyday life and to find more together again.

Affair wanted! - your conscience

If you still have the thoughts after an affair you have to think carefully before you if you can live with the consequences really. For one thing, you put your partnership at stake with an affair. A one-night stand is very hurtful and can ruin the relationship, but since an affair has more to do with feelings and over a longer period of time, it is a form of strangulation that is far more hurtful and difficult to forgive.

You should also think about whether you can arrange an affair with your own conscience. Often the bad conscience in the form of self-contempt does not come directly after the first cheating, but is slowly but steadily increasing. So whether you can truly enjoy your affair over a longer period of time is not guaranteed.

Affair wanted! - How you find her

If, despite everything, you are still looking for an affair with a beautiful woman, we do not want to stop you. If you are single, have been searching for some time and have not worked up to your wishes and ideas so far, then register now for one of our flirt coachings in your area. We will show you how you naturally get to know and inspire beautiful women.

However, if you are in a committed relationship and you are still convinced you are looking for an affair, we do not recommend doing so in the bar around the corner. There is always someone who could see you. The talk would certainly be great, your reputation destroyed immediately and of course your partner would also get wind of it very quickly.

For this reason, we recommend in this situation rather to sign up for a casual dating app. The advantage here is that the users are all logged in for the same reason. So you do not have to worry about anyone knowing about your intentions here. Below we have compiled a short list of serious casual dating sites that you can be sure you trust.

  • C-Date
  • secret
  • First Casual

You would rather change your mind and would rather not have an affair any more. Instead, you'd rather work on your partnership, but do not really know how? Then just contact our coaches and love experts, so that you both soon find each other again.

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