56 Chat & Dating App Alternatives

56 Chat & Dating App Alternatives

The chat and dating app - these days it's like sand on the beach. But what can the individual apps do, which systems are suitable and how safe are they? Here's a list of the 56 most popular chat and dating apps, as well as some of the alternatives in the test for you.

Also a Dating App like Badoo, Lovoo and Tinder may not be missing in our list, because also these Apps count as an alternative to the Chat Apps, since with these portals and Apps everything originates from a chat out.

WhatsApp: The most used chat app in Germany

WhatsApp is the most widely used chat app in Germany. Through this app it is possible for users to chat, send photos, videos, documents, locations and contacts, but also Internet telephony and video calls are feasible.

Price: Free Platforms: Android, iOS, Windows Phone, BlackBerry, Web Specialties: Send Locations, Internet Telephony

Facebook Messenger: Easy to use through chat bubbles

The Facebook Messenger is one of the most famous chat apps worldwide. It offers many benefits to its users, such as being able to use any Facebook friend as a contact.

Also, the chat bubbles that pop up when you get a message are very helpful because you can see them when you have other apps open. What's also interesting is that Facebook Messenger no longer requires a Facebook account, it is a stand-alone app.

Price: Free Platforms: Android, iOS, Windows Phone, Web Special Features: Facebook Connectivity, Chat Bubbles, Apps

Skype: Most used app for video calls

Skype is mainly known as desktop use, but it is also available today as an app. With this app you can, as with the desktop application also, chat, make calls and make video calls.

Price: free / paid calls to the telephone network Platforms: Android, iOS, Windows Phone, Blackberry, PC, Mac, Linux, Xbox One etc. Special features: calls to cell phones and landline phones

Twitter: Public short messages, as well as private chats

Twitter, one of the most well-known social networks, is all about short messages that anyone can post, called tweets. You can then retweet these tweets, so share them yourself and follow other users. In addition to these main functions, you can also have a direct chat with other users.

Price: freePlatforms: iOS, Android, PC, Windows Phone Special features: Short messages

Instagram: Not only beautiful photos, but also chats and stories

On Instagram it is also possible for users to have chats and group chats and to send pictures and videos privately. Also, like Snapchat, there's a story where you can upload photos or videos, and you can see them for friends or followers 24 hours a day. Again, the creativity knows no bounds, because you can edit the photos and videos with many stickers and filters.

Price: free Platforms: iOS, Android, BlackBerry, Windows Phone, PC (limited) Features: Filters and Stickers, Story

iMessage: The news service of Apple

iMessage is Apple's short message service, so it's only available on Apple devices. About the app you can send messages, photos and videos. If the recipient does not have an Apple device, the message will be sent as SMS and the sender will be charged accordingly. iMessage is not a dating app.

Price: freePlatforms: iOS Special features: Message is converted to SMS by non-users

Viber App: Allows to talk on the PC

The messaging app Viber can be used from the smartphone as well as the PC. It allows you to chat, send pictures and videos, and call users over the Internet. It is of course also suitable for contacts that you have from a dating app.

Price: free Platforms: Android, iOS, BlackBerry, Windows Phone Special features: Use of smartphone and PC

Google Hangouts: The Google Chat app

The Chat App Hangouts comes from Google and is already preinstalled on many Android devices. Google Hangouts allows group chats for up to 100 people, as well as video and voice calls for up to 10 people. In addition, the app offers a feature that allows you to receive and send SMS directly through the Hangouts interface.

Price: freePlatforms: Android, iOS, WebSpecialties: group video chats, SMS integration

Snapchat: The star among the chat apps

The app Snapchat is currently the star among the messenger apps. The app is used in Germany mainly by teenagers, whereas in the US, for example, Hollywood stars often publish regular contributions.

