7 reasons why you should attend a Flirt Workshop: Worth knowing about our Flirt Seminar

7 reasons why you should attend a flirting workshop:

Worth knowing about our flirt seminar

We at Flirt University offer successful flirting workshops that show you how to successfully engage and meet women or men.

Why you should attend the workshop for singles

We have 7 reasons why you should definitely attend one of the flirt workshops

  1. We help you to overcome your shyness and to successfully address women with our dating coach
  2. We help you to become more confident by achieving success in the opposite sex. Many of the flirt coaching participants can also use this increased self-confidence for their profession.
  3. Through our flirtation seminar you avoid mistakes that cost not only yourself but many other men sex
  4. We help you become the personality you want to be in our flirting seminar
  5. We also motivate you after our weekend seminar to be able to address women and become safer
  6. The flirt seminar will not only help you with flirting alone but also in the area of ​​communication with the help of our Rheotorik coaches
  7. We help you to feel more comfortable in your own skin and to be more attractive to your existing circle of friends and easier to make new contacts

We have a wide range of testimonials regarding our flirt seminars. In addition to Elsa Sunday's report and videos that give you an impression of our flirting workshops.

The flirting seminar is offered in the following cities

  • Flirt workshop in Hamburg
  • Flirt workshop in Munich
  • Flirt workshop in Cologne
  • Flirt workshop in Berlin
  • Flirt workshop in Frankfurt
  • Flirt workshop in Stuttgart
  • Flirt workshop in Vienna
  • Flirt workshop in Zurich

We have put together a price list for you. The advantage of a single coaching is the individual advice and the advantage of a flirting seminar in the group is the better price-performance ratio. In a flirt seminar in the group, other participants are in a similar situation as you are and you can motivate each other.

Uncertainty in conversation with women

One of the most common reasons for men to attend our flirting seminar is to avoid insecurity when talking to women. Many timid men often become nervous and their voices fail as soon as they face a woman they find really attractive. The sweat spreads on her forehead and in the head there is an absolute emptiness.

The lack of thought, what to say to her to conquer her heart and get a date with this great woman is often in the foreground. These questions do not cause the nervous male brain to come up with ideas about what to say on a date. These questions lead to nothing. It resonates the oppressive feeling that no common topic of conversation can be found.

There are an infinite number of topics that you could discuss during the date to get to know each other. The problem in such situations is that you have to choose a topic.

See also our 370 topics for the first date on this summoned conversation topic. A good tip for men who quickly lose their speech in front of really attractive women is to pick 5 favorite topics from the list and then place them on one finger of the right hand. If you falter with your conversation, you can remember one of the topics and get your conversation going again.

Emotions are transmitted

So-called mirror neurons ensure that feelings constantly transfer between people. Do you go to a woman and in your prevailing emotions is fear that translates. That will cause them to escape the situation.

Do you feel well in your own skin and are at peace with yourself, your presence looks confident and you radiate peace. If you enjoy the encounter now and laugh a lot because you are so relaxed, you can live up to your humor with your flirting.

Your positive emotions are transmitted to the woman and she too will laugh. The best way to give others a positive feeling is to have a positive feeling of their own. Until you can inspire others of you, you must first be able to inspire yourself.

If you want to make others laugh, laugh at the things you find funny. Until you can bring them into a romantic mood, the situation must be romantic for yourself as well.

Until she can look at you in love, you too must give her the feeling of being in love. At our workshop we make sure that you transfer positive feelings and become more emphatic in order to be able to better assess the state of mind of your counterpart.

Certain sentences are more appealing than helpless stammerings

Remember the Bond Girls from the 007 movies. A James Bond is always 100% sure of his cause. That's why the flirts in the Bond films are so sexy. James Bond does not need to know who is speaking. He does not have to ask questions, he delivers statements. After flirting, you may not be seduced by action hero James Bond, but you may be more confident and exalted to the opposite sex.

Women are themselves insecure in getting to know men

Be aware that most women become nervous themselves when a man stands in front of them. Especially young women then do not know how to behave, they cling to their girlfriends and escape the situation.

To break this uncertainty of women, you have to be 100% self-confident. Everything else makes no sense and is not as fun as if you wanted to be a self-confident flirt. This is precisely what we are doing in our flirting course with the help of practical exercises to conquer an exchange between gentleman about experiences with women.

