Attention unsympathetic! That makes you unattractive to men

These behaviors are totally unattractive to men!

There are behaviors that simply make any woman unattractive to men. These are even behaviors where women sometimes think that they are better at males. In the following we want to tell you with what exactly you minimize your own attractiveness to prevent this in the future.

With these behaviors, you drive every man to flight

1. Blasphemy makes you in no time unattractive to men

Why do so many people have a bad habit of blaspheming, always and everywhere?

Every one of us knows it. We meet with a friend and are in the middle of a conversation when she suddenly focuses her eyes on another woman. We also turn around and immediately the phrase "Well, how can you walk around with the character? Looks impossible. "

The only thing that is really impossible is the behavior of this lady next to us.

Blasphemy is a really lousy character trait, which suggests a low self-esteem. For those who speak badly about others, these people down in the moment, while he himself increases and thus for a brief moment "feels better".

But in the long term, bad talk about other people definitely does not help us get happier.

Besides, we do not want other people to break our mouths about us. It's a damned bad feeling to notice strangers staring at us in the street and talking clearly about us.

So, we ourselves do not want to be treated, we should not treat other people. Very easily.

2. You only tell about yourself, hoping to make an impression

There are people who prefer to listen and there are people who prefer to tell themselves.

In the end, however, it's crucial that the relationship is somehow balanced and you do not just keep a monologue.

Those who only talk about themselves and do not let the others have a say at all show one thing above all: that they are only focused on themselves and their own well-being.

Of course you think that your trip through the US is a much more exciting topic of conversation than his stories about his new job duties. However, if you get used to tearing the word to yourself and "entertaining" your counterpart with a two-hour monologue on highways and national parks, he'll quickly lose interest.

Hey, your opponent wants to feel during your meeting that you are interested in him! And that works best when you listen to what he has to say!

3. You just can not rely on you

You have set a fixed time for your meeting and you realize twenty minutes before that you will be late for over an hour? But you will be happy with that.

You promised someone to water the plants during their vacation, but somehow you planned it and everything turned brown? Class.

For weeks, you've been telling your mother that you're going to help her finish setting up her smartphone, but you've always had something in between? Fine.

Instead, do you always talk to other people when you need help with your move, put a new shelf on the wall, or something wrong with your car? And of course, do you expect immediate promises of support?

Wow. Just wow. You really know how to make yourself unattractive to men. No wonder that no guy wants to meet you again after the first date.

4. Absolutely everything is bad and unfair

Everyone knows this one person who always complains and complains about everything. If a meeting with this person takes place, we get told over three hours, what all bad things happened.

Yesterday on the way home there were only red lights. Anyway, the weather is currently too hot. If it rains, this person complains of course, because the shoes are not waterproof anymore. In the restaurant, the food is too salty. In the pub, the toilets are too dirty and the beer too stale. Go out Friday night, even though it is cold? No, he or she finally does not know where to put the jacket in a full bar. And anyway, the new tasks at work, terrible!

Those who only perceive the negative pull down not only themselves but also their surroundings. We all prefer to spend our free time with people who are in a good mood and spreading a positive vibe. Why always complain about everything and everyone, even though life is so beautiful?

Try to divert your focus from negative events and focus on positives. You will notice that this will give you a much more positive attitude and charisma and that you will make a very positive impression on other people as well.

5. You do not begrudge other people, but are immediately jealous

For a long time now you are single. When one of your closest friends said that her partner had proposed marriage to her, her jaw dropped. Of course you have congratulated her and put on a smile. But true inner joy looks different.

Instead, you felt how envy rose in you. Envy for something that you would like to own.

Similarly, when friends or work colleagues tell of exciting holidays they have planned. Even with your neighbor, with whom you really understand yourself pretty well, it's scary that she has lost so much and she receives all the compliments.

You just can not be happy for other people.

The problem with the matter? Your environment feels this. Envy always suggests that you yourself are not satisfied with something elemental in your life. While jealousy is the fear of losing something or someone we already have, envy is the negative feeling of wanting to own something someone else has, but we do not yet.

So as soon as you feel that envy comes up in you, you should ask yourself the question: what is it that you miss in your life? And what can you do to accomplish this as well so that you can treat these things with others from the heart?

Most of the things we are jealous of can be reached by ourselves. We are often unwilling to accept the negative aspects. Such as the weight loss. Sure, the neighbor has received great, but she has also fed very consistently and for months, sweetened any candy and alcohol from their shopping list.

6. You pull over your ex

Yes, that also makes you unattractive to men. Many women consider it the right drug of choice to pull over the ex, to show the new how different he is and that she no longer depends on her ex.

But the hoped-for effect does not occur. On the contrary.

If you keep coming back to your expedition, at some point he'll assume that you've just never completed that relationship. Otherwise, you would not talk about it all the time. He also concludes that maybe someday you might as well drag him over. Moreover, there is the aspect that he simply does not want to know all the details of your exile. He really does not care what quirks your ex had, what annoyed you and why the holidays were so awful.

There are so many nicer topics of conversation that are made as for the first date.

7. Disrespect coupled with stinginess

Waiters are for you lower servants, you have to read every wish from the eyes and you must always be the first to serve in the restaurant? Nevertheless, their performance is always too bad and there is no tip or very little?

Anyway, are you used to the fact that Dates always pays the man and you just assume this?

Men pay attention to how women deal with other people. If the woman at his side treats, for example, waiter, the cleaning lady at the toilet entrance or the cashier in the supermarket extremely from above and feels better, he has no more binging on them. Sure, that's pretty much the most unattractive behavior imaginable.

8. You are not authentic

Even more. You totally misjudge yourself as soon as he is near you. You are no longer yourself. Even your friends do not recognize you and feel like you have a completely different person sitting next to you.

Only that this will eventually be noticed.

Our little conclusion

Of course, our appearance is determined by the first impression that the other person gains from us. But honestly. Whether this man next to you has permanent interest in you depends on your behavior. The aforementioned behaviors immediately make you unattractive to men. So try not to get used to them or put them down again.

You are already a very long single and you do not want anything more eager to finally have a partner by your side again? But you just do not get to know any men who suit you? Then ask us for a flirt coaching for women. Our flirting professionals show you how you manage to meet men in your everyday life. So that you finally find the right one. We look forward to hearing from you.

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