The focus of Snapchat is on the quick sending of photos and short videos, which, when sent to friends, disappear after their unique reputation. However, if you add photos or videos to your story, those posts will be visible to all your Snapchat friends for 24 hours. In addition to these possibilities, Snapchat also offers fun filters that you can put on your face or photos, making it a very entertaining and fun app to share with.

Price: Free Platforms: Android, iOS Special Features: Self-extinguishing news, funny filters

Snow: Selfie, Motion Sticker, Fun Camera

Snow is a chat app built like Snapchat. You can chat but the focus is on making and sending photos and short videos. These can be made with the help of this app through a large selection of filters look particularly funny. And even if you do not use them as a chat for photo editing.

Price: free Platforms: iOS, Android Special features: large selection of stickers and filters

Signal: Edward Snowden's personal recommendation

The Chat App Signal is probably one of the safest apps because it was even recommended personally by Edward Snowden as a secure app. It promises through the end-to-end encryption, a secure forwarding of chats and phone calls and do not promise to collect these data. Practical also for contacts from a dating app.

Price: freePlatforms: Android, iOSSpecialties: End-to-end encryption

Threema: Surveys and Security in Chats

The Swiss chat app Threema offers a direct alternative to WhatsApp, with the difference that they focus on privacy. Messenger provides end-to-end encryption for all chats. Another special feature of this app is that they offer surveys in chats, among other things. Threema is not a dating app.

Price: 2.49 Euro - 2.99 EuroPlatforms: Android, iOS, Windows Phone Special features: encryption, surveys in chats

Slack: Chat app for the profession

The Slack app is becoming more and more popular, especially in professional circles, as it integrates many external services such as Dropbox, Google Drive and GitHub. In doing so, Slack mainly focused on theme chat rooms. This is how Slack, especially with web workers, is developing into an increasingly popular chat app that is not just used for the job. Unfortunately, Slack is not suitable as a dating app.

Price: free / paid premium subscription platforms: Android, iOS, Web, MacSpecialties: search function, integration of other web services

HipChat: Business Chat app

HipChat is a direct competitor to Slack, as this app also has the business focus. So this app also integrates numerous web services and also offers voice and video calls. HipChat can also be used on a corporate server.

Price: Free / paid premium subscription platforms: Android, iOS, Web, PC, Mac, Linux Special features: Search function, integration of other web services

Line: The mix of Facebook and WhatsApp

Another direct alternative to WhatsApp is the Messenger Line. Through the app you have the ability chat, video and voice calls to use and in addition, each user has its own timeline, as in Facebook, where you can share posts. There is also a feature called Line Pay that allows you to use the app as a payment service.

Price: Free Platforms: Android, iOS, Windows Phone, Blackberry, PC, Mac Special Features: Timeline Feature, Payment Service

BBM: BlackBerry Messenger with different chat channels

With the Blackberry Messenger it is possible for the user to chat and also to reach friends over calls, which run over the Internet. In addition, you can chat with strangers, other users of Messenger, on different channels about his favorite topics.

Price: Free Platforms: Blackberry, iOs, Android, Windows Phone Special Features: Favorite Themes Channels

ICQ Messenger: Previously on the PC, today on the smartphone

The ICQ Messenger was formerly known primarily as a PC application, but today it is also available as an app. Through the app you can communicate with his friends via text, voice and video chat and also incorporate numerous stickers during the chat. A special feature of this messenger is the locking of the app by a previously created PIN.

Price: free Platforms: iOS, Android, BlackBerry, Windows Phone Special features: locking the app

Tango Messenger: Video calls with mini-games

Tango Messenger also offers chats, voice and video calls. Special features here are that you can gamble video games at the same time minigames, can create group chats with up to 300 people and even share music from Spotify. The Tango Messenger is not a dating app in the traditional sense.

Price: freePlatforms: iOs, Android Special features: mini-games on video calls, sharing music from Spotify

Yahoo Messenger: connect to Windows Live friends

In addition to the standard chat features such as chats, voice and video calls with users within the app, it is also possible via Yahoo Messenger to chat with Windows Live friends. In addition one uses with this messenger the same account for the PC, as well as the Smartphone. It is not a classic dating app.

