6 funny facts to kiss - about geknutschte grannies, 1 billion nerve cells and diving Japanese

Do you already know these facts for kissing?

When kissing becomes the most beautiful thing in the world, two people can not only come closer, but also exchange caresses. But there are not only many paraphrases and synonyms around kissing, but also myths and facts.

When kissing makes you happy

People who like to kiss a lot and are, according to numerous studies, not only happier, but also more relaxed. How kissing can become the most beautiful thing in the world and a success is shown by people who like to exchange intimacies with their mouths and have more career advancements. Several billion nerve cells are stimulated and more adrenaline is produced by the adrenal cortex. The happiness hormones in the blood also increase when kissing.

Does kissing cause weight loss?

There is the myth that people lose weight while kissing. The pulse can increase to 150 and the blood pressure also rises moderately. No matter how kissing is done, with this tender activity, calories can be burned as if you were running a 100 meter run. However, this fact also has a catch, because you must kiss for at least ten minutes, only then calories are burned. Well then just go and kisses what the stuff holds.

Kissing is not only a true calorie killer, but also protects your teeth. Much kisses will not replace the dentist - so far maybe it should not go, but with the help of antimicrobial enzymes caries can be prevented. Of course you can not save on brushing your teeth. The lack of care would not only affect the dental status, but of course also on the kissing, because bad breath is an absolute no-go for many people.

When pecks made records

Kissing has already provided for one or the other record in the course of time. The longest kiss lasted 33 hours. Florian Silbereisen, shared the most kisses on TV and delighted 80 women in three minutes. How kissing became a mass phenomenon is shown by Mexico City. In 2009, more than 30, 000 couples gave a simultaneous kiss on Valentine's Day.

Kissing does not always have to lead to records on the mainland, because kissing underwater also set record numbers, a Japanese couple showed. This managed underwater a 2 minutes and 18 seconds long kiss. The two Japanese had trained in underwater kissing for years before.

When kisses were shown during sporting success

Sport creates emotions. And athletes often kiss their medals and trophies rather than their wives. Especially in football, it is also possible to record record numbers with kissing. In addition to the championship cup, the World Cup trophy is one of the most-kissed sporting objects in the world.

Lip gymnastics

When you kiss, 34 muscles in your face will experience gymnastics. There are even some experts on beauty who show how kissing effectively and conducively tightens the face. On average, more than 100, 000 people kiss during their lifetime. But there are also true muffs when kissing, but these represent a clear minority with four percent.

At that time grandma was still being smooched for a while

Today the kissing has become longer. Compared to the 1980s today is kissed by just under seven seconds longer. In addition, from this time until today there has also been a change in the social values ​​in order to accept the kiss in public. So if you kissed even more restrainedly in the 20th century, nowadays tongue kissing has become more and more popular with couples compared to kissing with closed lips.

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