A guest post by Tina Mohaupt: Falling in love during a relationship

I fell in love with someone else during the relationship

The world was just fine. One has found his place in life, has the partner by his side whom one loves and has already achieved and mastered a lot together with him.

And then it happens suddenly and without warning. The partner fell in love with someone else. The perfect world collapses and brings to light what may not have been right for a long time.

Falling in love means something is missing

Although it may seem as if you suddenly came into this situation, it was actually a process that has been conscientious or unconscious for a long time.

In a happy and intact relationship, rarely can anyone enter. Falling in love always means something is missing.

The new brings us into contact with the feeling of liveliness and lightness, the pink glasses, brings new impetus in the dusty life. At least now it is clear what you miss in the partnership.

Illuminate problems

The charm of the new has something very powerful that we are reluctant to avoid. Too good is the new attitude to life and the chance for a supposedly better life.

But here you should look closer, before you give yourself to the new.

What exactly is missing in your own partnership? Where has the liveliness been lost? On which deficit in the partnership, % 2

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