Price: free Platforms: iOS, Android, BlackBerry, PC special features: Link to WIndows Live Friends, one account for all devices

SIMSme: encryption is priority

With the SIMSme app you can send text messages, pictures, videos, contacts and other information. SIMSme encrypts the messages on the device of the sender and the decryption happens only at the receiver. This end-to-end encryption ensures good protection against eavesdropping. All SIMSme data is also sent via a server in Germany and the messages are deleted after delivery by the operator. This app is not suitable as a dating app.

Price: free Platforms: iOS, Android, Windows Phone Special features: end-to-end encryption, servers in Germany

Wire: Chat app with "ping"

Wire Messenger is an app developed by Skype co-founder Janus Friis and former Apple and Microsoft employees. It offers single and group chats and sending pictures, videos and music. In addition, internet telephony and soon also video telephony is possible. It's not actually a dating app but has the peculiarity that you can "pimp" users of this app to get noticed.

Price: freePlatforms: iOS, AndroidSpecialties: "ping"

MySMS: SMS from computer, tablet and smartphone

The MySMS app is so far largely unknown in Germany. About the messenger you can send messages and pictures that can be forwarded by an SMS sync to other devices. The sending of messages is fundamentally free. However, if a recipient does not use this app and receives a message, it will be sent as an SMS and the sender will be charged 8 cents.

Price: free Platforms: iOS, Android Special features: Conversion of messages via the app into SMS

IM +: Secure use of Facebook and Co.

IM + is a messaging app that has "off-the-record" encryption. It securely transmits messages from all applications and you can also use them to securely chat on other apps, like Facebook or Twitter. A special feature here is the ability to print chat simply by AirPrint support.

Price: Free Platforms: iOS, Android, Windows Phone, BlackBerry, Chrome Special Features: Provides security in all chat apps, AirPrint support

ChatSecure: Security for chat apps

ChatSecure is an open source, encryptable app that secures the messages for sending and receiving. The app can be connected to numerous messenger services and provides as a security tool for more security when texting on the various chat and dating apps.

Price: Free Platforms: iOS, Android Special Features: Security Tool, Can be combined with all chat apps

WeChat: a combo of WhatsApp and Facebook

The chat app WeChat combines the function of the messenger service with the possibility of video calls. Basically, it is similar to WhatsApp, but it differs by a news stream that is almost the same as the Facebook chronicle. In addition, this app offers a gaming platform. It is suitable as a dating app as well as to meet friends.

Price: freePlatforms: iOS, Android, BlackBerry, Windows Phone Special features: news stream, gaming platform

myEnigma: A safe alternative to WhatsApp

Communicating encrypted with other users and securely exchanging other data is the focus of this chat app. All sent messages and data are secured by an end-to-end encryption and are intended to prevent third parties from reading it. This app is not a dating app.

Price: free Platforms: iOS, Android, BlackBerry Special Features: End-to-end encryption

Telegram: Secret Chats and Privacy

The Messenger Telegram focuses on privacy. You can create secret chats in this app, where the messages, pictures and videos are sent encrypted and delete themselves after a certain time. What is also worth mentioning is that you can create in this app group chats with up to 200 people and the choice of stickers is varied.

Price: Free Platforms: Android, iOS, Windows Phone, Web, PC, Linux, Mac Special Features: Open API, Secret Chats, Bots, Sticker Sets

hike Messenger: Secure and free WhatsApp alternative

With the hike messenger users can share messages, status messages, photos and videos. The homepage of this app, similar to Facebook, is the page of the friends' status messages. In addition to these functions, it is also possible to send an encrypted message via WLAN to people who do not have hike messengers.

Price: freePlatforms: iOS, Android, BlackBerry, Windows Phone Special features: encrypted messages also to non-hike users

KakaoTalk: One of the world's most widely used apps

This app is just like WhatsApp and with 130 million users in over 230 countries also a very popular and widely used app. This app is not an official dating app.

