Our theme week "Family Planning": How do we find a beautiful wedding location? Marry in the dream location

It is decided - you will marry

Naturally, a beautiful location is needed to make the most beautiful day in your life perfect. But where, if the number of guests is incredibly large and probably over a hundred people will accompany you on your wedding day?

We want to help you decide what the perfect wedding location should be for you.

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What kind of location are we looking for?

Before you can decide in which location you want to celebrate your wedding, you should first consider what kind of wedding you want. Once married only civil and the church is only a few months later?

Then it would be a pity to celebrate the civil wedding in a huge castle hall. Finally, the church wedding is always the highlight, this should also be reflected in the location.

The nature of your celebration is also crucial. Wish you both a romantic, playful wedding, it would be very fitting to celebrate in a castle. If you prefer something rustic, a winery could be very suitable.

Besides, you also have to deal with the question of how many people you want to invite. Do you want a little family wedding with your closest relatives and friends? Or is it going to be a huge celebration where everyone can attend your party?

This question is therefore important because of the number of guests, of course, the choice of your location is pending. If more than a hundred guests are invited, you can not marry in a small restaurant. Conversely, you feel quickly lost when you sit with a very manageable number of people in a very large hall, which then quickly looks empty.

So before you deal with the question of where you want to marry, you have to worry about the number of guests.

Wedding in the dream location works only if you are looking for it in time

The peak season of weddings is always from May to September. A very good location, perhaps a castle with a charming castle garden, will therefore be booked by a wedding couple every weekend in the summer. In addition, most couples want to celebrate Saturday. That's just 20 Saturdays. 20 appointments for which those who want to marry are queuing up.

With this calculation we want to remind you that you have to take care of a nice location early on. Above all, if you have a large number of guests, it can quickly become difficult to find something that you like and that fits in your budget. Since coveted places are partly fully booked a year in advance, you should also begin the search about a year before your wedding.

You can do it a bit easier if you marry in winter. Since most want a wedding in warm temperatures, in the cold season you have a much larger selection of locations.

Often the food is tied to the location

Marrying in a small winery, that sounds wonderful. The view is right, after all, the view of the vineyards is beautiful, the hall is big enough, and there is also room for the DJ.

Please bear in mind when choosing your location, that the food is often tied to these, because of course the operators of these also want to earn money at your wedding. Therefore, it is often not possible to book a specific room or hall, and to have food delivered by an external caterer.

If you think the location absolutely, then it is time to arrange a test dinner. After all, you have the right to know how the dishes that you serve in your celebration will taste. If you realize at this moment that you do not like the menu at all, you should speak with the operator of your location. Maybe other dishes can be offered as well? Or you can somehow find an agreement with the food in other ways?

But if you are really unhappy about the courts and there is no other way than to offer them, you should also refrain from the location.

The volume can become a problem

Another thing that the contact persons of the locations will not tell you is the volume. At weddings, this quickly becomes a problem. Are you standing in front of the location and you see

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