6 unknown dating sites you do not know yet!

You want to help your happiness in love through online dating on the jumps.

In everyday life, it is difficult for you to meet women. No wonder, after all, it simply lacks the time. You have to work during the week, work in the house and garden will be on the weekend, and you want to meet up with your former school friends.

Just like you, there are so many, that's why the dating sites on the internet just sprouted from the ground. However, many people also pay dearly for this service. Especially the most well-known dating agencies the eDarling, Parship or ElitePartner sort their members by the fact that they have to pay a very high monthly contribution that many can not afford or want.

So what alternatives are there to the dating giants you already know from TV? We introduce you to 6 dating sites that are not as well known yet reputable and where you have a good chance that you might find your great love.

Women successfully contact Tinder:

1. Our first candidate: Altersvorsprung.de

The name altervorsprung.de already reveals what awaits you on this page. Here you will find especially young women who want an older partner, but also women in old age, which would like a younger lover.

The gender ratio is unfortunately not completely balanced, but still in a context in which men have good chances of success. It is 42:58. In contrast to the well-known dating sites, which always and everywhere turn their advertising, altersvorsprung.de is still relatively cheap. One month costs you a one-off 20 €, two months cost you 15 € per month, three months cost you 12 €, for 6 months you pay 8 € and for one year you have to pay 5.50 € per month.

2. Reif-trifft-jung.de - Perfect, if you are looking for a younger

Similar to altersvorsprung.de also the dating site at ripe-trifft-jung.de works. This site explicitly addresses young women under the age of 30, and men over the age of 40. With this side the age difference is thus usually higher than with altersvorsprung.de.

E-mails and instant messages can be sent to Dating. Another advantage is that fakes on the page are deleted directly. So you do not have to worry about writing with a so-called Lisa at the tender age of 26, but behind the laptop is actually 52-year-old Rainer.

One month costs 69 € on this site, 3 months cost you 49, 66 € per month and for 6 months you pay 39, 83 €.

3. Do you already know naturverliebt.de?

Again, the name already expresses who logs on there. Namely, especially men and women who like to be outdoors. Whether you own your own garden or always spend a lot of time outside with your dog, the main thing is that you're not a couch potato or you do not spend your free time shopping.

By the way: Not all members on this site are looking for a partner or for a sexual contact. Many are also registered there simply to make new friends or to find someone with whom to walk together and enjoy nature.

Here are 3, 200 members waiting for you, on the relationship between men and women is very balanced, it is 55:45. Another bonus point? Everything is completely free on this site!

4. Patchwork-paar.de is page for people with child

Maybe you find dating so difficult because you already have children, and many women want a man without children?

Then you should look around at patchwork-paar.de. There are several thousand singles per day here, who, just like you, yearn for a new love. Here you meet like-minded people for whom everyday life with a child is something completely normal and who also knows the problems with or the ex's of the children. Finally, understanding the partner is an important requirement for a committed relationship.

Again, the registration and the creation of a profile are free. However, in order to receive messages, money must be paid.

5. Flirtfair.de is the site for casual dates

You are not looking for the big love, but you just wish to spend another night with a woman? And just having loose sex? Then you should look at the page flirtfair.de. On this site, members look for erotic adventures like One Night Stands and affairs. Everyone who registers there knows that nobody is looking for something serious.

Despite the casual dating, the site is serious. Women can use the site completely for free. Men can sign up for free, create their profile, view other profiles and use the search. However, if you would like to send messages to a pretty lady, you have to pay money. One month costs 34, 90 €, 3 months cost you 29, 90 € per month and 6 months cost you 24, 90 per month.

6. Also loomin.de could be something for you

At loomin.de there is a wide range of people who have registered there for various reasons. Again, you have realistic chances to meet a woman who is also looking for a casual date. But not only women, who long for affairs or one night stands, wait there for you. Likewise, there are registered people who are still looking for their great love and want a solid partnership. The advantage of this page is that most members respond to messages very quickly. Over 500, 000 members are already registered there.

Like many other sites, you have to pay for sending messages. For three months fall to 30 € per month, 6 months cost you 20 euros per month.

You see, although you have already looked in detail for matching dating sites, there are still many other platforms that you do not know yet. It's best to just look at the homepages and decide which of these sites might be for you. Or are you tired of searching for your dream woman on the internet, but would you like to meet her in real life? But you are always clumsy and anyway you are extremely shy?

Then ask us for a flirt coaching for men. Our flirting coaches show you how you can overcome your shyness in everyday life and how you can appeal to women on the street, in parks and in clubs in the evening. So that you too find the right one. We look forward to hearing from you.

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