Price: Free Platforms: iOS, Android, BlackBerry, Windows Phone Special features: used in over 230 countries

Touch: Make Chatting Lively with Facebook Connection

The aim of the Touch Messenger is to make chatting more lively. To make this happen, the chat app connects the WhatsApp services to the Facebook timeline. It is also possible to log in to Touch with his Facebook account.

Price: freePlatforms: iOS, Android, BlackBerry Special features: sign up with Facebook account

kik Messenger: Chat even without a mobile number

The kik Messenger is especially known to children and teenagers, as this app even without mobile numbers on a smartphone. In addition, kik is attractively designed, as it offers many photo and video features. For example, you can search YouTube videos in the app and send them on immediately.

Price: Free Platforms: iOS, Android, Windows Phone Special Features: YouTube feature

ChatOn: Create creative messages

ChatOn is the chat app from Samsung. Through this app you can send news, media, location information and contacts. You can also create sketches and small animated messages. With that you could definitely impress one or the other date.

Price: freePlatforms: Android, iOS, Windows Phone, BlackberrySpecialties: Create sketches, animated messages

Imo: Provides a high resolution for video calls

The messaging app imo allows chats and group chats, sending photos and videos, and Internet telephony. Also available are some stickers to edit the photos, or to use in chat.

Price: freePlatforms: AndroidSpecialties: Stickers, high resolution video calls

Surespot: Secure Chat App

Surespot is another safe alternative to other chat apps, as this app is also equipped with end-to-end encryption. Messages, emojis, pictures and voice messages up to 10 seconds long can be sent.

Price: freePlatforms: iOS, AndroidSpecialties: End-to-end encryption

Xabber: Another alternative for WhatsApp

The messaging app Xabber has a similar structure to WhatsApp, with the enormous difference that you can create multiple accounts here. It is easy to switch between accounts, and also to change the visibility of contacts and groups.

Price: freePlatforms: iOS, AndroidSpecialties: multiple accounts, set visibility

Roundhere: Meet people from the neighborhood

The App Roundhere is all about the neighborhood designed and what happens in your area. It bundles all posts and users from your area and shows them to you. You can, for example, easily contact new neighbors via the app in a chat. Roundhere can also be used as a dating app.

Price: free Platform: iOS, Android Special features: local information, getting to know new neighbors

StrangerMeetup: Chat with strangers

The app StrangerMeetup offers the possibility to chat completely anonymously and without registration with strangers. This app is highly recommended for people who like to chat with strangers from time to time. StrangerMeetup can also be used as a dating app.

Price: freePlatforms: iOS, AndroidSpecialties: Anonymity

Tinder: Find Tinderella or just make nice acquaintances

With the classic dating app Tinder, you will not only be offered the opportunity to look for dating, you can also, for example, simply make new friends on the road, meet new people and expand the circle of friends. Just match and loosen. That works very well with Tinder Social.

Price: freePlatforms: iOS, Android, Windows Phone, BlackberrySpecialties: Tinder Social

Whispar: chat and dating app with voice messages

A chat of a different kind offers the app Whispar. The actual chat, which is known from a dating app, has been replaced by voice messages. You should concentrate fully on the voice and so no profile is visible, you imagine instead with an audio profile.

Price: Free Platforms: iOS, Android, Windows Phone, BlackBerry Special Features: Voice messages instead of standard chats

Once: The chat talk on time

In the Chat and Dating App Once, you will be matched daily by trained Matchmakers and then have 24 hours to chat with this person. Then you decide whether you want to get to know the person better or not.

Price: freePlatforms: iOS, Andriod, Windows Phones, Blackberry Special Features: Matchmaker Match, 24 Hour Time Window

Candidate: The quiz duel as a dating app

This dating app is an app that works on a game principle by asking a question that is answered by five people. This goes on and on until the candidate is determined. Only then will his profile become visible and you can start the chat.

