Our theme week "Family Planning": Looking for the right family insurance

What is a family insurance at all?

Lately, you are increasingly dealing with the subject of marrying and having children. Of course, other questions come up, such as family insurance. Does a family have to insure each person individually? Can a complete family be covered by the main earner? Are there any restrictions or other things that should be considered? We'll explain you about family insurance.

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What is a family insurance?

Family insurance means that the spouses, registered life partners and children are insured without any contribution to the statutory health insurance. But not only biological children are insured without a contribution, adoptive children and stepchildren also.

If one of the children becomes a father or mother even in childhood, their children are also insured. However, this only works if one of the two partners has statutory health insurance. If you have been privately insured, other rules and claims apply to you.

If there is a divorce, of course, the question arises, if something changes in this type of insurance. The good first: For the children, everything remains the same, they are covered by the father or mother. The partner, on the other hand, has to look for a new insurance.

What requirements must be met, so that all family insurance?

Especially if the woman wants to go back to work after the birth, the topic of health insurance comes back to the table. If you do not want to do more than a side job with a salary of 450 €, everything stays as it was before.

However, if more than 450 € is earned, further insurance costs will apply to the earning person. This is also the topic when the children do a part-time job. Here is always the question in the room, whether they want to run only a job based on the insurance, based on 450 €, or whether to take a job as a working student, in which they are allowed to work 20 hours per week, but then the health insurance money have to pay.

If the wife or children work as freelancers, they are only covered by family insurance as long as the activity is not performed full-time. This also means that not more than 450 € may be earned.

Up to what age are children covered by the family insurance?

Children can be insured by the family fund until their 18th birthday. After the 18th birthday, the child's employment determines whether it is a family insurance

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