6 tips for the best sex of your life

You want to have the best sex of your life?

Sex can be incredibly beautiful, intimate and satisfying - when the sex partners know what they are doing!

Too often we settle for bad sex in our lives. Above all, people who live in a committed relationship make the experience that it is always boring in the bedroom. And at some point we arrive at a point where we just accept that our sex life is not as exciting as it was at the beginning of our partnership.

And we also accept that sex has become something of a rarity for us. Because almost all couples have less and less sex over time. We do not have to settle for a bad sex life! All we have to do is show the will to work on our love life catching up again.

What you need to know for the best sex, we tell you here.

1) Best sex is more than just sex

It's not just about sex or just about intimacy. Both sexes want both. And to get that, it's not enough just to have sex. It's all about flirting, eye contact, conversation, profundity and closeness, which also shows during sex.

The whole relationship can be a single prelude that shows time and time again how much one wants, loves and respects the other. Then you are ready for the best sex - which is more than just sex.

2) Let it languish

In languishing can be as much excitement and excitement as in having stuck. Because the idea of ​​what you can get or what might happen next makes sex seem more exciting before it even starts.

This is true for men as well as for women, to let their sex partner hold a little and languish. But even one can yearn for another and show that. Hardly anything builds up pleasure as fast as craving, even if it is unquenched. Best Sex is to activate the head cinema!

3) Do not give it until begging

Women have a longer excitation curve than men. For them, kissing, touching and slow starting is more important and exciting. As a man, your job is to make the woman so hot on you that she begs you to satisfy her.

Use all your skills to make you crazy about your foreplay and let it come to sex only when it's really wet. Because unlike the man her excitement is not yet at its peak when you show her your naked penis. Maybe you find the road exhausting until it comes up to speed, but the sex itself will feel completely different for you both.

4) Turn off the head

To have the best sex of your life, you have to give more than just your genitals. It's about a connection that is no longer controlled by the head when you come together. So if one of the sexual partners is stressed or distracted, then he does not concentrate on his body and lets himself fall, but the sex is mechanical.

So turn off your head and do exactly what you want, paying attention to the reactions of your partner or partner, so that you both come from the head into the body and can have really good sex. Do not let it happen that everyday thoughts creep into your head.

5) During sex, nothing should feel lonely

In sex, not everyone has to pull off a one-man / one-woman show just to satisfy their own needs. When it comes to having the best sex, it is about being satisfied by the other's lust, becoming one and having an experience of connectedness. That's why the partner's orgasm should always be the goal.

6) There is no place to reach and you are in no hurry to get there

You do not get the best sex through haste and hurry - which is completely unnecessary anyway. In sex, one should not hurry to bring the other or himself to orgasm, but enjoy every second and let himself fall. Without pressure and hurry.

So take the time you need. And if your lovemaking continues for hours or even the entire evening, do not waste any thoughts on what you really wanted to do, but enjoy the time with her. And if you come very quickly because you have not had sex for a long time, there's nothing wrong with taking a little break and then ringing in the second round.

We hope that with these tips you will have the best sex of your life and not just once! If you have more tips and assistance on sex, flirting and dates, then contact our professionals. In our webinar and love coaching they teach you everything you can know about love. We look forward to hearing from you!

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