Price: freePlatforms: Android, iOSSpecialties: Gameplay

FriendsUp: Find your new best friend

FriendsUp is an app that allows women to find new friends. You can simply sign up, loot and meet with different women, sometimes at planned events.

Price: free Platforms: Android, iOS Special features: Friendship app, only women

Lovoo: A dating app alternative to Tinder

Lovoo is basically similar to the Dating App Tinder. You can find people and singles around you and chat with them after a match. What it ultimately leads or not then lies entirely in your hands.

Price: freePlatforms: Android, iOSSpecialties: Chat after match

Badoo: Chat online with offline encounters

The Dating App Badoo shows people from nearby and also users who have been met offline before. This is how you easily get into conversation with people.

Price: freePlatforms: Android, iOSParticularities: Nearby people

Jaumo: Another Dating App Alternative to Tinder

With this dating app you can chat and flirt people to discover and get to know. The first contact via chat, you can get to know your virtual opposite, and maybe even meet.

Price: freePlatforms: Android, iOSParticularities: Nearby people

Zoosk: The intelligent dating app with behavioral matchmaking system

Another popular dating app is Zoosk. This differs in addition to the search and chat functions by a Behavioral Matchmaking system that analyzes the behavior of the user and thus recognizes the taste.

Price: Free Platforms: Android, iOS Special Features: Behavioral Matchmaking System

Twoo: Playfully meet new people

Twoo is a dating app that stands out for its features like the "discover" photo-click game, the random chat, the delivery of digital gifts and other introductory games. Unfortunately, only a few are free.

Price: Free Platforms: Android, iOS Special Features: Introductory Games, Digital Gifts, Random Chat

meetOne: chat or dating app for friends, flirts and more

The dating app meetOne is a further app to meet new people and to chat with them. The app includes various games in which you can find interesting users and also has a swipe, as well as Liveradarfunktion.

Price: freePlatforms: Android, iOSSpecialties: higher proportion of women, pictures checked for authenticity

Shopaman: Here, women are shoppers

Men could only smile at the women in the dating app Shopaman and only when they put the man in their shopping cart can it be chatted on. Attention: This dating site has been closed for some time now. The site is permanently offline and the partner search platform is gone.

Price: Dating app itself is free, usage associated with costsPlatforms: Android, Web Specials: Women "shopping" men, Offline (!)

Happn: Talk online with offline encounters

Happn is a dating app with the peculiarity of being displayed to a user you have encountered in real life. The app displays their profiles and information, and it's easier to get into conversation with the person you see every morning on the train.

Price: for women for freePlatforms: Android, iOS Special Features: Displays users that have been encountered in real life before

Lime: Find your perfect match step by step

Based on your athletic activity, which the chat and dating app from Facebook infos and a health app, Lime finds a partner for you who is on the same fitness level as you. Marathon runner or Couch Potato? A swipe to the left means "No", a swipe to the right means "Yes". It shows how many steps the person is away from you. You can chat in a traditional way or choose from three options: "meet up now", "grab a coffee", or "grab a bite".

Price: freePlatforms: Android, iOSSpecialties: You need a Facebook account and a health app to count on daily steps.

Bristlr: A Hairy Dating App

With the dating app Bristlr women find a man with a beard or vice versa men women who love bearded men. At the beginning you indicate whether you have a beard or not, upload your photo and off you go!

Price: free Platforms: Android, iOS Special Features: The app is only suitable for men with beard growth.

Hater: Meet someone who hates the same as you.

This dating app from the US brings together singles who hate the same things. With a swipe you can classify different objects, people or concepts as "like", "dislike", "love" or "hate". Anyone who hates similar things will then be shown as a potential partner. An honest alternative to the conventional "I like".

Price: free.Platforms: iOSSpecialties: The novelty that singles are connected only about things they do not like.

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