5 parting spells that end your relationship fairly.

These separations end your relationship fairly

It does not really work in your relationship any more. Secretly, you have long since concluded your partnership and are therefore looking for separation claims.

First, you did not want to break up. You hoped that something about your relationship would change, as if by magic, so to speak. But nothing happened. They have been arguing with each other for months, the last week has been particularly bad. It shows no understanding of your situation and you also feel more and more that your patience with her comes to an end.

Meanwhile, you lack the energy to continue working on your relationship. In addition, you feel more and more that you are just too different in character. You know that you can not change her and she does not. And you do not want that either. After all, every person should stay as he is. So in the future there will be constant strife, or you will end this relationship once and for all.

Ending a relationship is never easy.

To break up with a person you have loved for a long time and with whom you have gone through life together for several years is always difficult. You should assume that she will cry and you must be aware that you must be able to endure this sight.

Keep in mind right now that it's not easy for you, but you can not continue this partnership. It makes no sense to back down and hold on to the partnership, just so you will not have to bear their crying sight. Be fair to her and pull the separation when your feelings are no longer enough. After all, you would not want a woman to be with you just out of pity.

You're probably arguing with you and wondering what you can tell her. Finding the right words at a breakup is hard and no matter what you say, she'll be disappointed. Nevertheless, it is important that you do not blame her unnecessarily, but remain honest and end the relationship fairly. For that, we present you 5 separation statements, where you can orient yourself.

5 separation words that help you to end the relationship.

1. We have both evolved over the last few years and I realize that our lifestyles are no longer compatible.

These are tough words, but they are honest. Maybe you have to admit to yourself that you have become more and more of a couch potato since you are in a relationship. Frequently couples tend to give up their own hobbies gradually during the relationship and also to contact the friends less often. We let ourselves go emotionally by no longer actively shaping our everyday lives and less and less caring to be truly happy.

After your break-up you will have time to find yourself and rebuild your life, just as you wish. Then the time has come to ask yourself which points we are dissatisfied with and what we want to change.

2. Our vision of the future is too different.

To accept a separation is difficult when both know that they love each other, but that the ideas of the future are fundamentally different. From a certain age, however, should be paid close attention.

If you are sure that you want to start a family and move to a house in the country, while your friend knows that she never wants to be a mother in this life, then your vision of the future is completely opposite. So contrary, that they can not be combined.

If the partnership continues, one of them must inevitably give up his or her dreams and look after each other. This, in turn, means that the one who has renounced or has had children for the sake of others, accuses and deeply regrets the other after a few years.

3. My feelings for you are only on a purely friendly basis.

The butterflies in the stomach disappear. This is completely normal. Also, the excitement and tension in the relationship are becoming less and less, as the everyday life turns and the routine spreads. That is why it is so important to maintain your passion even in a long-term partnership and to keep telling yourself how much you love yourself.

Unfortunately, this does not succeed all couples, whereby the feeling of deep love softens the feeling of friendship. Having a good friend is nice and nice, but not enough for a relationship. If we no longer desire the partner, if we feel that we are lying next to our sister at night, we must ask ourselves whether we really want to maintain this state until the end of our lives.

4. We are too different in character.

Even if your relationship is still relatively fresh, you may find that it suddenly reveals completely different traits than you would like.

Suddenly you realize that she is very engaging and also has a strong jealous streak on her? Or you slowly get to know how dependent she is and that she needs a partner who takes her by the hand and leads her through life?

The decision is up to you: Are you clear and can you arrange? Or do you feel uncomfortable around you now? If you find that you are really different and you know that you can not make friends with certain qualities, it is time to end this fresh relationship instead of pretending that the relationship has potential.

5. We have nothing more to say to each other.

This condition often only occurs after several years. The two partners dumb each live their own lives and do not talk to each other anymore. There is no passion, no desire, love, quarrel or anything else.

Instead, you just do not know what to talk about with the partner. Common hobbies or friends are already a thing of the past. A very sad condition which makes it very hard to accept. But getting the relationship back on track is often impossible.

Alienation is a creeping process that we usually only notice when it's too late.

Quickly sent a message with one of these separation statements, and the matter is done ...

No, that's not how it works. After all, you are still in a relationship and she has feelings for you. If you want to end the relationship, then be a man and do it personally. Even though it's hard to bear your tears and listen to their angry statements, you have to go through them now. You owe it to her. By e-mail, WhatsApp or SMS to send separations and to end a partnership, may still make 13-year-olds, but no seasoned men!

Remember the moment when your last relationship was broken. Would you have wished that your ex would only terminate the partnership via the smartphone? No. You needed this personal conversation to realize that she is really serious and in the end to fully complete the relationship.

For exactly this reason, you too must search for your separation the conversation.

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