Building the weekend flirt seminars

The weekend flirt coaching course aims to reduce your fear of woman's response by helping you to approach strangers without being held back by your blockages.

In addition, the flirt trainers ensure that you become more creative in your conversation. With smaller exercises we help you to build a casual conversation and not just to keep boring small talk, but to build flirtations with erotic tingle. You will get to know various creativity techniques and communication strategies.

During the workshops, you will learn how other men sympathetically approach women, making them laugh, gaining their trust, getting a mobile number and, ultimately, a date with them.

What awaits you in the flirt seminar?

At the beginning of the flirting seminar, the coaches analyze your flirting skills and give you a step-by-step guide on how to get to know women in everyday situations. We often address issues that arise with shyness, lack of creativity, styling issues, or voice. Another element of the workshop is to be more attractive on your communication channels. Among other things, we conduct a small voice training in our seminars, so that you learn to inspire with your voice.

Of course, inspire

To inspire naturally means that we gain experience in flirting at the workshops. A highlight of the seminar is a video analysis of your flirt. Again, frequent flirting mistakes are revealed and suggestions for improvement are given to your communication. We'll give you helpful tips on how to make your dates more attractive, more easily come to dates, and how to make them end up in erotic encounters.

Apart from the topic of getting to know women in everyday situations, the nightlife will of course also be discussed. Here, the single trainers give you practical tips on how to engage in conversation with attractive women in bars and nightclubs, how to smooch and maybe have sex on the same evening.

Participant types of flirt seminars

'Absolute beginners'

Some of the participants in our flirting workshops are so-called "absolute beginners", that is, they have not had any relationship with a woman in their lives, nor have sex with a woman. The vernacular speaks here of virgins.

Absolute beginners often do not know how to physically approach and establish sexual trust. In addition, absolute beginners often lack sexual attraction in our workshops. Here, the coaches give years of experience useful tips on how you can score as an absolute beginner in women, even if you had no sex and were never in a relationship.

, Farmers'

Another type of participants are farmers. Singles from the countryside often find it especially difficult to meet new people. First, because most women move from rural areas to big cities. Secondly, because it is the whole village, when you flirt with someone you like.

'Men of the economy'

The largest group of participants comes from the business environment. They are department heads or managing directors in large companies and have a higher than average professional track record. If you need to talk to a lot of people in the context of your business, or if you want to convince customers of their intentions, then you're in no hurry. In professional contexts, they are very self-confident and know what they are doing.

The situation changes abruptly as soon as a woman who really likes this type of manager stands in front of them. Suddenly this type of participant becomes nervous and does not know what to say. The despair spreads in him, because he finds no way to get in touch with the woman or to stay in touch after a short encounter. These situations are what our trainers use and provide hands-on tips on how to overcome your nervousness and transfer your professional self-confidence to flirting with attractive women.

'The nerds'

Another type of customer who participates in our flirting seminars is the so-called nerd. Often it is engineers from the automotive industry, computer scientists or employees from the banking industry. These types of participants of the flirt workshop are usually too rational and have a difficult relationship with their own emotions.

Lack of access to one's own feelings, one is less expressive and can trigger other heavy feelings. Since flirting is a game of emotions and you want to convince on a level of feeling, this part is essential for the success of your flirts.

If you think of yourself as a nerd, we definitely recommend that you visit one of our flirting coaching sessions to gain access to your feelings, to put an end to the hesitation that has been postponed, and to develop a confident and relaxed manner that will make it easier for you. to flirt with women.

'The average age'

The average age of our flirt courses is on average at mid-30s. Most participants of the flirting courses stand firmly with both legs in life. Some workshop participants, coming from their second marriage, are newly divorced and do not know their value in the dating market, it is not uncommon that participants over 50 are also present.

In the workshops, young and old, we offer suitable locations to get to know women. Sometimes teenagers are registered by their parents for the seminar. These youngsters then often have a small circle of friends and they lack a best friend or a buddy. The circle of friends has an effect, like a social mirror. The more people want to be friends with you and your proximity search, the more attractive you look at women.

Register now for the Flirt Workshop

If you feel addressed, even having trouble answering a woman and flirting with a woman, or recognizing yourself in one of the participant types, then contact us and we'll help you get through life easier and get to know more effectively and easier women to be able to flirt.

Here you can sign up for the seminar.

Our flirt coaches are looking forward to seeing you!

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