5 things every woman should consider to find her dream man

The search for the right man brings you to despair?

Many women today long for the one. After her dream type. The prince who conquers her, fights her and with whom she can live immortally in love until the end of her days.

But just by the number of men on this planet, this is not so easy anymore. Depending on the particular characteristics of the certain dream man, a large part of this mass will fall away, as for example due to ethnic grouping, age or interests. But how is the dream man to be found?

Here are 5 tips for getting closer to your dream man:

1. Stop searching

Women who really want to have a boyfriend seem desperate and radiate that too. Men recognize a desperately seeking woman for a hundred miles against the wind. Such women are in need and make anything more than an attractive impression on the men's world. If you stop looking, but are taking advantage of the opportunities, you have already taken a first step.

Seizing your chances with men means that sometimes you have to take the first step as a woman to encourage him. Build a bridge for your dream man and let him go over it. Now an insider tip for all women who no longer want to wait for the man of their dreams. Here's how you can easily address men as a woman.

2. Make yourself fast

Nowadays, you do not only get to know Mr. Right in the club or at parties, but also by chance on the street. Especially when shopping in the supermarket around the corner or on the way to a gym, it has become fashionable for men to appeal to women. So you should always be prepared. You never know who will meet you on your next visit to the kiosk, dentist or post office.

3. Send the right signals

The majority of women are waiting for a man to speak to them. But it is often forgotten that men are visual beings. They can neither read minds nor clairvoyance. That's why it would be nice to give the men a little jump start. So you want the good-looking guy from the bar back there to talk to you, then just smile at him. A serious smile says more than a thousand words.

4. Think about your previous men. In the past, you were only crazy and cheated? Your ex-friends have reported to you too seldom and wanted to shop your friend anyway anyway never go with you? Then think about what your dream man should look like. Women are often prone to assholes because they are interesting and exciting. But do you really want to spend your life with someone you can never quite trust and who will book you as a control freak because you ask where he was?

It's best to make a list of the characteristics your dream man should have. This will make you clearer what you really want. Maybe there is one or the other surprise for you.

5. Visit the right locations

You find men in suits who are getting really sexy? Then go for a change not in student pubs, but in a slightly upscale club. You love sports fanatics? Then look out in the gym and if you're into nature lovers, just read the book for a change in the park instead of at home.

These five tips will definitely get you a bit closer to your dream man. Have fun trying!

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Do you know these techniques to find your dream man?

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