97 wonderful surprises for the girlfriend or the friend

Are you looking for surprises for your girlfriend or boyfriend?

Sometimes you just do not have the idea for the perfect gift or the cool surprise. So you do not have to bother your head any longer, we have collected unusual and exciting surprises that are perfect as a gift or just for a romantic evening for two.

Surprises that make eyes big

  1. Massage her / him.
  2. Buy flowers.
  3. Cook a multi-course meal.
  4. Decorate the common apartment with candles everywhere.
  5. Bake a cake (without a ready-to-bake mix).

  1. Prepare a bubble bath for two.
  2. Swap your desktop background with a picture of yourself.
  3. Visit a brewery together.
  4. Surprise him / her with erotic text messages.
  5. Write her a love letter and send it by mail.
  6. Show him / her photos from your childhood.
  7. Take her / him to a spa.
  8. Invite friends and make a game together.
  9. Prepare a nice picnic in the park.
  10. Invite old school friends from him / her.
  11. Burn a CD with his / her favorite music.
  12. Get concert tickets for two.
  13. Go brunch together.
  14. Get exciting sextoys for you.
  15. Going to swim together in a lake at night.
  16. Bring breakfast to your bed.
  17. Going to play billiards together.
  18. Go to your favorite restaurant together.
  19. Hang up pictures of you in the apartment.
  20. Search for several holiday destinations and book your summer holiday together this evening.
  21. Clean up the entire apartment for him / her.
  22. Create a photo album with pictures from your last holiday.
  23. Prepare fresh cocktails.

What teases, that loves itself

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  1. Get dressed, go to the park and shoot each other photos of you.
  2. Prepare your favorite smoothie.
  3. Go to the zoo together.
  4. Tell her / him that you love her / him.
  5. Surprise your partner with cards for a poetry slam.
  6. Prepare for a perfect DVD night.
  7. Distribute little notes in the entire apartment with a message of love.
  8. Brush her / his hair.
  9. There is nothing more relaxing than a foot massage.
  10. Invite her / his relatives for Sunday afternoon.
  11. Try new positions in new places (eg the living room carpet).

  1. Bring the garden to fruition and eat outdoors.
  2. Sprinkle rose petals on your bedroom floor and the bed.
  3. How about a champagne breakfast?
  4. Flirt with your partner as at the beginning of your relationship.
  5. Feed each other with strawberries.
  6. How about a round of darts in a pub?
  7. Go to the movies together in a movie of your choice.
  8. Bake pizza together.
  9. Connect your eyes during sex.
  10. Get a small lemon tree for your terrace.
  11. Go skating / inline skating together.
  12. With a lot of snow, you can of course also get the sled from the cellar.
  13. Bakes small muffins / cupcakes.
  14. Write a poem yourself.
  15. Send her a love message via WhatsApp.
  16. Take a boat trip together.
  17. Or drive to a lake to feed the ducks.
  18. Take your time and walk through vineyards.
  19. Visit a dance class.
  20. Put a single red rose on her / his pillow.
  21. Bay a professional photo shoot.
  22. Give her a small photo for the purse.
  23. Sit comfortably in a café and talk about the things that move you.
  24. Visit a toboggan run.
  25. Watch the movie Titanic together.
  1. Buy beautiful linen and dedicate it directly.
  2. Fill an empty glass bottle with a love letter and confetti.
  3. Make a love lock together and hang it up.
  4. Wish you a song on the radio for him / her.
  5. Give her a ring, a necklace or another piece of jewelery with an engraving.
  6. Pick wildflowers yourself and make a beautiful bouquet of flowers.
  7. Prepare a freshly squeezed orange juice.
  8. Try Dirty Talk together.
  9. Get him / her off work with the car.
  10. Give her / him a star.
  11. Instead, you can buy him / her a small piece of land on the moon.
  12. Have a pillowcase printed with a photo of you.
  13. Get together Friendship rings that symbolize your love.
  14. Buy a blank calendar and stick a picture of yourself every month.
  15. Go ice cream together.
  16. Makes a karaoke night.
  17. Invite him / her to shop and buy him / her a garment.

  1. Take a shower together.
  2. Book a weekend trip to a foreign city.
  3. Bring a small box of chocolates.
  4. Take a bike ride together.
  5. Book tickets for the game of his / her favorite club.
  6. Open a Ü-egg, please do not damage the paper, and fill the plastic sphere inside with something individual.
  7. Visit an old castle or a castle together.
  8. Whispers whisper in his ear how many feelings you feel.
  9. Support them in case of unpleasant activities (eg cleaning).
  10. Go to the shelter and take a walk with a dog.
  11. How about a high ropes course?
  12. Or a camping holiday in your own garden?
  13. Buy quality meat and prepare a barbecue.
  14. Tell her what really moves you and entrust your secrets to him / her.
  15. Let a Nutella glass be personalized.
  16. Or let M & Ms print with your initials.

It does not always have to be something big

Honestly? A surprise for the partner does not always have to be expensive, on the contrary. Often it's the little things that make us happy from the bottom of our hearts. Of course it is nice to get a precious necklace as a woman or to receive as a man the noble perfume that you rarely treat yourself. But really personal items such as these are not.

On the other hand, much more enjoyable are, for example, joint activities in which the couple simply has time for themselves or when, for example, we relieve the partner of unpleasant tasks. Do we know that he or she should have called his insurance company long ago, or does he postpone the phone call? Then you just do it for him.

Or just take the time and think through whether he or she has expressed things over the past few weeks that he / she would like to be happy about. Often such statements fall casually and are therefore often overlooked. Because usually it is clauses that fall on the sideline in everyday life, such as "man, we have not been brunch for ages forever", or "Laura and Markus were last weekend in the theater, the performance has probably been fantastic", or "human, we would need more houseplants in our apartment".

By the way, did you know that people show their love in different ways? For some people, the spoken word is of particular importance. The most beautiful surprise you can do to this person with an honest "I love you". For example, others feel particularly loved when we spend time together with them. Overall, there are five different types, all of which express their love differently. Find out more here.

We hope that with all these surprises, the right thing for you and your partner was yours. Or are you looking for surprises because you often argue and you hope that the situation is relaxed again? But at the same time, do you also think more often about ending the relationship?

But are you still unsure what to do? Then ask us for a flirt coaching for women or a flirting seminar for men. Our flier experts will walk you through your situation and help you actively work on your relationship to make your partnership work better again. We look forward to hearing from you.

Here are more surprises for couples:

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