6 ways to conjure up conversation topics for the date from nowhere

What are you talking about with foreign women?

You see a great woman, have you already addressed, but then you lack topics of conversation for the date? We will show you 6 ways how to find the right topics of conversation in any situation.

You sometimes have the feeling that you go out on a date, the topics of conversation? Or she has already told a lot about herself, but you do not know what to tell her from your own life, because you feel like there is nothing exciting to tell?

You are wrong! Every person experiences things in his life that are worth telling. Your problem is just that you do not think so. We'll show you 6 ways to find exciting topics for your date.

1. Speak details to your counterpart

You will probably have patterned the lady at the beginning of your conversation. What do you notice about her? Does she have extra long hair, does she wear chic shoes, a wild patterned dress, or an extremely large handbag? No matter what it is, talk to it. Not only did you find a topic to talk about, but it also shows that you are very attentive.

2. Create an association chain

Look at your surroundings. Do you see something interesting? You can form chains of association with all kinds of things around you. Are you near a park? If you talk about parks you can talk about dogs, for example, then for outdoor activities and then you can talk about sports clubs.

Are you near a shopping center? You can pass on the topic to other cities where there are good shopping opportunities, then you talk about city breaks, tell where you've been, where you want to go, etc. Call your best pictures in the head, that's what it does easier to form chains.

3. Do the opposite of an association chain

It is a bit more difficult to form the exact opposite of an association chain. The trick is to pick up a topic and then talk about something completely different. If you talk about clothes, for example, you can go into the subject of body art (tattoos and piercings) and then tell something about different attitudes to life, such as vegetarianism.

4. Create a story mindmap

It is easier to form a story mindmap. Just call out certain pictures mentally. Look at the place where you are. What do you think about this? Have you been there before, if so, with whom? What did you do together in this place? How did you spend the day before and after? Was summer or winter? Was it stormy or did the sun shine?

Or look at the people in the place. Which was the last place where you were, where many people were? Was there an event there? If so, what kind? Did the event be fun? You can make mind maps on all sorts of topics. You can also easily practice this at home. Just start with a picture in your head and think about what you can think of.

5. The dream trip

You need a little more imagination for the dream trip. Imagine with your dream woman in another place at another time. Consider, for example, what the situation would be like if you two were not in the middle of the street, but in an amusement park in a roller coaster. Or philosophize about the future, maybe in 50 years everything is fully automated and people have much more free time? Imagine with her in the most incredible places and chat with her about it.

6. You want to know more about her?

Thanks to the many tips on the date, you had a great conversation with her and told her a lot about you. Now you want to know more about her, but you do not feel like boring questions like "are you here more often?", "Who are you here with?", "What are you doing?". Then check out our article 201 funny introductory questions. There you will get unusual and exciting questions for the first date.

This could also help you in the discussion topics:

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