6 aids for success in response

Every one of us knows that ... ..the fear before the response

.... Six points that you should heed ......

1.) The most important moment in an interaction is often the moment before you act by asking yourself should I or should not I. YES YOU SHOULD !!!

2.) You only live once and can only ever win.

3.) Flirting is nothing reprehensible .... it is the training with the wrong people for the right one.

4.) You have to gain reference experience. Mostly it is the fear of rejection, which makes one almost freeze in fear ....... but actually nothing happens ... .. because women respond to 90% positive when they are addressed. You can still tell that so often, but you have internalized it only by positive reference experiences. So go and collect your experiences or join one of our live flirt courses.

5.) Do not try to think about what to say or how to say something. Go and jump into an interaction.

6.) Behind every new acquaintance is a potential adventure. Maybe you'll meet the mother of your children tomorrow or just an interesting woman with whom you like to spend time.

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