8 true relationship killers - how to ruin your relationship

What are the biggest relationship killers that exist?

Are there any behaviors and quirks that are upsetting everyone and therefore considered the biggest relationship killers? Yes, they exist. And we clarify what these really are, so you do not even fall into the trap.

Relationship killer number 1: Eternal nagging

The nagging applies above all as a women's phenomenon, but men are in no way inferior. Constant criticism of the partner, an eternal irritated and annoyed undertone, all this contributes to slowly but surely at some point the house blessing hangs awkward.

Naggling or constant criticism usually comes about when we are no longer completely happy with the relationship or we are annoyed about the partner, but do not dare to pronounce the problems loud and open.

Instead, we express our resentment through a sarcastic undertone, only that it does not work. Neither does this change anything about the partnership problems, nor does the partner learn what really bothers us.

Relationship killer number 2: jealousy

To a certain extent, jealousy is fine. However, if they get out of hand, this is a sign that the partner does not have enough confidence. If the cell phone is simply controlled, or if the partner even makes sure that we no longer meet alone with our friends, it makes us unhappy in the long run, as we increasingly isolate ourselves from our environment involuntarily.

Relationship killer number 3: No willingness to compromise

Every partnership lives from compromises. Only when both meet in the middle in a disagreement can solutions be found for problems that are acceptable to both. If one wants to enforce his will again and again, the other feels at some point ignored and gets the feeling that his wishes and needs are ignored.

Relationship killer number 4: money

Let's be honest: The finances have already caused many a couple to a lopsided house blessing and contributed to the fact that partnerships go to pieces. Basically, both should have a similar future vision and thus have a similar attitude to money. Are both still young and would like to travel and experience something first? Then it is no problem that no money for a later house construction is set aside.

If, on the other hand, only one of them wants a common future with a house, children and a dog, while the other places importance on status symbols like expensive cars, this difference in attitude will eventually cause the couple to split up. So we hold that spending money on ideas and saving money too differently can lead to a lot of controversy.

Relationship killer number 5: The partner goes without saying

Especially couples who have been together for a very long time may know the problem: the relationship and the partner become self-evident. It is no longer the other the appreciation, as it was the case at the beginning of the relationship.

There are no more compliments, no loving words, you do not take one another in your arms or tell the other person that you are proud of him. Instead, it is so self-evident for one to be with the other, to not realize that he has long since been neglected and is thinking of separating.

Relationship killer number 6: Not enough communication

Too often couples do not talk to each other enough. They talk past each other or even do not even talk about their emotional world. If there is a problem, it will be swallowed and kept silent. However, such a behavior leads to the fact that both are increasingly diverging from each other and diverge.

Relationship killer number 7: too little time

Who does not lack time? There's the job that needs to be done diligently every day, so there's enough money at the end of the month to pay for rent and food. There is the household that wants to be thrown. There are the parents who want to be visited. The dog who would like to get out. The guitar that wants to be played, the friend who is waiting for a beer together and the partner who also has time for herself.

More and more partnerships are breaking because they both do not have enough time for each other. The term time is relative. Because the motto is: "It is not too little time that we have, but too little time that we use".

Relationship killer number 8: A fallen sex life:

Many women know the problem that they do not have much desire. While you can barely keep your hands off each other at the beginning, this desire for sex eventually becomes less and less. However, this does not always indicate that the partnership is doing badly. Often, the hormonal prevention of malefactors. However, if nothing changes permanently in the sexual discomfort, this can also endanger the partnership.

Who manages to avoid these 8 relationship killers, whose chances are good, that the partnership will last a long time and both are really happy. You have landed here because the problems mentioned above do not represent your everyday life anymore and you do not know if the relationship still makes sense? Then inquire for a flirt coaching for men or a flirting seminar for women. Our flier experts will advise you and give you tips on what you need to do to make you happy again in your relationship.

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